We made this crowdsourced documentary series in collaboration with Special Forces. It features many soldiers, Marines, operators, IC members, police, sheriffs, marshals, veterans, doctors, nurses and patriots from all walks of life who are risking everything to defend the American people and freedom worldwide.

The fog of war is about to get extremely thick. To counter confusion, we are releasing the first 4-parts of this series in one 4-hour video file here.

Here is the statement we put out:

National Security Alert: Act of War, Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged as Total Force ‘Vaccination’ Decimates Military Readiness

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  1. There are 540 congress/senate members and Bidet & Harry. 542 people who are fundamentally changing the United States of America into the country THEY want. They do not fear you. They do not respect you. You are a slave to them. The ONLY thing they need you for is for the money you provide to them by working, investing, and consuming goods. The money they want to spend as they want to make themselves richer, and those that are already mega-rich, more powerful. There are approximately 331,002,647 people in the US. These people are allowing this small percentage- whom we PAY, whom we EMPLOY to govern us according to our laws and wishes, and make slaves of us- and we are paying them to do it. No different than paying a thief to rob you of everything you own, move into your home, decide what job he will LET you work, decide what kind of medical treatment you should have, and if he will ALLOW you to buy certain things you need or want- AND YOU WILL PAY HIM FOR THIS total invasive control over you. WAKE UP AMERICA. If we don't do something now it will be too late. Don't fall for the "things will change in the 2022 elections" Why would they do that? Haven't they proven that your vote isn't really your vote, but the votes they decide to put in place to further their agenda? We are acting as cattle walking calmly and without resistance into the slaughterhouse doors. To quote a famous movie line from INDEPENDENCE DAY: ""We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!" We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! If only we were so brave to protect our country in REAL life. Unless we are UNWILLING to repeat the fatal actions of past generations, of past history and it's people, we will all suffer a different kind of extermination. Sometimes, people, as it has many times in our past for the purpose of our freedom, blood must be shed. NO LEADERSHIP can enforce it's will without the cooperation of its military. It'd be like "They gave a war and nobody came"

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  3. This is a very effective way to force American Military to Stand Down and withdraw from its military adventures outside of the USA. Militaries must stand down and wars must end in order for Full Disclosure to move forward.


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