ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor is dead, in what is fast-becoming a pattern of quick deaths after “booster” shots.

Mrs. Karen Croake Heisler received her first dose of Pfizer experimental mRNA on January 13, according to her Twitter account. Her age allowed her to be one of the first to receive the injections in December and January. It’s unclear when she received the second injection. But Mrs. Heisler declared on April 9 that she and her husband suffered only sore arms after their second injections.

Mrs. Heisler was a passionate, hardcore supporter of anything related to masks and COVID-19 mandates. She also displayed consistent animosity towards those who refuse to receive mRNA and viral vector DNA injections. She called non-vaxxed people “selfish” and ordered them to stay home “until you come to your senses.”

Ms. Heisler loved masks so much that she even made her dog wear them.

For reasons unknown, Mrs. Heisler received a third Pfizer mRNA injection on September 7.

Her health apparently deteriorated very quickly thereafter. Mrs. Heisler tweeted from Orlando Regional Medical Center on September 14. She was there to see a cardiologist. Mrs. Heisler tweeted three times that day, with all of them blaming the “unvaccinated” for her deteriorating health. She went out swinging, telling everyone to “get the damn vaccine” and “damn the unvaccinated.”

Mrs. Heisler died from “cancer-related complications” on September 19.

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  1. My wife just got sacked from a job she loves and is good at, for not taking the Jab.

    Everyone at her work had to get it or lose their job. That sucks. "Govt orders" they said.

    When they are all dead in a year or so time, she'll be the only one able to run the place !!!

  2. I believe also people got to weary of various forms of mind control that have thrown at us.
    From Main Stream Media , Frequency base mind control ( Research MK Ultra CIA mind control ) as part of the program/agenda )

  3. Nebulizer? Potti? Netti? I really don't see the point – do my simple cure instead – 1 heaped teaspoon of iodine table or sea salt in a mug of warm water, cup a hand, sniff or snort the mugful in stages, up into your nose/nasal passages and if you get a sore reaction in your head, then you have a virus, so leave the salt water in your head until the soreness stops (2-3 minutes) then blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards – so do morning, noon and night, or more often, spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth, until you do the flush and you get no sore reaction – when you have cleared the Flu or Coronavirus and Covid won't occur, ever.

    If you think you have a virus, do the above treatment and you will know instantly if you have, not just for the Flu or Coronavirus, but for all other virus based diseases, for which there is no medical solution.

    Me: 27 years never ill from viruses, bearing in mind that there are only 2 ways we can get ill from external sources,

    1) breath it in, or 2) get a bite, like a Mosquito or a vaccine.

    Don't use saline solution a waste of time if no iodine salt in it. Gargling is a waste of time too, as you will quickly discover, when you do my salt water sniffle AND bonus, you won't get Long Covid either, because the flush includes the brain bulb, brain stem and inner ears via the escutcheon tubes, which is really interesting to experience, feeling them get cleaned out.

    Even if you have had the vaccines, do this when you get your initial head infection (before, or when you self isolate), which everyone will get anyway and murder the infection in your head, before it becomes Covid in your head and body – hence Long Covid and Pneumonia in your lungs = Covid.


  4. It just amazes me how these so called educated people are not very smart.
    They believe bogus science and they trust corrupt drug companies that kill people.
    Its kinda strange to watch this occurring.
    Homeless camps are fine, no outbreaks ripped thru those killing everyone, no the death is occurring in Hospitals.
    So if you feel sick, go to a homeless camp not a hospital.
    Imagine if this woman heard me say that, her head would explode XD
    Im not taking any jab and I dont wear masks either, here I am still alive 🙂

    • & I myself have not been sick since 2019. People started washing their hands, in my opinion, & because they're all wearing mask they're not sneezing down the grocery isle. Good for us, huh Azurite Crystal.


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