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Eckhart Tolle discusses psychological time as being identification with the past and continuous compulsive projection into the future. Psychological time is destructive. Then, there is clock time, which is time that deals with practical aspects of life. Clock time is constructive. Just as there is psychological time and clock time, there is also psychological form and undefined form. To my knowledge, psychological form and undefined form was not discussed by Eckhart Tolle (although he alluded to this in many ways through his writings), but was something that came to me in a flash of knowing. It would be interesting to see Eckhart’s perspective regarding this.

Psychological form is identification with form based upon insecurity and neurotic psychological needs. For example, a person could want to have a perfect head of hair (no balding and so forth) in order to have self-value, or defines happiness according to his/or material possessions as a neurotic need to feel superior to others. Psychological form manifests itself as endless neurotic addictions to matter and substance, including drug addictions, as drugs are also of form.

Undefined form, however, is to know the undefined nature of form. Ever look various physical substances in amazement at how complex and unique these substances are? The uniqueness of physical matter is something unknowable, so is undefined. Going out in nature, and accessing the Now in this way, taking in all the scents and physical surroundings beyond all mental constructs, is accessing undefined form. Undefined form is not limited to nature though, as all form can be accessed as undefined.

Any interaction with form that brings a person out of their neurotic psychological mind is the accessing of undefined form. Any interaction with form that reinforces the neurotic psychological mind, with its endless insatiable neurotic needs, is psychological form.

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  1. It seems that you are alluding to what may be non-dualist, non-linear mind, non-locality. You might explore duality and two valued logic as it relates to suffering. Also, non-duality in language and thought, and, freeing one’s perceptions, worldview, and psychological schema/scaffolding as associated with suffering—letting go of perceived opposites and embracing the ‘peace of spaciousness’; e.g., the Buddhist middle way.

    For me personally, writing Poetry is an exercise in expansion of consciousness; a surrendering of the typical egoic polarized thinking, creating a door opening into non-linear spaciousness thought and experiencing…and then writing it down.


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