Another great job by Stew Peters, pulled from ForbiddenKnowledgeTV:

The CDC has a plan in place to transport “high risk” people to “Green Zone Shelters”, where they will be segregated for long periods of time of potentially 6 months or indefinitely, based on the vagaries of the fake pandemic, according to this document, entitled Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings, which was posted to the CDC’s website just over a year ago and which addresses “physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population to prioritize the use of the limited available resources and avoid implementing long-term containment measures among the general population.”

The document highlights a) risks and challenges of implementing this approach, b) need for additional resources in areas with limited or reduced capacity, c) indefinite timeline, and d) possible short-term and long-term adverse consequences.

The document also notes that, “Separating families and disrupting and deconstructing multigenerational households may have long-term negative consequences…[and let’s not forget the all-important issue-of-issues]: Restrictive gender norms may be exacerbated by isolation strategies such as shielding.”

The CDC concedes that, “While the shielding approach is not meant to be coercive, it may appear forced or be misunderstood in humanitarian settings [aka the fake pandemic]. As with many community interventions meant to decrease COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, compliance and behavior change are the primary rate-limiting steps and may be driven by social and emotional factors.”


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  1. Since I've got an interest in the British isles keeping afloat, this is a clarification related to the British Westminster City Council plan to create morgues, in order to store large amounts of dead bodies, in an event of an emergency, mentioned in this interview in the end. As I expected, speculation was running away with the woman, and Stew corrected her with a proper masculine remark. We're all overdosed with speculations, even by good willing reporters. To me, jumping to speculations is one of the ingredients to instil (from an external source) and secure (from an internal source) fear in us.

    Here's what it's about:

    I've contacted a local politician from the town where I've lived a few years. Here's what he has sent me by email:
    "NB – this isn’t a UK government invitation to tender, but Westminster City Council on behalf of all the London boroughs.

    I would guess that it’s a reaction to the last 16 months’ experience and the possibility that a new wave of the virus will arrive which the vaccines don’t work for, leading to a sudden increase in deaths from it.

    It’s very careful to point out several times that “This will be a contingency cover framework and as such, there is no minimum guarantee of any level of spend or call-off under the framework agreement.”

    So I would say that this is local authority forward planners just doing their job".

  2. URGENT : Intel Update Global Security Clearance 74, Global Intelligence Agency –

    August 15, 2021 ,NO RV HAPPENING, COVID


  3. The fake pandemic may well be used as a pretext to persecute and incarcerate those who oppose the White Genocide agenda, for example, and any other dissidents of any kind.

    Simply ask Henry Makow, the National Alliance and Renegade Tribune, among other voices of what could be called the Unofficial West, after "unofficial China" in an open letter at Bitter Winter.


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