Tuesday, August 24, 2021 Intelligence Update

Hold the Light

Light Forces have begun to clear the innermost layer of the etheric and astral dark force matrix with still tens of billions of Reptilian entities present. This practically means that the battle for the planetary surface on the non-physical planes is now reaching its peak. Dark attacks in the last few weeks have collapsed about 40 percent of the Light grid on the surface of the planet, and thankfully the grid is slowly recovering in the last few days.

Non-physical dark forces are using their scalar technologies and entity possession to keep the surface population in a state of fear and induced mass psychosis:



This fear is like a cloud around the planetary surface and even most of the Lightworkers have succumbed to it.

Light Forces have communicated that it is of the utmost importance to go within, connect with the Light and hold the Light no matter what happens in the outside world in the next few weeks and months. If enough people hold the Light, this will ensure the most positive possible outcome in the current challenging situation.

There are many scary news in the media but ultimately there is no reason to be afraid for the vast majority of people reading this blog. The vaccines are NOT being used to depopulate the planet, and vast majority of people taking the vaccine will NOT die. After the Event, the Light Forces will be able to reverse and heal ALL negative side effects of the vaccines with their technology.

Light Forces have also communicated that it is very good for people to minimize their exposure to mainstream and alternative media and rather spend more time in nature, meet each other in small inspiring groups, listen to the music or do whatever it takes to keep the vibration high. If you feel so guided you can also meditate and clear the energy of Lightworkers and of the planetary energy grid with the violet flame.

Tachyon technology can help people maintaining high vibrational state of consciousness:


Also, cintamani stones, worn individually, can help a lot for that purpose, because they are the highest vibrational matter on the planet:


As non-physical planes are getting cleared, the Pleiadeans are getting closer to the surface, as you can see in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AybMQTW3ipk

And the following cloud-ship has encircled Mount Fuji a few days ago:

Marco Polo, an ambassador of the Venetian black nobility families, made contact with negative Cabal families in China already in the 13th century. This was the beginning of long and successful cooperation between Eastern and Western Cabal factions which was greatly expanded with Jesuit presence in early Qing court in Beijing in 17th and 18th centuries.

Since in the last few decades the Western Cabal factions were greatly exposed through the alternative media, the black nobility families and the Jesuits have decided to move many of their key people from West to China and in 2016 they have partnered a new alliance with Xi and the Chinese Communist Party as the visible Chinese front and World Economic Forum as the visible Western front. Their goal is New World Order dystopian society with China as the world hegemon.

To achieve that goal, they have released the coronavirus and the Wuhan lab is still developing new strains, with some sources claiming that they have also developed the delta variant and planted it into India. It is not a coincidence that Shi Zhengli, the famous Bat Lady from the Wuhan lab, is warning about coronavirus mutations:


Partnership between Eastern and Western Cabal factions in the pandemic creation is clearly visible:



To achieve their New World Order goals, to secure rare earth minerals needed for their global high tech dystopia, and to secure cash flow from the drug trade and human trafficking, China has started changing the regimes of their neighboring countries. The first country to fall was Myanmar and the second one was Afghanistan:



Joe Biden and Mark Milley were not incompetent players in this game but instead willing slaves to their Chinese handlers:


The following meditation can help healing the situation in Afghanistan and you can join if you feel so guided:


The only positive aspect of the Afghanistan situation is that Russian special forces were able to rescue several Pleiadean hostages that were kept in secret prisons in Afghanistan by the US military since late 1990s.

Next country the Chinese want to subjugate is Taiwan. China wants to secure its semiconductor and microchip industry. For that purpose, since March they have killed some key positive Dragon members in mainland China and arrested some others. This has weakened the Red Dragon forces in mainland China who have until now been keeping the invasion of Taiwan at bay, as now they have to keep a very low profile in order to survive. This situation is finally being addressed and the Light Forces are taking action to resolve this.

On August 28th the first of the two exact Eris Pluto squares will be taking place:

On that day, many protests against coronavirus restrictions are scheduled worldwide and according to intel sources they might turn violent. Light Forces are asking those who feel so guided to meditate and to clear the energy of the protests with the violet flame in order to remove the negative violent energy and to encircle the protesters in white Light to protect and support them. If the critical mass of 144,000 protesters gathers worldwide on that day with a unified message, this can begin to turn the tide in the battle between the positive and negative timelines.

August 30th is set as a trigger date to start a global revolution by certain groups.

In Australia, truckers are doing it:



One commenter on my blog made an interesting comment on how this may play out:

In France, groups allegedly connected to the Positive Military are planning it. According to sources in France:

The other interesting strategy the protesters have is to start taking over the mass media:


It is impossible to predict how all this will manifest, but between now and the end of October a Kuiper Belt object named Altjira is in exact conjunction with Rigel, the star of the Orion dark forces:



This is the time of great purification of Rigelian forces that invaded planet Earth in 1996, and after this purification is over my mid/late October, it will be expectedly much easier to manifest the dreams of the Age of Aquarius on the surface of this planet.

Toplet bombs inside implants have not been cleared yet, and they are still the main factor preventing the Event:


One commenter on my blog has explained the situation very clearly:

The next two months are a key time in human history and we need to hold the Light. Every person counts.

Victory of the Light!

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  1. The problem with "Hold the Light" is that it's implied that if the light is not held, the ascension timeline will not be successful, and thus, the cabal timeline will succeed. So it becomes "Hold the light or we will be doomed." This results in fear of loss. When people are afraid of loss, they are more likely to lose.

