Ascension Connection Open Call – Oct. 21, 2021 – 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern With Guest Speakers Dr. Raymond Keller and Rob Potter

Dr. Keller and Rob Potter have both been life long contactees of people from Venus.  The visitors are more spiritually and technologically advanced than the population on Earth. The beings have been showing up for centuries, if not eons as noted throughout the Bible and other ancient texts around the world.  We know them as the angels,  ἄγγελος (angel, messenger of God, מַלְאָך).

The Venusians, Pleiadeans and other very advanced races have been watching over our progress on Earth.   Their involvement in our affairs increased with the advent of world wars and the atomic age that not only threatened all life on Earth but in their realms as well.  They are keenly aware of the struggles we face with the interference and control by a powerful elite group of beings.  Just as in Star Trek, it seems there is a galactic law of non-interference, but the rule can be breached when suffering on the planet becomes too great.

The visitors have had to keep their presence a secret for their protection, choosing only to appear to a select number of individuals who they trust to accurately share their important messages.  They are trying to elevate the consciousness and spiritual understanding of those who are willing to listen and learn.  Rob Potter and Dr. Raymond Keller are such good-hearted people who have been sharing what they have learned from their ongoing contact experiences.  This information is available through their books, interviews, and appearances at conventions.  We are blessed to  have them speak with us!

Raymond Keller’s Books

Raymond Keller’s Venus Rising Book Series

Venus Rising Series 6 Book Special Offer

Rob Potter Website and Contact Info

Robs Inner Circle Includes Robs Books and so much more!

The Promise Revealed

Phone 530-925-3502 – Email  [email protected]

If you would like to attend this public offering, please send a request for the zoom link to [email protected].

Please note – We will be recording this zoom call.  If you are uncomfortable with being on camera, simply turn off your video.  You will see a notification when the recording starts and ends.

Normally we would have you mute your mic and use the raise hand function to ask a question.  Due to time limitations and expected high attendance, we ask that you remain muted throughout this call.  Type your questions directly into the chat to Melissa or Rev Kat who will read them to our speakers.  If your question is for a specific person, type Ray or Rob in front of your question.

Direct questions from attendees may be taken towards the end of the call if time permits. Raise your hand or use the raise hand button and remain muted until you are called to ask your question.

You may also send your questions in advance with your request to take part in this special meeting.

The Ascension Connection Team is excited to have a chance to hear updates from Rob and Raymond and we look forward to seeing you there!

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