Dark Moon Reading 4 Dec 21

By Katharina Bless

This dark moon in Scorpio brings a triple conjunction with Moon, Sun and Mercury. It is the the ascending moon cycle reaching the full moon with the glorious entry of Jupiter into Aquarius. This is an epic time and we have to be prepared not for the real visible big shift starting.

The dark moon constellation at the AC at GM time is very significant and that this all is happening in Scorpio will prepare humanity for a last deep dive in the darkness before “resurrection”.

Dark Moon December 4th, 2021 – Image from Stellarium (free downloadable program)

This will not happen in one day, every thing on a material stage is unfolding according to the laws of this realm, but our mind/emotions are not physical, therefore the shift will be instantaneous for many. Suddenly some people surface again and expose the dark agenda step by step.

I would like to point out the esoteric meaning here in Scorpio and not so much the material/mundane side. Looking at the ruler Pluto in conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius gives us a very clear picture what is at stake for each individual now. This is one of the final steps into the light, it’s like another few bulbs would light up and things that were in the dark visible.

The preparation for this is to understand the spiritual energy that the Pluto symbol is representing. In astrology, like in every symbol we use, there are all consciousness levels present. To give you a sample: In Scorpio we find the deepest abyss of darkness, which is also connected to sexual abuse, but on the other end we find the Goddess, the true creation as in the symbol: the fertile egg in the womb above the earth. You can call it the “soup of creation” that is the fertile ground for the cosmic creation to grow .

by Katharina Bless

Now Venus shows that she is creating a new way, the Goddess rising and taking over the dark energies of the Pluto energies that have dominated the dark age. You can bet that in the future every thing before 2012 will be the dark and barbaric age.

There are two major aspects that show the significance of this chart: the quincunx from the dark moon constellation to Uranus and the one-and-a-half square from Mars to ret Chiron.

The first one is an aspect that offers a last chance to rise the consciousness, to blow up the old boundaries, beliefs and habits. Literally Uranus is asking you to explode your old reality and start by doubt all that you ever believed. Look at every thing in your world, the life style, the way how to structure your day, the way you eat etc. and put it all on a pedestal and figure out if it really is something you like, something that suits you and something you want to keep in your life.

Kali, the Destroyer of the Enemy of Truth, Dakini Oracle

Every thing that is coming from unexpected and not so familiar sources, but somehow would make sense, give it a chance and at least look at it. If you are open and ready, things will come to you. You know in the spiritual tradition the teacher is there when the student is ready! A teacher can be there, right in front of you and you don’t realize that s/he is a teacher because your awareness will give you only the information you believe in. You can only see what you believe.

The step out of this is not easy, but once you tell your innate that there is more and to be open to it, it will start to see more.. be open for more and walk into opportunities, synchronicity that moves you forward into a new paradigm.

Mars shows that there is still a big karmic “mistake” aspect connected with Chiron. A “miss-take” is always what we have not mastered yet, not understood and/or refined. To understand this we have to dive a bit into mythology/esoteric. Chiron is a savior figure that redeemed Prometheus from the Wrath of Zeus. All mythology is a metaphor, if it was history or not, that does not even matter. To give you a clear picture, I will cc here something from my book “SkyView Astrology”.

Chiron is considered to be the true healer connected to all matters of health, wholeness and holiness, represented by the Centaur in Greek Mythology – half man, half horse. He is the teacher and the guide here in Virgo.

The symbol, a moon attached to the vertical line on top of a circle, shows the stage of the journey of the soul reconnecting with the Higher Self. The symbol looks like the key for liberation.

Chiron was discovered in 1977 and one of the first people to pay attention and write a book about this planetoid was Barbara Hand Clow. I highly recommend her book “Chiron”.

In Greek mythology, the Centaur was a great healer and teacher, a son of the gods and therefore immortal. He was wounded by a lethally poisonous arrow, but being immortal he could not die from his wound, and so was condemned to eternal pain and suffering. This is an example of the type of tragic misfortune that gods have endured living in a mortal world.

Chiron, the Centaur

Prometheus (archetype of Aries) another well-known figure in Greek mythology stole the fire from the gods bringing upon himself the wrath of Zeus. As punishment Zeus ordered that he be chained to a rock at the base of the Caucasian mountains. Every day an eagle ate his liver and during the night his liver would grow back. He could only be redeemed or saved from this recurring suffering if someone sacrificed him or her self and went into the underworld in his name.

