Although this is an older article, it still raises a question that tends to stop a lot of discussions and can lead to more separation.  This article does not, to me, make it clear what his answer is.  Does anyone out there have a clear answer to this question?


As the phrase “COVID-19” is permanently tattooed into our brains, epidemiologists still haven’t found a natural animal reservoir for the origination of SARS-CoV-2. Even more astounding, no virologists has isolated and purified this novel coronavirus nor proven it replicates in a human cell line! So, what is SARS-CoV-2 and what does the ubiquitous term, COVID-19 represent? What is actually causing infections and deaths worldwide? Why are human rights under assault? What are the real reasons for severe illness, and where is this suffering coming from?

Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Sally Fallon Morell explain the shocking truth behind SARS-CoV-2. They explain that this virus has never been isolated, purified or shown to cause any disease in humans. In fact, it’s impossible to obtain lab reference materials for SARS-CoV-2. The virus nano-particles have not been isolated and quantitated. If there is no confirmation of a virus’ existence and the genetic sequences can’t be known, what is COVID-19? Is “COVID-19” really a pandemic at all, or just a cover story for a global science experiment gone awry?

The scientific process for isolating and categorizing the virus has never been completed

To properly identify the virus, scientists would need to take samples of blood, sputum or lung lavage from a sick person. Samples would also need to be provided by many more people with the same unique symptoms. Virologists would then need to macerate and filter these specimens before putting them through ultra-centrifuge for purification. During this process, these specimens cannot be mixed with any tissue or genetic material. Once these specimens are purified, the virologist uses an electron microscope to identify thousands of identically-sized and shaped particles. Using microscopic techniques, the particles are checked for uniformity. The particles are examined for structure, morphology and chemical composition. Their genetic material is then extracted directly from the purified particles. Genetic sequencing techniques such as Sanger sequencing is used to determine the true essence of the particles. Once this is determined, the particles are analyzed to confirm they are uniform and exogenous in origin, as a virus should be.

Once the particles are determined to be a virus (and not dead tissue matter), virologists must then show they are causally related to the new infection they have observed in real time. Healthy subjects are then exposed to the isolated, purified virus through the hypothesized modes of transmission. If the subject shows the same pattern of symptoms and stages of infection after exposure, the newly discovered virus has been proven to transmit infection and cause clinical disease. Not a single study in the medical literature shows any of these steps for covid-19.

“Covid-19 pandemic” is a cover story for transfection through contaminated, poisonous vaccine supply

Dr. Judy Mikovits explains that the disease-causing agent labeled SARS-CoV-2 has only been shown to replicate in the vero monkey cell line, not human cell lines. She says the sickness today is coming from the contaminated blood of animals and the monkey cell line used in the world’s MMR, polio and influenza vaccine supply. This infectious agent, called SARS-CoV-2, has NEVER been proven to come from humans or spread from person-to-person, especially from healthy people. These latent animal viruses will go through a recombination process as they are replicated for manufacture into the vaccine supply. Once injected into humans around the world, these animal viruses will manifest disease in humans. New strains are only inevitable, as the vaccine supply further attenuates human immune cells and poisons the body. People are being transfected and primed for severe illness through the dirty vaccine supply.

This harsh scientific reality is counterintuitive to the assumed intentions of vaccination, and people want to believe that vaccination is synonymous with immunization. But the veil has been lifted, and the world is waking up to the reality that vaccines cause disease and death. The vaccine industry is powerful and will continue to use propaganda to perpetuate the illusion that we are living in a “pandemic of healthy, unvaccinated people.” There will be continuous promotion of “covid-19 variants” and “outbreaks” to blame the innocent ones. However, these respiratory infections are really just manifestations of disease caused by the contaminated cell lines in the vaccines that are being forced onto the population.

“Covid-19” and its “variants” are more-so a cover story for the filthy disease vectors that have been plaguing the vaccine supply for decades. The name of the disease changes, but there’s always another vaccine to sell, parading as the cure. Now, under the new surge of vaccine supply (covid-19 vaccines), the population is having their cellular processes changed, to forcibly replicate the infectious s-1 sub-unit of a disease-causing agent, further destroying the population’s ability to adapt and live a healthy life.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Peter Daszak subverted the moratorium on gain-of-function virus research in the USA to develop cell lines for vaccines in Wuhan, China. The vaccine supply is the most reasonable deployment method for the infections the world is seeing today.

Lance D Johnson

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  1. The reality is simple to comprehend as long as you do not get bogged down in the institutional gobbledygook like ACE 2 receptors and the like. The manufactured virus broke down to genotype causing a worldwide hike in Kawasaki "syndrome" in May 2020. It has not been an existential problem since then. No virus, no variants. I help the vaxxed and those that have been shed on eliminate vax prion(spike) proteins every day. Do you recognise these symptoms? Sore throat, headache, dizziness, disorientation, breathing difficulties, loss of energy and appetite. No not a virus but an overabundance of self replicating prions invading every area of a body. The vax proteins are the "variants.


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