This is basically a short retelling of They Live, which John Carpenter had to say was not actually about the jews, even though it really appears to be. The lesson of this particular telling should be: do not take pills (even red ones), or else you will start seeing aliens when you should really be seeing jews.

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  1. There is so much focus on certain groups and not much on others.
    Not many people shine light on the British Pilgrims but they should.
    Some ppl focus all their attention on the Jews.
    The British Pilgrims have themselves shielded it seems from many eyes.
    They are the original controllers .
    They started alot and now they hide like the lizards they are.
    The British Pilgrims are the controllers of all people in power, ultimately.
    Maybe not directly but indirectly they are.
    British Pilgrims I mean
    The dominating elite families
    It amazes me how many people forget to blame the Royals and the British privy council for alot of whats been done or hundreds of years.
    Did the Jews build the banking system, no the British did.
    The British had their sights on RX drugs too and here we are still today, all for profit.
    The British did alot and still do, they just slink under the radar from many I guess.
    The Brits created the YMCA and the Salvation Army to victimize the most vulnerable and it still goes on.
    People need to look at this site and see what research they have uncovered.
    Im not claiming the Jews are innocent, they are absolutely part of controlling humans on the planet.
    There is too much evil to blame just one group , one entity or one anything really.

    • Who is over looked is the Sassoon's, who trace their ancestry to Spain, you know the 'Sephardic' jew. Sassoon's came to be known as the 'Rothschild's of India.' The family flourished in Bombay through their involvement in Opium Trade between the British & & East India Company. They were also heavily involved with the Slave Trade.

  2. From what I read, the DNA analyses sound very unreliable. So I wouldn't trust the conclusions. Are they only trying to recognize the DNA of Abraham, never mind Judah?
    Khazarians are Turkik.
    I have no doubt that true descendents of Judah and Levi are prevalent. And they and we know that Khazars are different.
    Then there are the Arabs in Palestine who converted to Judaism long ago. I'm just becoming aware of that and it explains certain types. I see them in the Gaia advertisements.

    • First they have to prove Abraham existed, which they cannot. All Races DNA blood sequence/genotype/phenotype/ are different. But you too along with Devon have much contradiction in your statement, you say "Arabs in Palestine converted to judaism. So since this conversion is to a religion that makes the jews not a race, which is correct. Are the khazars just Arabs… Devon admits jews come in grays, blacks, white, which again is stating that jews are not a race.

      • I'm not trying to talk about Jewish as a religion, but as an ethnicity. That's the problem.
        Also, are people saying that "Hebrew" appeared on earth from off the earth? Is there a difference between Hebrew and Jewish, descendants of Israel and Judah?
        The seven centers of psychic power on earth, let's see. Could that include Yucatan, Egypt, Nepal, Japan? Then add Jerusalem?

        • Max, Your a thinking man, I admire that. The best I can do is guide you to an answer from a jewish site I've used before 'My Jewish' It should clear up the "Hebrew Language" question on 'search.' This site is where I copied history of the 'Sephardic jew' whom I believe is the khazars. I know one of us has sent you to Robert Sepehr website 'Atlantean Gardens' try title: 'History of the Royal Dragon Bloodline' it will clear up the Ashkenazi line. Many of Robert's video's goes into these languages as well. You can see how these languages are connected to the 'Aryan/Indo European' bloodline Sanskrit.
          I am with you, I feel this whole jew thing ought to be cleared up. Some of it seems to be antagonistic in the sense of hiding the true origins from the common folk because of the two groups of infighting.

