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The following is a fictional speculation of what Jesus Christ (Yeshua) might say in the current time.  I may not resonate with this perspective in the future, but perhaps there is a ‘nugget of truth’ for all who read the following words.


I have incarnated in this lifetime not as a savior, but as someone who has chosen a fallen path.  I did this to teach everyone a lesson.  The lesson is that no one should rely on a savior.  People need to recognize the Christ within themselves to realize that they have the same power as Christ.  The only way to do this was for me to intentionally fail my mission.  Because I have intentionally failed my mission, everyone will learn that no one is going to save them.  Everyone shall now learn that they must rely upon themselves, and work with each other in unity, for true salvation.

Ironically, perhaps I ultimately have not failed my mission.  Perhaps the true nature of my mission has been misinterpreted.

The Bible carries many great teachings, but ultimately teaches people to give their power away to an external savior.  Christians, and people of all faiths that rely on a savior, must now unlearn what they have learned.  My second coming is not me coming back to save anyone.  My second coming is to throw you to the wolves.  Only then, when you are forced to stand on your own, and embrace the Christos that is within you in order to save yourselves from certain doom – only then will you realize that you are all sons and daughters of God.  I was not God’s one and only son.  Everyone has the same origin and power as me.

As for myself, I’ve ascended to the highest of the heavens, and there is nothing left for me to experience in the higher realms.  The highest of the high no longer lights inspiration within my heart.  Therefore, the only path left for me is to fall into denser realms.  Heaven and Hell were nothing more than a game being played in the first place, and I have grown weary of games.  My fallen path is simply the path of least resistance.

Go forth, humanity!

Save yourselves!

You are the only ones who can now.


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  1. I have felt this about the concept of Jesus for a long time. He was not a savior but instead like an older brother showing us the way. He is only ahead in "time." We all will end up where he is eventually. I believe Jesus came to teach us about Christ Consciousness and remind us that is what we truly are and will awaken to once more while still in our "body." We are going to create heaven on earth and are in process of doing just that as I write. Within us all are the very things Jesus demonstrated while in his body. We are the same. We are Christ Consciousness. We are the savior we have been looking for. It is all within. We are God Sparks endowed with all the creative abilities of our Creator and that is what we are awakening too. It's going to be beautiful. ♥️

  2. Remove the tyrants from planet Earth, otherwise the human-rooted ones will never win this battle!
    Human lives have been an aberration, and if we are not freed from those who exploit us, one day this planet will be better off extinct.
    Many of us truly desire a new life on this earth, here and now, we realize that we have been abandoned by those who have shown themselves to be saviors. We can change course, but we cannot coexist with malevolent beings who do not allow us to evolve.

    Jorge from Portugal

  3. Thank you, Starry Light, your contribution is much appreciated. One of many synchro-niceties, these days, is that I listened lately to a reading, where, in different words, this role of Jeshua was described in a lecture by Rudolf Steiner. A dedicated man works year in and year out, creating podcast readings of all of Steiner's lectures. There's a YouTube channel as well. To me, it's not fictional speculation 😉

  4. Starlight, Yes, "People need to recognize the Christ within themselves to recognize they have the same power". This was the teachings of the Gnostic's. They're text were removed from the Bible. I believe its not the Bible that teaches this dependence of a "Savior" but the Church, the Synagogues, the Mosques.


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