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There are many people who believe the experimental drugs (so-called vaccines) work, who have well-meaning beliefs in advances in science and technology.  They believe that most elected officials, although not perfect, are inherently good-natured.  They refuse to believe that prominent members of society, such as public health authorities and so forth, would ever betray them.  This is why others who find serious flaws and true conspiracies in many of the inner workings of the corporate government and media are seen as being inferior in both intellect and character.

I understand these well-meaning people.  I know where they come from.  It’s tempting to have the same kinds of beliefs, because then the world doesn’t seem so backwards.  But I couldn’t deny what I found.  I couldn’t just turn a blind eye to all the very real and very rampant corruption.  I’m not a rebel because I want to be ‘special.’  I’m a rebel because I do not filter out the darkness I see.  I’m a rebel because I know that if I and others who are similar do not rebel, evil people will get away with betraying humanity, and will even be heralded as heroes for doing so.

There needs to be a bridge between truthers and the well-meaning believers of the status quo.  This is why when I debunked the experimental drugs, I did so with officially accepted numbers and graphs from mainstream sources, such as John Hopkins University of Medicine.  I proved my case on their own playing field.  That way, what I found could not be dismissed as some crazy conspiracy theory.  The well-meaning would have to acknowledge my findings.  The only problem is reaching them though.  My findings need to be posted on the mainstream media to truly have an impact.  Perhaps there are those who can make this happen, somehow.

Regarding bridges, a bridge cannot be built by, for example, showing them Alex Jones videos and so forth.  They are not receptive to that sort of material.  I myself am not receptive to much of that material because much of the alternative media, just like much of the mainstream media, is also disinformation.  The bridge must be carefully built by being relatable; not alien.  They need to know that people like me are also well-meaning, but have some findings that need to be seen.

The other way to reach them is to just let horrible things happen to them as a natural consequence of believing the mainstream media’s disinformation and obeying those who have betrayed humanity.  This has already happened to a great extent.  Although this way can be very harsh, sometimes this is the only way for some to wake up from the lies they are repeatedly told.

A bridge can be provided, but if this doesn’t work, reality asserts itself.  Reality cannot be escaped.  Sooner or later, reality catches up with everyone.

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  1. Excellent contribution, Starlight, very well said. It seems that your reasoning is at times close to mine. At least, it's sparking a train of associations, thought-exercises, resulting in comments like this one.

    Bridge building is my favourite sport, and desire, the meeting of two worlds, two opinions, two different approaches, or pathways in an attempt to reach the same goal or destination, that seem to be incompatible or too different. Like in that expression "The twain shall never meet".

    Those are the words written by Rudyard Kipling, in his Barrack-room ballads, 1892: "Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." There, Kipling is lamenting the gulf of understanding between the British and the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent.

    I believe it's best to share real life experiences, when it's about psychological reactions, imprints, and consensus reality, in people's minds, in the attempts we show up with to build the bridge you've got every reason and right to see being built, and used of course.

    Using an actual bridge as metaphor, what's required to establish a meeting right on that bridge, with 2 people on each side walking to the middle, intent on meeting on equal grounds, open minded and ready to communicate in a non-violent way?

    When I'm discussing the pandemic management with strangers, I'm brave enough to express my views, presenting what I've come to know and understand, without blaming or making others wrong. Mentioning factual reports, outcomes of investigations, including the source of where I found them, close enough to what's reported in the mainstream media, and published in scientific magazines.

    Here's an example of what happens when meeting in the middle of a bridge won't be possible:
    This afternoon, I spoke with "a stranger". He was wearing a t-shirt with 4 Greek philosophers' portraits with the text "metaphysics" and I asked him about his choice to wear this t-shirt. We began a conversation about metaphysics, and I told him that the concept of the Greek dialogue, a manner of non-violent communication by students in the Greek Forum, was something I pondered much, lately. Moving from Greece to the present day reality, I mentioned the polarisation in peoples' communication when the subject is SARS-Cov-2, while living in different opinions and views.

