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Sorry to pick on Israel, but Israel is one of highest vaccinated countries for covid in the world:





Yet, here are the cases for Israel to the current date:


And, here are the deaths for Israel to the current date:



There’s far too much experimental drug coverage in Israel to just blame these recent spikes in daily cases and deaths on citizens who are not inoculated.  Obviously, the experimental drugs don’t work.  That’s why Israel’s media is saying people need to get booster shots, and fourth shots, and…  Why not just get shots in perpetuity?  Why not, unlike flu shots, make this mandatory?  That’s the plan.  Say “No!”

Fortunately, this ‘whole thing’ might be fizzling out.  Global cases and deaths are now on the decline.  Without their precious numbers, the negative elites don’t have much to work with.  They must be getting even more desperate than before.  Never underestimate a cornered animal.


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