Does Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy assist in healing the collective?
Jeffrey Ashur, QHHT Practitioner & Past Life Regressionist

Intro:  As many awaken to their spiritual nature and to the truth of our reality on planet earth, there’s a yearning for ways to accelerate our ascension into a higher consciousness.  With current events, we’re ascending more than ever, and the consciousness of the collective is indeed rising.  The evidence is found in how many people no longer accept the backwards ideas spoon fed to them by the power elites or controllers as some may call them.  The evidence of this idea shows up in several areas.  We notice the decline in family values. Church attendance and mainstream news ratings are deteriorating daily.  On the other hand, the popularity of alternative news outlets soars along with interest in esoteric topics like mindfulness, energy healing and extraterrestrial research – growing in leaps and bounds.

Realizing that we are more than our physical bodies sits at the core of our awakening. From there, many truths become evident, and methods of accelerating growth and ascension flow into our life.  Past life regression is among the most powerful tools today to catalyze healing of mind body & spirit.  It offers an experience that affirms an appreciation of our eternal beingness and energetic nature.  Such potent healing contributes to the human collective’s rise in consciousness as we will discuss.

In the realm of the healing arts, Past Life Regression (PLR) hypnosis has gained in popularity in recent years and offers an opportunity for a quantum leap in one’s life situation.  Through the work of many renowned hypnotherapists such as Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton, and many others, we have been gifted with a wealth of research demonstrating that PLR Hypnotherapy not only carries powerful healing potential but also enables us to access information on a universal scale.  No matter what belief system we hold, we can find much corroborating information between historic accounts found in the library and the past life stories that emerge from thousands of documented sessions.  A wealth of  validating research lends credence that the effects of PLR are indeed real.  (Ref Dolores Cannon’s Jesus and The Essenes and Conversations with Nostradamus).

By definition, PLR is a method of hypnotherapy in which one views or experiences what are regarded as events from a life lived in the past – a life in which one’s conscious awareness has occupied another bodily form, presumably in the past.  It isn’t necessary for one to believe in the possibility of past lives to benefit from this modality, but rather to accept that their subconscious mind is able to show them stories that relate to why they have a specific condition or endure a particular life situation.

Exploring the origins of this healing method, we find that the practice goes way back into Egyptian times in which people would journey to sleep temples to receive a form of dream therapy.  There, a priest, or priestess. would guide the subject into a sleep state of “Temple Sleep” using herbs, mantras, or other methods.

There they would await a dream providing insight into why they suffer their ailment.  Through the awareness gained from the “dream” provided,  they would heal.  The Greeks also made use of what they called Asclepions, similar to sleep temples in which they’d also go into a sleep or trance state awaiting a visitation from the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius.  In the dream, Asclepius assist in providing a healing for their ailment.  Does it make you wonder where the word asleep came from?

What is healing anyway?

We often think of healing as a cure however that isn’t the whole story.  A cure” is associated with relieving symptoms and even eliminating physical causes. In essence, Healing is a deeper process. To elucidate this idea, we can site The RA Material, The Law of One (46.16) – in which pain and suffering is described as catalyst that leads to soul evolution as it calls attention to lessons we need to learn.  The wise entity RA states  “The catalyst, and all catalyst, are designed to offer experience.  This experience in your density may be loved and accepted or it may be controlled”.

Throughout our progress through a series of physical incarnations, we are presented with lessons in life experience small and large.  During these life experiences, we can get entangled into situations that lead to suffering, trauma or even death.  By seeking the past life origin of the distress, we can discover and integrate a lesson.  Becoming aware of its origin in the past, we embrace that experience rather than push it away.  Truly learning a lesson means that we feel and behave more prudently (consciously) when encountering the same situations that previously triggered suffering.  Often, just gaining the awareness of the point of origin somehow seems to just dissolve the problem physically, and/or emotionally. It is almost like the healing is magically delivered through the awareness.

As we heal, the catalyst is no longer needed so the related pain & suffering goes away for good. Without true healing, the catalyst may return in another form.  In that light, we see that healing yields a lasting effect. Think of it this way –  you can un-learn a lesson just about as well as you can un-ring a bell… you can’t do it!

In PLR, we find that healing can depend on, among other things, one’s karma and strength of an intention to heal.  If we wish to hold on to a pay-off for our disability or suffering, then we will keep it.  For example, let’s consider a case a healer known as the father of ‘modern hypnotism’, Franz Anton Mesmer (1734- 1815).  When through his hypnotic techniques he healed the musician Marie-Therese Paradis of her blindness, she enjoyed her healing only until she realized that she would lose her disability pension… then her blindness returned.  Dissolving fear is key to healing since accessing a more loving, allowing state becomes easier having released the weight of fear.  In this example, Marie Paradis held a fear of losing her livelihood and sustenance.  Had someone persuaded her  she could indeed sustain herself as a healthy woman, maybe her healing would have persisted.  Now we get a glimpse of what a QHHT practitioner is tasked with: persuading a person at the subconscious level to give up the payoff they get for holding their affliction and release their fear.

