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We all have our own problems and frustrations with the world. The world seems to have completely lost its mind. It’s so easy to get lost in all this ‘stuff’ going on.

Yet, there are times when I look up at the stars, and I think about how vast and amazing the universe really is. With all the galaxies, stars, and planets, the universe is so vast and beautiful. Knowing this, and immersing myself in this, allows for my consciousness to expand, as though I was breaking through the quarantine, just like when astronauts go into space.

Yes, society has lost its mind. But the universe is out there. So think about the universe and how grand it truly is.

Feel the universe. Can you feel it?

May the force be with you.


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  1. This is why animals are great. They don't care about any of this, no ulterior motives. They just like the moon. I enjoyed the goddess energy thing, and the sci-fi thing, but can't make a culture work without animal influence built into it. What kind of species live on faraway worlds?

  2. If the donkey feels too good he goes on ice , is a saying in my country. It is us dears , we decided to get out of the comfort zone from heaven to explore 3rd density. But like disneys Mickey in the wizard, we let free, the pandoras box of all limitations which nag us now so well
    Is ist so pleasant to feel limitations do you want to fire the engine of 3d existance ??

  3. The vastness of the universe, though impressive beyond my comprehension, he's created matter, and God will destroy it one day with a fervent heat. The Bible tells us he will replace it with a new Heaven and a new Earth. It's the Creator not the created that is truly amazing.

  4. Clip and clear contribution, thank your Starry Light. When I read the title of this post, I mixed a few words. How pleased would the Grand Wizards of Oz be, when they were able to offer a Post Consciousness Quarantine update, don't you think?
    On Sunday night I experienced a very strange phenomenon in my sleep or half-sleep. A presence of a metallic flying object with many moving parts, like butterfly wings moving with the sound of metal, somewhat like the sound metal tubes can make in a wind chime, but much more fluttering…. oh yes, now I've got the best description of the sound: a bunch of silver teaspoons falling in the drawer.

    The circling of this object around my head didn't feel right, and I did something with my energy without knowing what, so that it disappeared. The feeling that lingered, before I fell asleep again, was that this object intended to change something in my brain, reminding me of a surgical device.
    No after effect was noticeable when I woke up refreshed when the light of day entered the room.

  5. Lovely and light hearted look at reality. Or is it our reality? For most of us, the "farce" has been with us. Nice to see others breaking through the matrix. I feel it!


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