The Galactic Federation: The Event is Near

by Aurora Ray Nov. 6, 2021

Dear Earthlings!

We are the Galactic Federation. Peace be with you. We are pleased to announce that the time has come to reveal ourselves to the people of Earth.

New Earth, a planet of new opportunities, of life without death and pain, a planet where everyone is a Galactic citizen. We are here to tell you that these things exist and can be yours if you open your hearts and minds to what’s right in front of you.

You are on the edge of an evolutionary shift on your planet, which will lead to the ascension process of the inhabitants on your planet. Soon your world will be cleansed of darkness and negative energies; resources will be released for people of this planet to ascend together. We have come to assist you in that moment of change, to announce that this Event is coming closer.

We see that you, the people on earth, are starting to wake up from your sleep and are starting to realize what is really going on. And we see that many of you who have started to wake up and raise your vibrations and consciousness levels are preparing yourselves for a great change.

The vast majority of you will view these revelations as an exciting step forward in unifying mankind, while some may feel trepidation, fear, and anger. For this reason, it is important for us to present ourselves in a way that allows you to understand who we are and why we’ve come.

You can see that we know and understand you and we deal with all the populations of the planet with respect, and we do not want anything from you – we just wish to help you, to protect your planet – it has always been our aim since the first day of the contact.

The long-awaited Disclosure is now represented as a reality and not as something difficult and even unthinkable. This breakthrough will completely change your understanding of yourself and your new world. It will lead to what we call Disclosure.

Well, prepare for the read of your life! We are here to burst your bubble with this amazing Disclosure.

When things are happening at the higher levels of the 5D Earth, you feel them much stronger at the human level. This, of course, is not new to you, and we have told you already about it in the past, so we won’t dwell on it here.

But there is one thing new: this time, what is happening in the higher levels will be so strong and so dominant that it will influence directly many key decisions on many key locations on your planet, and many key battles will be fought, and many key locations will see the people uniting with each other.

In addition, everything has been set for a global financial reset with the use of new tools and methods, which means that all old methods of creation and control of the economy will be abolished in a blink of an eye, and thus a lot of new technologies that were suppressed can finally emerge in full daylight!

We have prepared our plan so well, so smoothly, step-by-step, inch by inch, here one day, another day there. And we are about to achieve our final goal – the final liberation of planet Earth from the most brutal slavery in this universe.

The dark forces are keeping the world in bondage. The dark forces are controlled by demonic entities who interfere with your evolution which is for you to ascend to the next level of love, peace, and unity while they thrive upon your fear, anger, and sorrow.

This time, the struggle with the dark forces will not be at the astral level anymore; it will be at the surface of your planet, and many important key decisions will be made, and many key battles will be fought to make everything ready for the Event.

The third-dimensional world as it’s now is really going to start crumbling since it has completely had its days. We know there is a lot of trepidation and anxiety as this last part of the Earth is getting ready to shut down as the new Earth with a better, more peaceful reality is coming into form.

We are urging you to rise above fear and stop giving your energy to this old story by focusing on what you know to be true about yourself and your divine nature as a powerful creator being. We believe you, as lightworkers and Gaia guardians can do this together through your thoughts and actions.

The dark archonic forces will be defeated again. Now is the time for light to arise from the victorious fires of the underground bases all around the world and for energies to become more intense with fantastic surprises.

A new age is about to begin. Be ready to dance and sing and celebrate your new life and experience a new paradigm shift bringing with it a new beginning for Earth and everything on it.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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  1. A part of the galactic federation was on the side from the reptilians! This lead to chaos on earth and the starseeds had to go through many painful seasons! I hope that the galactic federation is neutral again. Maybe the council of the golden light is better made by lyrans. Their mission is to help mother earth and lead the starseeds. Everything will be better.

    Lots, of love
    The Star

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    • Um, your post here is really inappropriate. You need to realign your soul with higher frequencies and leave this evil scheme behind.

  3. Hello beautiful children of God. The Galactic Federation, Nordics, Pleiadians, Aliens, etc are ALL demonic fallen angels the Bible warned about. In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ talked about the “many” being deceived (verses 4-5), not the few. Read your bible! Repent through prayer and fasting and the truth will set you free. God bless you all!

  4. people need to be careful for what they fall for, the federation is like the military, they do not contact many people, there are two federations, one works for the dark fleet, common sense should tell many, but I see these kinds of post everywhere, the ones who have real contact with the federation would never call themselves a ambassador, because they are not, they are earth humans like the rest, if you are born here, then in this life time, you are an earthly not ambassadors, also, if someone ascended, why are they still here? why do they ask for hundreds of dollars to help you ascend, spend all the cash you want, only you can do the work.

  5. Cansei de promessas que nunca se cumprem. Mensagens são provavelmente da cabala, para nos enganar. Nos fazer pensar que tudo vai acabar bem.

    • Terra is our english version of the French word "terrain", literally, dry ground. Every language has a name for planet earth. In Portuguese, the earth is known as “terra,” the Germans call it “erde,” "aarde" by the Dutch, and “dünya” in Turkey. For all the languages with different names, there is a history that explains the reason why the name was picked. Interestingly, all the names that earth has in the different languages all seem to be pointing towards the ground or the soil. Gaia was the Greek personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities.Gaia is the ancestral mother. In whatever language we choose to call our world, all that matters is we take care of her. She is after all, our home and source of nutrition…. how like a mother!

  6. I'll be the first to comment here about this;

    Thanks to towards these wonderful updates, but…..

    I have visited this website for a while & explored all the relevant links on this website.
    And a lot of the visitors comments & including these "The Galactic Federation:
    The Event is Near" the updates are 3 years & up to several more years old & or

    So when is this "Event" really going to happen? Probably in 3 years or 5 years
    from now which is November 2021!?

    This is just my thoughts, but I will believe this when it actually happens.

    And I do hope the evil Cabal & it's secret cult organizations do get defeated.
    The people of earth do need a cleansing & cleaning up & a new start.


  7. The GF Ambassador is known to us as Kimberly Ann Goguen. She represents Earth to the GF. Why do we not know who represents the GF to Earth? WHY are we STILL getting "blah blah blah" about Disclosure? Don't tell us your going to tell us. Do it!
    We are battle weary. But do not mistake this for weakness. We humans will ALWAYS rise to fight to protect this planet, our home.

    So, if you Love us…show us. NOW.

  8. This is CIA infiltrated new-age mind control. No one saved the american indians 400 years ago. The Galactic Federation is psychopatic, they are part of the problem. The new-age cult of positivity lives on wishful thinking. Grow some balls and fight for you own freedom. Stop relying on outside rescuers and saviors.

    • only to say that this is a dispensation. Higher help here. Light rays on earth growing, look already, will be so big, all sociopaths must leave for themselves, or they can't bear it. ….I put all reports on the burner, as this one. But my own inner intuition gives me a feel. And I do feel the lower level minions are being dealt to along with the lowest high level.

  9. What to think about the experience of time, passing? For ET beings? I don't mean disrespect, for how can I be sure who or what this messenger truly is or represents? Hearing such familiar, oh so familiar, almost threadbare messages, expressed for decades now, even longer? from a person, human or human-looking, makes me feel like putting my trust in those who know factual information and present living conditions on planet Earth, from the ground level upwards, familiar with the time experience for humanity, gosh what a long sentence! Ahem, in short, seeing is believing.
    To be clear, I don't doubt that beneficial and good ET races exist, but to what extent they are allowed to interfere with our free will? And the enormous value of EXPERIENCE through free will?


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