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There have been many instances when I have passionately promoted information from the alternative media, but then I was backed into a corner; what I was promoting was debunked with mainstream media sources citing undeniable proof.  I often became upset when this happened.  I was being forced to re-examine my beliefs, which no one likes to do.  I would even reach a point of considering the possibility that the mainstream media was the only source of real, accurate information, and that my entire perception of reality was false.

I remember ‘way back in the day’ when Alex Jones would show aerial footage of large compounds in North Korea, and then claim these compounds to be FEMA camps in the United States.  There are so many other instances of false claims made in the alternative media.  The latest false claim I’ve come across in the alternative media is the claim that the FDA did not fully authorize the Pfizer experimental drug.  Yet, low and behold, it has been fully authorized for ages 16 and up.  The Emergency Use Authorization is only in place for children aged 12 to 15:

I obtained this information from a mainstream fact-checking article:

On the flip side, I kept encountering information that was verifiably true, that was very worthy of making mainstream headlines, yet the mainstream media was silent.  For example, Cuomo’s Covid-19 nursing home corruption was virtually not discussed at all in the mainstream media.  His sexual harassment was discussed at length instead.  This, and countless other instances, show that the mainstream media is all too often dishonest by what is not reported.

Another fact the mainstream media is silent about is the effectiveness of natural immunity to Covid-19.  There are many peer-reviewed studies showing this.  Here are some examples:

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infectionsjk

Necessity of COVID-19 vaccination in previously infected individuals

Immunological memory to SARS-CoV-2 assessed for up to 8 months after infection

The mainstream media also repeatedly takes facts out of context and uses ‘psychological manipulation techniques.’  It would be easy to go into great detail regarding this, but for the sake of getting to the point, I will be moving on.

The reason the mainstream media has such an advantage is because in many cases the mainstream fact-checkers are correct. The alternative media often makes inaccurate claims and then the mainstream media accurately and successfully debunks these claims. This makes the mainstream media seem more credible, and the alternative media gets thrown into the category of being ‘dangerous misinformation.’  There are, however, also many cases of the alternative media giving accurate information.  Trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not true has unfortunately become a tedious, hair-splitting ordeal.

Regardless, we need 100% accuracy. There needs to be a new media that goes beyond the mainstream media and alternative media, that takes both into account, filters out the lies from both, and actually tells the real, full-spectrum truth.

It’s also possible to have the mainstream media start being completely honest.  Fauci being recently exposed in the mainstream media shows this is possible.  Either way, only through 100% honesty can the information war finally come to a resolution.

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  1. UPDATE: The author of this post (myself) has been unknowingly used as a puppet to falsely claim that the FDA authorized the experimental drug, when the FDA did NOT authorize the experimental drug:

    The author is requesting that this post be deleted. If the post is not deleted, let this be used to show just how tricky the negative elites can be.

    I apologize for promoting false information.

    • Now the article has been taken down. What's up with that? Here's what was sourced to though:

        • The FDA is now saying they approved the experimental drug for children aged 5-11:

          Whether or not it's true (the mirror-drug), looks like kids will be getting the jab. Ugh.

  2. Mainstream media is run by the CIA. They get their daily "talking points". I hope you've seen videos showing all the channels side by side and every controlled script-reader saying exactly the same thing. Right from the get go MSM was created for the purpose of manipulating humanity into slavery.

    • Cecille, true. I was thinking the alternative media might be controlled opposition. Depends on the source of course. Personal testimony may be the best kind of alternative media out there.

  3. It's kind of funny and naive to even consider that the mainstream media will change and suddenly become ethical – they only exist because they have wads of money, darling. But the thinking that we need to rely on major conglomerates or organizations when we can be the media ourselves. We could be starting a system whereby accuracy is rated – by the people. This is a system of the people and by the people. Waiting and dreaming for a new day to come to those who are unmitigated whores (the msm) is futile, plus it suggests that we are helpless and always have to wait for a mommy and daddy to do things for us. We have so much at our disposal but we let our capacities sit dormant – because w have been bred without freedom. We have been bred for slavehood and that's a difficult pattern to break from.

    • denise ward, I was thinking if the media was taken over by the Light Forces, the media would start to tell the truth. The current people who operate within the media changing their minds though – probably for the most part, this would not happen, true.

      This time I mentally prepared myself to take some flack. This was to be expected because I quoted mainstream sources.

    • Freedom depends upon a new media. an accurate media that is not allowed to pick and choose what is heard. news from all sources. Well rounded truth. Or it is inaccurate. Freedom depends upon all of us having personal access to all seven billion of us. Actually heard. …Halloween. cable is only why one notices.

  4. I can thoroughly agree with this editorial. Personally, I feel like I am being buried in BS. It comes at me from almost all sides. I have even gotten a big load of it from the leadership of the church to which I had belonged at the time and had belonged to for 47 years. We all know that the mainstream/lamestream media syndicate is bogus and evil. However, the internet outside of Facebook, Twitter, and a few other deeply corrupted entities, is an even playing field between truth and falsehoods. The enemies of truth will often plant bogus stories to show how stupid some of us are when we appear to believe them. The flat earth theory was a case in point.

  5. "The latest false claim I’ve come across in the alternative media is the claim that the FDA did not fully authorize the Pfizer experimental drug.Yet, low and behold, it has been fully authorized for ages 16 and up."
    Yes, the drug called Comirnaty, which is not even available yet, has been fully authorized by the FDA, NOT the Pfizer fake vaccine that has been used widely! So the jab widely used hasn't been fully authorized, and the fully authorized drug isn't available (yet).
    "…we need 100% accuracy." YES, DEFINITELY.

    • Cassandra, yep. I screwed up big time. The FDA didn't authorized the experimental drug. I apologize for my laziness and foolishness.

      • Starlight, I appreciate that you have revised some of your views. Still, I must say that you need to double check ALL the facts: twisted, non-existent or deleted data, or straightforward lies published by the MSM, on which your claims are mostly based.
        When you have done your homework and haven't just relied on the false claims of cabal-appointed "fact-checkers", you will realize that the whole MSM narrative is built on a house of cards, like the one with the FDA authorization of the Pfizer jab. Yes, we DO need 100 % accuracy.

        • Cassandra, actually, I primarily look at the alternative media. I was thinking that the negative elites would play this game where they would infiltrate the alternative media to tell lies and then place the truth in various mainstream media outlets, as a way to mess with people. I'm actually not someone who trusts the mainstream media, although it may have come off that way when I used their sources. I've actually never used mainstream sources before like this. I was attempting to go into 'chess mode.'


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