Neil Oliver: Will we remain silent while such a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores, one country at a time? Neil Oliver discusses Austria’s decision to go into another lockdown.

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  1. The world is in utter chaos! I do not believe in any type of forcing of any type of medical treatments. The COVID vaccination is an experiment on humans. This is against the Nuremburg Code. EVERY nurse, doctor, or any healthcare worker that administered this vaccine can be charged. Where are our lawyers to help us fight for our freedom? As long as people give in and comply the tyranny will never end.
    We have to say "NO" in unison for this to ever have a chance to end. Do not be swayed by their fear tactics. COVID is a disease with a 99.99% survival rate in the average, normal, healthy person.
    Stand up and fight the EVIL and the GREED of the elites!

    • One way of standing up is to not wear the mask. Go through an argument with the little tyrants who demand you do when you go to the shops or whathaveyou. That is a simple sign. Those who wear the mask do not realize what they are doing. Viruses don't work like they think and the way the medical cartel teaches. As individuals we must stand for our beliefs now. It had to come, it had to. This is holding us to the fire to use our power of one. We could join with another or some others in doing the same and call out to those who refuse to wear the mask. Wearing the mask is a signal to the dominators showing them the ratio of people who they have in their palm as well as to the little tyrants that surround us in everyday life who give the dominators their power.

  2. As Tony 'Global Change Institute' Blair says " We have our teams in every country of the world", his Institute is partnered with Gates, Rockefeller and co..

  3. The same dark entities are behind this genocide as were behind WWI and WWII. The survivors of WWII are almost all dead by now, so they can't tell the new generation of psychopatic perpetrators and their victims that they are playing out the same old drama, without having learned anything from the past.
    History keeps repeating itself, and we are in an endless artificial time-loop – until we stop it.

    • As Winston Churchill said "History will be kind to me because I'm going to write it." & that is why history appears to be repeating itself Cassandra, because we didn't hear from the Real victims of WW1 & WW2.


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