By Major Stephen Chledowski,

Army Major Stephen Chledowski is an unvaccinated 21 year army vet and parent, who saw combat in Afghanistan. Here is his urgent message to all Canadians in a.


  • For almost 2 years, the elected govt has used fear, intimidation, coercion, and financial and physical violence against us to gain compliance for certain, repeated medical procedures. They have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as international treaties.
  • People have been led to believe that they’ll get their freedoms back one day, taken away in the name of ‘safety, if only they comply to ever-changing rules. This is the VERY definition of tyranny, not democracy. We are inherently free – nobody can give us our basic human rights nor can they take them away. They can only be suppressed.
  • All levels of govt have knowingly chosen to fool and trick us, the very people we elected, into suppressing our human rights.  (a personal military anecdote follows)
  • As a person who has chosen his own freedom not to get vaccinated, he cannot participate in the very freedom that fallen military colleagues died for, that our politicians cynically celebrate on national holidays at military memorials. He like many others cannot enter a restaurant, a large event, or travel across Canadian provinces to see his own child.
  • Now they’re focusing on our children with ‘vaccination’, who are at no threat from Covid anyway. Yet the toxin inside the genetic injection will harm them, damaging their own immunity permanently. He’s calling on the medical community to halt vaccines for children until all Canadians receive truthful data on vaccine injury, etc. The Canadian public have a right to make informed medical choices. It is a crime to lie about the safety of these injections. The media and govt must put an immediate halt to all medical censorship. Canadians have a right to hear from medical professionals and those injured by the procedure.
  • He calls on military and police colleagues to stand up to protect their loved ones against forced medical tyranny. The govt has turned their sworn loyalty to protect against them. ‘You are now a weapon against the very people you love.’ You have to choose between the govt’s agenda and your duty. ‘I am asking you to choose your family and your community.’
  • Final statement … ‘what you want to put in your body is the foundation of our democracy in Canada.’


Video: Whistleblower Canadian Army Major Breaks Ranks and Spills the Truth on Covid-19 Mandates



Major Stephen Chledowski has served the Canadian Air Forces for 20+ years. He has held several army command positions.

He has an urgent message for all Canadians.

He noted that the government has been using “tactics of fear, intimidation, coercion and financial and physical violence” against the people to “gain compliance for certain repeated medical procedures.”

“They have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws of the land, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Watch the video below.



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  1. It occurred to me Why Canada was chosen instead of the United States for the Truckers Freedom Convoy, this is bigger than you think Canadians: https://www.bitchute/video/ZUVtNa9xdBnW/
    Dr. David E. Martin Drops Shocking Covid Info on Canadians
    If you don't have time to watch in full, watch 14 minute – 29 minutes
    Dr. Martin works for Patent office for over 20 years worldwide.


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