Stew Peters telling it like it is!

BREAKING! International FOIA Requests are producing responses that confirm what we have ALL suspected for many months!

COVID-19 may be the biggest HOAX ever perpetuated on global citizens, cannot be located, has not been isolated, and may not EXIST!

Wtch Here:

Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew to discuss.


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  1. URGENT :: Global Intelligence Agency August 15, 2021

    Intel Update : "HIGHEST " Global Security Clearance 74 IN THE WORLD




  2. It's high time to expose the lies by presenting the factual truth so that those who are lying stand with empty hands. No fierce fight, just… TRUTH coming to LIGHT. That's what the global population, you and me, deserve, after this much hardship, don't you think? I'm so furiously alive and kicking that I might throw flames without the need for matches. Ha!

    Regarding the existence or non-existence of the virus, here's Richard Fleming, presenting his test results, showing the virus in living tissue. Remember: LIVING tissue:

    What's shown at the 02:12:52nd minute are coronaviruses in LIVING TISSUE. Isn't that the whole point? If I'm correct I'm not sure, yet. Every opinion and view on this tiny virus, as long as there's no proof shown in reality, watched with your own eyes with the help of a microscope, can be a misunderstanding and based on hear-say.

    Do you agree, that it's easier to make a statement that something DOES NOT exist because there's no need for proof? What humour! It's fertile ground for all sorts of speculation in sync with angry feelings, fear. I believe that the screams we hear, about a non-existent virus in the virtual world, originate from what began to have a life of its own, based on the choice of words, in explanations from virologists like Judy Mikovits and Sucharit Bhakdi, among others who are professionally involved in working with viruses, that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, doesn't and cannot exist OUTSIDE a living body. When the terrain theory is based on truth, that theory claims the same opinion.

    Béchamp, the Frenchman who presented his theory, that viruses are drawn to infected living tissue, and not causing it, presented his theory at the same time Pasteur came out with his germ theory, the opposite of the terrain-theory. Pasteur claimed that viruses and bacteria cause infection.

    Now, when it's true that the pharmaceutical industrialists were keen, at that time, on proving that infection was caused by a virus, and not drawing one to it, the germ theory proved to be most convenient, isn't it? In that condition, medication and treatment such as vaccination were legitimate.
    Are we taken by the nose or what?

    Are all the cans with worms being opened soon? And graphene-oxide exposed to all, with the disclosure of its purpose? It seems that Fauci is beginning to lose credibility fast, at the same time, desperately trying to hold on to the narrative holding us in its grip for 1 and a half years.

    About the virus as a real thing, or not, I believe that the issue about the question "Does SARS-CoV-2 exist?" is based on the easily made misinterpretation of the masses, who react from fear, frustration, in want of a guilty party. In all honesty, is it truly relevant if or how the virus exists? At this point? Can't we skip finding proof, and begin to dismiss "en masse" what causes such disruption and damage in our global society? It seems almost as if the lies begin to show up on their own accord, without having to enter the battlefield for a fight.

    In truth, isn't the real issue the vaccines that are topping up, in a devastating way, of the cocktail we're presented at the devil's reception desk? Welcoming an unusual amount of guests, bringing a wide grin on the devil's face?


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