There is one mode of fear that consistently declines – the fear of death – and is among the greatest contributors to a diminished state of consciousness and less resourcefulness. Dissipating fear of death is a natural benefit of viewing past lives – we strengthen a belief that we progress through a series of incarnations, eliminating the idea that bodily death is the end of our existence or the end of our conscious awareness.  Viewing a past life experience affirms the eternal nature of our being.  The body is temporary while the soul is eternal, a fundamental idea that pervades major religions and spiritual belief systems throughout history.

The mechanics of past life healing are varied.  One key mechanism of this modality is to shine awareness on certain trauma that took place in a past life.  If one becomes aware of what happened to a body in another life, then the body in the present life can now know that the trauma did not happen to it but rather to another body in the past.  This awareness often brings immediate relief from the effects of the trauma.  For example, if one is having digestive problems and they view themself being skewered battle with a sword in the gut, then it is likely their digestive problem will disappear.  In another example, one may suffer frequent headaches. Viewing a past life event with head trauma by falling from a great height or getting clubbed in the head during battle would likely lead to relief of present life symptoms.

Another mechanism can be seen in relationships with friends, family, or business associates that have had experience in past lives.  Where one endured the hardship of a cruel slave master, while in the current life serving as an office worker under that boss who was that slave master can bring immense healing to a situation. As this past life relationship comes to light, understanding and forgiveness can be brought to bear resulting in smoother interactions or even the courage to leave the situation.  In such a case, if a reasonable solution cannot be achieved, its completely within reason to break a soul contract due to inability to “get it right” after perhaps many tries. It may lead to a parting of ways or at least a positive shift in the present arrangement.

From energy healing, the concept of the energy body giving rise to the physical body lies behind the idea that a shift in consciousness directly and materially affects the physical body.  As we gain awareness of what the point of origin is energetically – consciously – for a specific ailment, we can heal it.

What can be healed?

Healing ranges from emotional to physical and spiritual. At the emotional level, we may view situations involving emotional traumas such as those of anger, fear despair, etc.  This leads to understanding and letting go of present life angst.

At the physical level, we see PL trauma of a kinetic nature that damaged the body and can be left in the past, bringing relief to the current incarnated body.  By the accounts of many past life regressionists including Dolores Cannon, serious physical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and back pain, to name a few have been known to heal through PLR hypnotherapy.

At the spiritual level, healing can be achieved through understanding and/or breaking contracts between two souls.  Gaining knowledge of one’s true life-path also helps to navigate back on course to avoid the pain & suffering resulting from losing track of one’s life mission.

Take for example diabetes.  From a past life point of view, this condition often has roots in the feeling of losing the sweetness in life.  One such client of mine viewed a past life as a Bedouin woman who lost the love of her life to marauders in the dessert.  This memory carried over into the present life.  Once viewed, her blood sugar levels normalized, and it completely mystified her doctor.

Another example of physical healing comes in a more kinetic past life event.   One woman who in a previous incarnation was accused and convicted of witchcraft was sentenced to hang at the gallows.  The fear approaching the execution and finally the actual physical trauma to the neck was viewed in that past life.  The day after the session a message came through from the woman declaring her neck & back pain were gone after years of suffering and attempting many other remedies.  In essence, she effectively released years of suffering through the awareness of that past life trauma.

As an example of emotional healing, consider a case of depression.  Another of my clients saw his past life as a starving Irish farmer beleaguered by taxation levied by English royalty while caring for a sick mother, all without help from a spouse or children.  That situation led to anger and despair that carried over into the present life.  With this awareness, the depression dissolved along with anger and a brighter perspective took root for this man.

As a spiritual example, take the situation of a married couple who is always bickering.  Unhappy in their current situation, the wife views a past life as a distressed woman at the hands of her verbally abusive husband of prominent social status.  By viewing the motivations and emotional handicaps of the husband, she could understand and forgive him, leading to more harmony in the present incarnation.

To add another intriguing component to PLR, popular hypnotherapists Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, and students of these remarkable innovators have performed an enormous body of universal, spiritual, and historical research.   Among my own clients was a man who described a past life as an Egyptian priest who managed the construction of Pyramids with the help of the Pleiadeans.  In a particular session, he described the construction of a pyramid (not the great pyramid of Giza) as being done with the assistance of a Pleiadean craft who would enable and direct movement of the stones by lightening their mass.  Here we see several dimensions to this experience.  On one level, we see what we may regard as historical information that may explain how pyramids (at lease some of them) were constructed.  On another level, healing for the man was attained through knowing his ability to manage and direct such grand projects.  Seeing a connection with advanced beings can also give one a feeling of connection to higher guidance.  And of course, as in all past life regressions, simply viewing a past life affirms the eternal nature of his conscious being, contributing to the dissolution of the fear of death.   That alone is enough to shift one’s life situation for the better.

