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Children’s Health Defense Launches Campaign Targeting Mayors, City Council Members, Governors, State and Federal Legislators Regarding Government Mandates

In the midst of increasing propaganda designed to instill fear and panic while falsely elevating the safety profiles of COVID vaccines, the push for vaccine mandates is at an all-time high. In response, Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is launching a letter-writing campaign directed to elected officials at local, state, and federal levels spelling out why mandates are wrong for people and wrong for America. This CHD advocacy portal makes it easy for citizens across the nation to contact elected officials at every level of government. Send the letter below to all of your elected officials with just one click.

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Subject: Mandates Violate the Constitution and Basic Human Rights

I am writing to ask you to vote against all vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates violate fundamental human rights, notably the right to prior, free and informed consent for medical interventions. In a free society, everyone should have complete power and control over their own bodies. I urge you to do all in your power to ensure a return to the democratic principles upon which this country was founded.

Should employers/schools be able to mandate a medical procedure to their employees and then not pay for an injury should it happen? Though vaccines injure and fail in real-world conditions, legislation passed in 1986 left U.S. children and adults with a striking absence of legal protections from vaccine injury. Therefore, if any school or employer mandates vaccinations, citizens have no recourse to recoup lost wages or pay for medical bills. Why expect people to take on all of the risk of injury and lost wages when vaccine manufacturers don’t back their products? And especially when the chances of survival from COVID is 98.23% for adults and even higher for children at 99.985%.

President Biden’s announcement last week of coercive measures to vaccinate government workers and others including children was a red flag to all who value freedom. Not only is his plan a violation of our Constitution, it also violates the Nuremberg Code, designed to ensure informed consent for any medical procedure upon humans.

It’s time to end the use of COVID-19 as a pretext for governmental coercion and mandates. The public is waking up to the cascading negative impacts upon society from elected officials wielding unprecedented power over the citizens of this country. As your constituent, I urge that you:

— Do not support any legislation or directive coercing people or mandating medical interventions–including vaccines

— Do not support any legislation or directive requiring people to wear masks

— Do not support any legislation or directive that deprives people of the right to congregate

— Do not support any legislation or directive establishing lockdowns

— Do not support any legislation where employers can enact coercive tactics to overrule a person’s rights to body autonomy

Most importantly, I ask that you defend our Constitution as you swore under oath to do when you took office. President Biden said that 164 million American adults have received the COVID vaccine. With a U.S. population of 333 million, that means over 50% of people in America have not gotten the vaccine. This group is becoming a substantial voting block guaranteed to be paying attention to the actions of all elected officials.

No healthy adult or child should be injured or die from a vaccine imposed upon them by their government. As an elected official, you realize that the next election cycle is always right around the corner. Your constituents will be watching closely to see what actions you take and don’t take in the coming weeks.

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  1. You should change the wording from COVID to COVID 19; even legal letters' wording is always important. Some letters have gotten throne out of court for the wrong word choice, since was irrelevant to the case, no matter how well meaning a person is. Same for writing prescriptions or a term paper, or the Bible, the correct words gives the correct intent/meaning/purpose.
    We first heard of SARS-CoV2 and CoViD 19, then later much of the main stream media dropped the "19."
    I think this was deliberate in order to cause confusion and fear at just the word/sound of Corona Virus or any use or combination of CoViD. Later many of the cookie cutter doctors started following as habit calling it COVID. We who are informing the public, and advocating for them whether as healthcare practitioners or not must distinguish the difference. We should, and must use in print and verbally the use of CoViD19 since relative disease outcome of SARS-CoV2. The public must learn the difference as such. There are many varieties of corona viruses, and not all are harmful to humans.
    CoViD(Corona Virus Disease) is too general, and could be more likened unto the corona virus which causes the common cold.

    I've listened to vlogs and podcasts within the patriotic community, and other sites which advocate for truth in reporting, also slipped into use of "COVID" instead of "CoViD19" which I find myself correcting them sometimes and giving the rationale for such correction.

    My suggestion is to use CoViD19 as related to SARS-CoV2, instead of the misleading COVID, so that the public can have this in their minds to be more correctly informed.

    Thankyou and Best Regards, Ron TwoRivers

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