  3. Let's think deeper than to call Them "Joos," rather Decepticons. They hide in many places, primarily they gravitate to centers of power which are corrupted by power. Isolating traditions and cultures that make a fetish of their history of suffering and being conquered, cast out, this breeds the Shadow self of self-hate, shame, & guilt; which they then project onto the Other.
    This is a PTSD condition from past earth catastrophes. Those who survived are damaged and have an irrational feral sub-program. However traditions that internalize and fester over lost glory and their wounds cause psychic fracking in their kids, and thus a high percent of genius, albeit it may be mad scientist genius.
    All current religions are escape or avoidance techniques to try and sublimate the horrors of earth catastrophe. Per Reich emotional armoring to repress old painful engrams leads to disassociation, projecting "God" outside of ourselves. The hate of body some Gnostics felt, as do ascetics attempting to solve the conundrum of being sexual beings torn by attraction and repulsion.
    Mankind needs to graduate from looking backward using mythological storytelling, or rather, see how similar stories of our devolution and evolution appear around the world. I'm not saying become atheist humanists in an ivory tower unfeeling of being part of a connected cosmos threaded in a web of flowing EL-ectrical Conscious Mind. There are sacred Communion Meals available that actually dissolve ego-separation so you can momentarily Re-Member your Self.
    On the other hand, few have the guts to take the Inner Journey. So the world will turn the page, recast the sitcom in new costumes, players in amnesia instead of anamnesia, and the Wheel will roll on.
    Enjoy the Carousel Ride. Reach for the eternal brass ring just out of reach. See you next round, or on the Other Shore. Make like a Tree and Lethe! (see what I did?)

  4. Shame on you! You know damn good and well that dehumanizing ANY group is a part of the Divide and conquer tactic. And to directly or indirectly speak out about Jews/Isreal is a sure way to get any ONE shut down. Then you encourage violence is unconsionable for any one to get anything positive done. You reveal yourself!

    • Hello Greg Dampier, I'm not sure if I'm studied and informed enough to make sense with this comment, but isn't it possible that you mistake Khazarian jews with the Jewish race in general? I may step on thin ice here, for I've noticed how you see proof of the Divide and conquer tactic in the dehumanizing of ANY group, and thus also in this post by Edward Morgan.

      As I see it, the Jews are a target, as well as a source, for things good and bad, in many shades of white, greys, and blacks, in an enormous amount of events through time. Their role in history, on planet Earth, seems to be difficult to truly grasp, since it makes high waves at times. I'm not trying to defend or accuse any race, just pointing out a couple of views and reports, with an old document in the end, that is in itself perceived as an agenda put to practice in our recent times, or as a fake.

      I've read something about the role of the Jewish race in the book I'm leaving in this link:
      It's an explanation described in Drunvalo's 2 Volumes of "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life", about how the Hebrews arrived on planet Earth:
      "Unfortunately, the evolutionary pattern of Lemuria was such that the Lemurians had only developed the nature of eight of the ten vortexes associated with the Tree of Life. The Lemurians migrated to eight of these ten spots, which became major cities, but the remaining two vortexes were left vacant. This is where a big problem first began. The vacant energy vortexes ended up pulling in two uninvited extraterrestrial races that then joined with our human consciousness and became part of our evolutionary pattern. The first extraterrestrial race was the Hebrews, whose origin was unknown, and they were not a problem. In fact, in many ways they helped because they brought in advanced information that we didn't yet have".(end of quote)

      Here's a small part of a report by Benjamin Fulford:
      "Benjamin Fulford Report, July 16, 2018
      The world is headed for a new age, not a New World Order. As a part of this, the Jewish people—high-level slaves of satan-worshipping Khazarian gangsters—are about to be freed from thousands of years of Babylonian slavery. That is why the rogue state of Israel is now under full martial law as the Khazarian-controlled government there faces an ultimatum to surrender and free their Jewish and Arab hostages, according to Russian FSB and Pentagon sources".

      And if it helps, I'm almost sure that you've studied it, but do you know of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

      • Despite there being consanguinity among jews, there is no jewish genotype to identify. What kept jews identity was their language, culture, tradition & religion. Increasing reliance on scientific & biological thinking of, for the past two century's culminated in turning the evidence of DNA sequences into characterization of Jewishness. Genetic markers/genotypic analyzed phenotypes, blood types, DNA sequences, physical character & diseases cannot determine jewish decent. Furthermore, the khazar theory depends on the identification of the progeny of the DNA, and they find no identification of. The issue turns out to be more ethnographic of population movements in time and space rather then genetic haplotype variation polymorphism. So, as a Race, jews do Not exist.


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