    And I presented the reason why Britain decided to not introduce a vaccine-passport. I mentioned the difference between Britain and the Netherlands, in the choice to make vaccine-passports mandatory, or not, as the entrance ticket for events, pub-visits, football-stadia, and festivals.

    A heavy weighing argument in the British Parliament was this one, and I quote:
    "Responding to the Government's response, the Chair of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, William Wragg MP, said: “With recent analysis suggesting that vaccinated people carry as much of the virus as the unvaccinated into any setting, the disappointing lack of any scientific basis for the Government’s decision to go ahead could reasonably lead people to conclude that there is in fact no such basis. If the real goal is to drive vaccine uptake, then it is a deeply cynical approach that will be counterproductive.” (end of quote)

    During the talking I did, I noticed that this man began to close down one eye, and than the other eye, on a regular basis, turning his head in a peculiar way, and I wondered if something was disturbing him, or causing inner turmoil. At the same moment, he very formally told me that at this point he felt that this subject needed to be closed, and he asked me to put an end to our conversation.

    Of course I accepted this, and wished him a nice evening saying goodbye, a wish he returned to me also. That was a civilized way of making clear that meeting in the middle of the bridge wasn't possible. I didn't ask him how my comments affected him, for the fact that he was a "stranger" made me feel cautious, as in not feeling "familiar enough" to ask him this. In hindsight, I think I should've asked "Have my words affected you in a way that is disturbing?" and that might've opened a door to meeting each other in the middle, who knows.

    I believe that the feeling of being acknowledged and accepted between two people walking on that bridge to the middle, is key in reaching that middle and reaching a level of understanding where each feels that a distance is bridged, and a gap is closed in some way by compassionate listening.
    In a joined effort as well, and that's not always immediate, due to time needed to enter trust, while being together.

    I now recall your words, written in this post "The bridge must be carefully built by being relatable; not alien. They need to know that people like me are also well-meaning, but have some findings that need to be seen". I believe that we can only go one at a time, in meetings on the middle of the bridge, and not expect a gathering of 20 or 50, all in harmony with each other's views, and findings.

    Two of my sisters are in a mindset that is fixed in one mold of the mainstream media, and a well meaning government. They don't ask me questions, even when they initially heard, in a nutshell, how I think and feel about the pandemic and all offspring from it. The findings that I've told them about, are simply dismissed with "everything can be faked and false, that's published on internet, and so, how do you know it's true?" That's a knockdown argument, showing me that there's no willingness to change their mind. The windmills of other peoples' minds are turning in the wrong way, so to speak. Mine too. It's why I had to tell them that it's a closed subject. Fortunately, we are able to leave the subject to rest, and enjoy the visits we pay each other. Although not too often 😉

    • Been a while since I've checked for comments here, sorry!

      It can be very difficult, if not impossible to build that bridge. I recall seeing a video a long time ago about giving people who believe the status quo only small pieces of information, and not the 'full dose,' so that they are able to remain opened minded. When certain views are presented, these views are an instant shut-off switch for many, so often very watered-down versions have to be presented. Then, perhaps over time, fuller versions can be presented. The guy in the philosopher's shirt probably starting thinking, "Oh, no, not one of THOSE people." It can be difficult to not come across as being a particular type of person to others.

      Everyone has a different point of reaching the off switch, depending. The world is very polarized. Through extreme polarization, it's easy to control the population, as without bridges being built the world can't get very far. Perhaps the world won't be so polarized as more anomaly is cleared, whereas the negative elites will be exposed in ways that cannot be denied by those who believe the status quo.

      I sometimes have the ability to emulate other people's perspectives. People who believe the status quo simply believe that "Oh no, there is this virus. But oh great, they have a vaccine for it! There are vaccines of all kinds, so this one is just another vaccine on the list that will help humanity." These people don't know anything otherwise. I can see how superficial explanations of reality make sense to them and how others who question surface explanations can be seen as wackos. The best way forward is to focus on any kind of common ground between the 'two types' and go from there. There is common ground, although it can be difficult to find.


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