As mentioned, such healing can yield dramatic results, improving the ability to handle or avoid painful situations.  In fact, we regard it as a rise in consciousness that enables us to navigate difficult paths of suffering.  Considering that healing is a rise in consciousness, we may relate it to the David Hawkins Map of Consciousness.

Who was David Hawkins? In summary, Dr. Hawkins was an American psychiatrist who became a high-profile spiritual author and lecturer. He attended Medical College of Wisconsin  and received his medical degree (M.D.) in 1953 and PhD in Health & Human Services from the now closed Columbia Pacific University.  Dr. Hawkins lived in Sedona, AZ, where he ran the Institute for Advanced Spiritual Research Inc. from his home. He passed in 2012.

How did he develop his scale of consciousness. At the core of Dr. Hawkins’ philosophy is an arm  muscle testing technique, borrowed from Applied Kinesiology, an mode of alternative chiropractic therapy.  He used it  to absolutely and objectively test the truth of any statement, calibrating it on an arbitrary logarithmic scale of 0 to 1000 (and sometimes higher), with different states of consciousness — shame (20), apathy (50), fear (100), anger (150), courage (200), reason (400), love (500), peace (600), enlightenment (700-1000) — located on different points on this scale, forming a linear and fixed one-dimensional “map of consciousness”.

Since the scale is graduated logarithmically, each step in the magnitude of consciousness is huge and carries enormous impact.  In Dr. Hawkins’ research, he postulates that we all contribute to a collective consciousness which results from an average of each member’s value on the scale.  Those of higher consciousness will counterbalance those of lower consciousness.  Dr. Hawkins presents, for example, that one who calibrates in the 500s counterbalances on the order of 750,000 people who calibrate below 200!  Check out this  Aaaron Abke video.

For people calibrating at 600, 10,000,000 people are counterbalanced to a higher level.  (Ref Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins).  And so, we potentially see an enormous number of lower-level people being counterbalanced, or buoyed, by one individual healed through a PLR.  By Hawkins’ mathematical concept – an exponential multiplier effect – we deduce that if a person in the 400’s for example heals and gains so much as 10 points, they counterbalance thousands more people in the realms below 200 than in their previously lower state.  Who are the adepts at counterbalancing?  I have a feeling if you’ve read this far, there are a few you already know!

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.  When a dramatic rise in consciousness occurs for one or more persons by means of PLR Hypnotherapy sessions, many thousands or even millions of people below level 200 are counterbalanced.   So, we can see the power of even one person holding a higher state.  Dr. Hawkins determined that a quantity of two thirds of the entire population on the planet calibrate below 200.  So, there is no shortage of people to counterbalance.  The reason we haven’t disintegrated so far is because there are enough people calibrating over 400 & 500 to counterbalance our collective consciousness inhibiting our fall into utter chaos and biasing us upward into the higher realms on the scale.

Let’s consider the Maharishi effect in which a percentage of the population engage in peaceful meditation, joining in common intention to reduce violence.  Documented studies by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program have shown that several thousand people who joined in meditation caused a decrease in violent crime by 72%.   So, we see material effect resulting from group meditation.

Imagine a scenario in which people of higher consciousness perform an exercise in common intention. The exponential effect already reaches a far larger population beyond the number in the group. We’d see an even more dramatic impact by meditators who’ve healed, contributing even more powerfully to the collective rise in consciousness.

Now let’s imagine a scenario in where many people engage in PLR.  From learning and experiencing the benefits, it is likely that the 100th monkey effect kicks in, leading to a quantum leap in the number of people engaging in PLR.


An increase in subjects now, each exponentially increasing their energy contribution will result in counterbalancing tens or hundreds of thousands of people at lower levels, and such a rapid increase can happen at any moment.  What would happen to our quality of life in a society where honesty and compassion abound?  Cost of security would vanish; cost of health care would plummet due to lower stress levels.   The benefits are simply too many to enumerate.   Could we achieve heaven on earth by simply healing one soul at a time?

Conclusion:  We can achieve significant healing through a potent modality known as past life regression. The effects are dramatic and often raise our level of consciousness into ranges that contribute exponentially to the collective, counterbalancing those lesser evolved and of lower conscious states. Groups of individuals have an Influence on the collective as is evident through the Maharishi effect.  By the 100th monkey effect, a collective phenomenon, we can potentiate a widespread desire for receiving this powerful therapy and suddenly experience a quantum leap in the collective’s level of consciousness.

When we reach a greater number healed beyond a certain threshold, dissolving fear – especially fear of death – living in a more enlightened state, our reality can shift into brilliance.  As people of higher consciousness counterbalance those of lower states we activate the energy of compassion, connectedness and unity.  And finally, with more people dissolving fear, calibrating at levels of reason, love, joy, and peace, our physical realm will undoubtedly rise to a Heaven on Earth.

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