The eagle, symbol of the “winged” soul or “Higher Self”, eats the liver which here represents the seat of emotions: the turmoil of polarity, the dark, anger and aggression. All this happens in the clarity of daylight, when he can remember his Divine roots. In the darkness of the night, within a 3 dimensional world of polarity, the eagle (Higher Self) sleeps and the liver can grow back. The fallen human being forgets the Divine light and becomes a victim of his “dark side”. The following day when the light shines again, the eagle wakes up and realizes who he really is, and so the drama continues unhindered. Prometheus is chained to the rock of matter, represented by the cross of this polarity consciousness to suffer eternally, representing human kind and its ways. This is who we are!

Chiron is the centaur who sacrificed himself for Prometheus by going into the Underworld to Hades and by so doing Prometheus could regain his freedom and suffer no more.

We can apply this mythology in more “modern” times by looking at the story of Jesus and understanding how we can go home or in other words be redeemed. Keep in mind that the role of historical facts is almost insignificant in the realm of mythical images that tell the truth about human life and suffering on the path of evolution which is beyond linear understanding

If we follow the Promethean myth we may notice some interesting analogies which transcend from Prometheus into the Chiron. In many myths we find this transformation and even in the Christian Bible! Jesus, who was a representative of Prometheus in the beginning, transformed into the Chiron, the Messiah, in clear remembrance of his divine origin. On the Sunday, before the crucifixion he rode into Jerusalem sitting on a donkey. The donkey is the representative of the stubborn Ego. This imagery of Jesus is a representation of man recalling his Divinity and being able to control the animal/emotional part within. This picture is the equivalent of the mythological figure of the Centaur half horse half human being, representing the human drama.

Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a Sunday – the Sun-Day, signifying that he had learned to completely control the ego (Sun).

He was crucified on a Friday, the day of Venus the Goddess of Love. (Freyia, in the Nordic tradition, is the Goddess from which the name Friday in the Anglo-Germanic tradition is derived from). A cross on top of a circle (the symbol of the earth) signifies matter over spirit. When we turn this around and put the circle on top of the cross we discover the symbol of Venus, which represents spirit triumphing over matter.

Earth and Venus symbol

Thus we can see that the alchemistic transformation began on a Friday, the day of Freyia, or Venus, which derives from the Latin and is the root for Vendredi in French, Venerdì in Italian, Viernes in Spanish.

All the names for the days of the week point to a planetary quality and theme. Jesus went through each and every one showing us wonderful proof of his symbolic/mythological message.

The lesson to be learned is that in this lifetime we must redeem ourselves and build the bridge between the personal self (persona = mask) and the Higher or Divine Self which is our True Self. There is no other Messiah coming to redeem us!

Jesus, like many others, showed us the path of our own salvation and he mentioned clearly that we must walk the path ourselves.

There are many scripts and scrolls which have been found (although most of them are still kept hidden on purpose) that are meant to tell us the truth about this great Master. Unfortunately much of his teaching has been terribly distorted by human dogma, arrogance, control-hunger and righteousness. (For further reading I recommend some books in the bibliography)

We can say that now it is “Friday” symbolically! We need to let go of all the last remains of the darkness within and without and see what it happening as positive. and those ready move forward to redemption, into the light. They awakened their innate wisdom and creativity and start to work different solutions.

We now have two weeks of chaos, where the cabal is freaking out and tries to take as many as possible with them down into the darkness. Don’t go there, know that we are very close to the end of this tunnel!

Never on this planet has humanity lived through such a shift. It always was a huge cataclysm, the doom of Atlantis and other civilizations that most people don’t know of, are lost because they were destroyed. Every thing had to be destroyed because it was so corrupt that there was no chance.

Let that sink it: we are the first civilization surviving this paradigm shift!

Are you ready to let the the old and the dark and move into a life which offers much more? More freedom, more abundance, more creative options, more love, more happiness…. And much more!

Many blessings.


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  1. Hi, can you tell me where to look for the bibliography that was mentioned in the following paragraph? Thanks.

    "There are many scripts and scrolls which have been found (although most of them are still kept hidden on purpose) that are meant to tell us the truth about this great Master. Unfortunately much of his teaching has been terribly distorted by human dogma, arrogance, control-hunger and righteousness. (For further reading I recommend some books in the bibliography)"


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