Parallel Realities – AI intentions

Since many years I can observe the different “realities” people live in according to their own consciousness level.

There are as many realities as people exist and each create her/his own life. This is the nature of our experience as a human being and very important to our growth and evolution.

In this space of free will we have the opportunity to create our life experience and are able to share it with those around us who are involve in a positive or negative way to help us to understand life better.

The responsibility (response-ability) is the most important thing to understand and here, like in so many other cases, the meaning of the word is lost. Our experience is designed by ourselves and each new experience demands a response. We have learned to call this a reaction. But a reaction is not a response and is an automatic re-action of a program.

Humanity is brainwashed to react and not respond. The difference is that if you react its unconscious programming, if you respond its YOU, who is choosing an action as a response.

As you know the saying that you can’t really know what another human being experience because “you have not walked in his/her shoes” is more true than most people know. It is literally not possible to know because even if a person tells you with all details of what happened, it is “second hand” knowledge and for you not real. Your reality is different and you can tell as many people about it as you want, they will not experience it. Maybe very similar things but never the SAME!

Now if we can accept that each person has his/her own reality/world, then we also can learn to be more tolerant and accept that they don’t act similar like you. This is the original blueprint of our journey and life experience.

But what has happened, through brainwash and programming, starting with babies and goes on since generations, most humans have lost the ability to respond as sovereign beings, but they have become a herd of sheep that think and act in a similar way. Still, the individual experience might vary, but not so much.

This is the aim of the controllers to take away the individual ability to respond and experience life as a Divine being having a human experience. They program them to be slaves and not worthy, not able to make their own decisions and that they need an authority to tell them what to do. The more they are “uniform” the easier it is to “milk” them and use their energy!

This has gone on for a VERY long time and the controllers were quite successful if it were not for the true human divine nature! You have to understand that those controllers are not very high evolved beings and work with primitive methods that are based on fear, violence and tyranny. Their number one way to control is to inflict pain – and they are very good at it, even in their own circles. If you have ever studied a bit how it works in these “orders” then you know that going against it can be deadly. Once a person goes through certain “steps of initiation” there is not much of a free will anymore, they have to do what they are told.

This is how we got here and now, in the energy of the Photon Belt, the light energy that our solar system is moving through for the next ~1000 years (which is the Golden age, not to be confused with the Age of Aquarius which is starting in roughly 600 years according to the real star constellations). This light energy has triggered the Divine Human Soul do wake up and become the dominant factor in the life of those who are not brainwashed into oblivion. Especially old souls who have been here hundreds of life times and have a great source in their memories who are coming to the surface now.

It is simple, just imagine that humanity has lived in darkness and now the light is shining like the sun that wakes you up in the morning. Some are opening the windows and let the new light in, those brainwashed that there is no such thing as light, close the shutters and the curtains and try to go on sleeping.

Now here we hit the important point: you know when it’s morning and you are a more or less healthy person, you can’t sleep much longer! But those who are sick are tired and go on sleeping. They are too much in a depression to face the day. The ill-ness or disharmony between our soul purpose and our physical life has created and manifested the dis-ease and it can’t be cured with allopathic medicine.

This is a metaphor! So imagine those who are awake having another experience and life their lives, the others are in a dark room and caught in nightmares and pain. These are those open for the AI parallel reality and easily convinced that this life is better. They become the “batteries” for the evil elite who suck their life force because there is so much pain and life is unbearable. It is so easy to escape into a virtual reality and suffer the few hours that they have to be awake in their misery.

Those who are not connected to the Divine Self and are so much programmed that they have to relay on the advise of the program, will not be able to ascend into a higher evolved consciousness. They will fall into the trap of a virtual reality and make it real for themselves. They see it as the easy way to pleasure!

I have often used the following metaphor to explain our life: WE have created the matrix we live on now, we have been “computer programmers” and created this program and inserted part of us into it to experience it. Then some evil beings came and hijacked it and started to insert the evil (turn evil around and you find live), the energy that works against us which is programmed fear. So they slowly took over and now the have created a sub-matrix (just a word to explain) and want to drag the sleepers into the sub-matrix so they can’t ascend with the light energy that is signalling the end of this our 3D story. It’s like those being locked into the cellar to not see the ascension that is happening and they “fall” into another even darker AI matrix.

“Our” matrix has been crated with positive intention to enable us to experience matter, adventure and learn how to operate in this realm.
The already partly created matrix of the parallel earth is a AI program with the intention to use the life energy of their victims, because AI has no own life energy and needs the human life energy as a source of existence.

I hope this gives more clarity on what is going on and how you can escape the AI program. Open your doors and window and go out into nature. Mother Earth will show you and your connection to the Divine Self is your key to ascension!

The sun is rising for those awake!

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  1. Sounds like a fancier wordier version of the "Separation of the Wheat from the Tares" story. The interference of the Fallen Angels has gone on for several thousands of years, but it is over now and being closed out. Those still attached to the way of thinking and living created as a result of that interference will have a very huge adjustment to go through and many will chose to check out and start over in another reality because they simply can't handle that magnitude of change.


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