    It's a similar situation with the Cintamani stones. "Don't be upset or unstable with a Cintamani stone or you will damage the Agarthan network/grid." This yet again creates a fear of loss. "Maybe I'm inadequate to even have one."

    Again, what we are afraid of is more likely to manifest. Don't be afraid of the cabal timeline. Remove ALL fear. Yet, then it becomes "Remove all fear or you will be doomed," which creates more fear.

    So, the solution is to focus on the light, but as a natural expression, not worrying about the timeline. Break free from the endless feedback loop of fear of loss, not from from a place of removing fear of loss in order to not lose, but from a place of being who you really are. Allow the undefined You to come forth.

    The mind, as always, just gets in the way with its endless feedback loops. This timeline war and the implied fear of loss isn't who we really are. It has nothing to do with who we really are. We are not uncertainty and insecurity.

    • Statement of Knowing

      I do not believe the ascension timeline is in jeopardy. I know that the ascension timeline is absolutely, 100% guaranteed to succeed. I know that the path to the ascension timeline is also absolutely, 100% guaranteed to succeed, as the success of the path to the ascension timeline is the prerequisite to the success of the ascension timeline.

  2. True or not these are still super interesting, but my narcissism believes he's personally trolling me with the ashtar and thirdphaseofmoon stuff. We've all seen the blurry 1990s discs from them, can you comment on their stargate videos instead?

    Reminds me: is there a reason that blog only allows google accounts? Serious concern remains

    I have to say the world just now finally beat the anger out of me and am now forced to do the romance comedy thing again, the world's turned into a hilarious cruel joke like my friend once recanted but he was right the first time so you have to laugh and love people while they destroy kids and animals and I guess this is part of the psychological torture that normalizes their depravity and blackmail. This isn't complicated. You paralyze and kill kids if you push these things, remember when not one person could get the virus or you were ostracized? It seems like everyone including me and all the commenters are collateral damage waiting to happen but I guess that's any third-world country. It's true it's a very inefficient means of depopulation when you can poison water and food sources silently to make people dumber like they've been doing. The vaccine push looked especially targeted to riling up christians, but the heart and brain cardiovascular damage suggests someone intended to dumben us down or our natural abilities from the start (so I'm surprised Cobra isn't concerned about lightworkers' abilities, do they matter or not?), otherwise they're targeting or covering up other bodily environmental/biological phenomena.

    Aside: Thanks to you I'm not really afraid of spiders anymore, they should have used centipedes, those things *have* to be from outer space, but that blog almost has me wanting to believe in literal giant spiders (didn't take it literally). For your R&D: giant centipede russian spaceships

    Some of those european nobility use vampiric symbolism. COBRA: Since we're doing clones and stuff in the comments, can you guys help me reincarnate as a werewolf? Werecat would be even better. My body is slowly disintegrating so I could use an upgrade. If I put the name of a goddess as my middle name, the number of my name literally counts 666 so the vampires will ok it and it'll be super funny

  3. I believe I forgot to publish my half completed comment on the footage of this UFO, supposedly bringing the Pleiadeans in close encounters with planet Earth's skies. The footage shows a craft in flight, either with the sun shining on the right side or on the left side of it. That doesn't make sense, for I don't assume that filming this craft took from sunrise to sunset, and even less likely.. that the person who filmed this craft travelled from one planet Earth's hemisphere to the other, so that the craft was visible with the sun shining on the opposite side. Voila, this is my sense of humour 😉

    The catch of that sunray on the craft's edge looks more like a self made visual effect (fake ET-crafts are published in large numbers) and not in the least, this type of craft was in the hands of the Nazis before WWII broke out. I've transcribed interviews with whistleblowers who talked about this subject, ET-craft-technology offered to humanity in exchange for service to those in service to themselves.
    Also according to this source: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/exopolitica/esp_exopolitics_E_0.htm

    I'm reading these updates, written by a man who calls himself Cobra, with a mind of my own. Not that I'm dismissing the content, just using my mind to think for myself.

    I believe that for the refreshment of our memories, and for the value of comparing notes, past and present, two of David Icke's presentations are interesting to re-visit. Not in the least, his use of words, on subjects of deception, are accurate and relevant to this day, amidst the disclosure of these

    David Icke – Human Race Get Off Your Knees. The Lion Sleeps No More – 11 hours and 24 minutes.
    This lecture was filmed in the UK, and around that time David Icke presented it in Amsterdam also.
    I was present at the time, I've never seen a man whose energy-level was wrapped in high spirits, presenting a history-lesson with great coherence, hardly taking breaks:

    Secrets Of The Matrix – David Icke – 6 Hours Live in 2003

    Now, to some, David Icke may not be as genuine, or helpful, even my own presentation of opinion, here in this post, may be perceived in that way. Alas, so be it. To me, David Icke is one of the pioneers who made a start with shaking our fixed beliefs, explaining the patterns of deception, with a wisdom such as some of his statements: "We're presented with programs and agendas, deceptive and abusive. They'll rule us as long as we allow this rule, taking them for granted, willingly following.
    And "The slavery that is planned is of such design that humanity won't notice that it turns to slaves"

  4. Saudações e Bençãos para TODOS
    Continuo a observar as notícias deste blog que, agora, transmitem as opiniões de terceiros…
    Como habitual, as notícias transferem para um futuro próximo aquilo que não conseguimos senão através da meditação…
    Sinceramente já não acredito nestas idiotices. Afinal as bombas já estavam resolvidas, mas agora estão nos implantes…?!
    Este blogue é uma PSIOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you Cobra for sharing your report; and for YOUR tireless work that's Victory of the Light! I'm so GRATEFL to YOU, Dear One.


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