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The following is my attempt to do what is probably one of the most difficult tasks, which is to get a ‘mountain-eye view.’  Many times, having a mountain-eye view is a treacherous task.  It’s all-too-often very easy to fall off the mountain when attempting to climb to the top.  I have fallen off the mountain many times in the past.  Also, in many cases, I believed that I was close to the top of the mountain, when I was not, or that I was higher on the mountain than I actually was.

The following may just be me being manipulated without knowing it, but this is currently the best I can do for that ‘more-precious-than-diamonds,’ ever-sought-after-yet-rarely-obtained, mountain-eye view:

The negative elites are extremely intelligent, and have many traps in place for those who disobey their dystopian narrative.  It’s important to not get stuck in the many traps the negative elites have cleverly designed.

If someone asked me if I follow and believe in Q, my response would be that I absolutely renounce Q.  The reason for this is because the mainstream media has very effectively used Q as a tool to discredit those exposing corruption.  Those who expose the negative elites and their minions are often negatively categorized as “QAnon conspiracy theorists.”  This categorization discredits many claims made against the negative elites and their minions.  The public often says to Q followers and those who expose corruption, “Oh, you’re those wackos who follow QAnon and believe that all politicians are satanic pedophiles!”

There are countless groups and individuals who are intentionally placed traps for those who defy the dystopian plans of the negative elites.  That’s how deep ‘the rabbit hole’ really goes.  That’s how the negative elites have been able to keep the majority of the surface population under their thumb.

The negative elites keep those who follow the mainstream media under their thumb through brainwashing/psychological manipulation techniques.  Then, the negative elites keep dissenters under their thumb through trap after trap consisting of controlled opposition groups and individuals.  These controlled opposition groups and individuals serve many purposes, including strengthening the mainstream narrative through providing intentional disinformation so that the mainstream media can relentlessly attack and discredit dissenters.  Other times, the information will be accurate but the mainstream media ‘discredits’ the information on such a thorough level that the public permanently dismisses the information out of hand.  Perhaps there have been cases when the truth was given on purpose, but in a specific timing and manner in order to be placed on a silver platter for endless distortion by the mainstream media.

The depth of control the negative elites have over the surface population runs far deeper than I ever realized.  The situation is that almost no matter where a person turns, the negative elites have designed well-conceived traps.  Also, much of this manipulation has had assistance on an ‘inter-dimensional level.’

To truly be a threat to the negative elites, people need to realize that they’ve all ‘been had,’ and start over from scratch.  For dissenters, this means no affiliation with the many famous groups and individuals within the alternative media.  This means going within, and deciding which reality one wishes to exist in, without supporting all the many traps that are in place.

On the flip side, not all the alternative media is a trap.  Much is being exposed by the alternative media, but never underestimate how far the negative elites will go to use opposition in their favor, and/or create their own controlled opposition.

I have, however, decided to participate in the 2012portal blog’s December 21st planetary liberation meditation and associated petition.  The reason for this is because the petition and meditation bypasses the traps of the negative elites because there would have to be Ets in the universe who would respond to the petition and meditation who are not a part of the plan to eternally subjugate and enslave the surface population.  The meditation and petition will be witnessed by the entire universe, which is why the negative elites are in such a state of panic.

David Wilcock, and others who have large UFO community followings need to be contacted to (accurately) spread the two current petition pages to get a large number of more signatures.

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  1. When the latest "planetary liberation" mass meditation idea turned up on your website, I asked some essential questions about the quality of the energy that the meditation will create, where will it go, who will use it, for what purpose, and how do we know it's true what we are being told by Cobra or anyone else in the "truth movement"?
    My questions have never been answered, but the promotion of the mass meditation and the petition has been going on ever since.
    If the previous mass meditations (especially the one in June with over a million participants) have had any tangible positive effects, why haven't we experienced positive changes on Prison Planet Earth where things have even exacerbated since June?
    Who knows what forces have used those energies for what purposes?

    What if our own spiritual energies have been used to imprison and enslave us by dark entities
    pretending to be our saviors?

    What if these "mass meditations" are just another trap of the Deep State to siphon off and use our own energies against us?

    Anyway, we will see what happens after 21 December. I'm afraid the same as before: "business as usual".


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