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Based on ‘Supernatural: Meetings With The Ancient Teachers of Mankind’. Written by Graham Hancock. The fifth installment of the Awakening Documentaries. Evidence has been surmounting to support the theory that Psychedelic plants played a key role in the psychological evolution of Human beings. The use of psychedelics not only coincides with the rise of art and culture, but they are also directly associated with the genesis of all religious based and spiritual traditions. These key agents for our evolution have been demonized by our society, due to the cultural stigma created by the war on drugs. Stunting our evolution as a species. And during this time, where humanity threatens to destroy itself & the planet, Ayahuasca — the most powerful psychedelic in the world — emerges from the Amazon jungle with a message for the human race…

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  1. Let's examine the word Hallucinate: To cause a person to suffer from hallucinations. To experience hallucination perception unaccompanied by reality.
    Were not talking about having a glass of wine or smoking a joint. We are listening to some clowns whom don't have a problem altering their perception, such as seeing things that are not there or hearing voices that are nowhere to be found. Were not talking about a dead grandmother that stopped in to say hi. Were talking about mind altering drugs that could lead you to not remembering something horrific you did while you were on your "trip."
    That 44 year old that passed away from a massive stroke, his name was Michael, he was an artist. The things he painted was of his hallucinations. He died in 2019 & left his mother a broken heart, she had to close her Art store, here in town, that she opened when he was a kid.
    Mind altering drugs altar your life!

  2. There's always this little lamp that lights up in me, when the subject is hallucinogenic drugs, consciousness altering substances, be it weed, alcohol, laughing gas, Ayauasca, peyote, all sorts. There's something about such a change from an external source, or trigger if you will, that creates an experience where the person involved is subjective entirely to it, under the influence, more or less without a sense of consciously working with it, or conscious of being in that experience. Of course, it'll depend on if one is able to observe one's observer.

    The effect of these substances may be gradually, or swift, that doesn't make a difference, as I see it. To me, it's the fact that the effect is coming from an external source. I believe that this prevents the experience from having a lasting and beneficial effect, be it a change in worldview or new insights, in short: eye openers in how one is present with oneself, with one's place in the world.

    When a consciousness altering inner experience is present, due to pondering and wondering, due to the change of perception as a result thereof, and a conscious flexing of perceptive muscles, so to speak, there's an entirely different outcome, I believe. Not in the expression of this experience in the first place, but in the manner one is arriving in it, or at it. That, to me, is an essential difference.

    The whole journey of that endeavour is embodied, from within. The steps one takes, mindfully, are conscious by the presence of choice, an autonomous choice, within that endeavour. In short, it's home-made, if you follow me. This is a manner of achieving growth, expansion, or insights, for a welcome expansion, or inspiration in work, be it artistic, or business-like, or in research within the scientific world, that will have a lasting effect.

    It'll be owned from head to toe, and the memory of all this is lasting, which turns such an experience from merely an entertaining passing of time, to an experience where creation has a part in it, with a lasting effect.

  3. Because the history of, for example, the 'Etruscans' having open sex in public places, which was part of their customs, I feel there is more to the story of these hallucinogenic drugs, that in my opinion eventually degrades/degenerates a society. (I'm not referring to the mushrooms) I know someone whom hung out with these Shaman priest in Latin America & ended up dead of a massive stroke at 44. I not for burning people, I'm sure there was a lot of accusations to get rid of people you don't like.


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