The removal of the programs has already started

By Katharina Bless

The Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius are now connected with a quintile (72° Venus aspect) to Uranus in Aries on the MC. Together with the two squares to the North Node in Taurus in the “red” triangle indicates that in this second half of February a lot more will escalate worldwide. On the one hand, many countries will lift all the restrictions and on the other, the violence and determination to destroy of those dark ones will increase.

This Chinese Year of the Tiger has already started with big disclosure and one show of power and resistance after another! The dark side is getting desperate, as you can see in their incredible violent reaction. Now they got Greta Tunberg back out the the background to create more fear again (URL below) with an announcement of imminent climate lock-downs. Scientist and MD’s are showing the horrific consequences of a certain injection, especially when taken more than once. It is nearly impossible to comprehend the reaction of those waking up to the truth who have been caught in this trap.

Now all the planets are direct and this means there are no more delays globally and both sides are now active and unstoppable. The split is very clear: the dark ones fight for survival and dominance with any deception, lies or brutality they can muster and the Light side is taking back more and more territory as the old and light souls are awake now. The separation is very clear now, nobody has to make up their mind anymore. We can stop trying to wake up the sleepers, this is wasted energy.

Even though the light is increasing, please don’t be fooled into honey traps. There is a lot of negative energy around and the dark side is very sly and cunning in convincing and trapping people in their honey-traps. For this topic I recommend you to watch Saratoga Ocean talking about the Metaverse. She explains brilliantly what is going on and what the next honey-trap will be! The evil side has developed methods to disconnect humans from their soul.

Be aware that some influencers with huge channels and masses of followers are simplifying things and make it look more easy as it is. They are not really giving you a spiritual point of view. If it would be only about a battle on the physical and mental level about power, that would be easy. Even if they talk about “God”, for those awake it’s easy to see their level of consciousness, especially those who give you so much advise how to secure (with gold etc.) your material future. It is not that easy and the war exceeds those levels by far, now it’s about soul harvesting and not only about who is the next ruling elite!

The golden calf as described in the book of Exodus

This is the greatest challenge ever and people tend to measure with the wrong tape when things are just a bit more easy. The challenge is now to peel that onion to find the true core of what is happening.

Even though that the light forces already are dominant, that does not mean that every soul is safe now, it depends very much on each individual! A lot of people in my environment are falling for “easy traps” now because they are tired and don’t have the stamina to go through a phase of challenges that seem very long for them. But consider: we are talking about the liberation from thousands of years of slavery, so we have to see the proportions: a couple years is not much! Many bury their head in the sand so they don’t need to look at the “elephant in the room”. There is no way back to “normal = programmed norm” this normal frame does not exist anymore.

It is now the time that we have to face bravely our fears and a lot of things from the past, not resolved issues, are coming back and there is no escape from them. This is also shown by Venus/Mars conjunction if Sagittarius. Now we get rid of karma, balance our lives and put worldly 3D expectation and linearity behind us. Once you remember who you really are, this is done easy and rejoices in the truth of a Divine Being having a Human Experience.

In so many posts and videos I talked about balance, that eventually it’s all about being balanced. The female and the male aspect have to be balanced and this has nothing to do with gender. This is the yin and yang, the positive and negative in life so that we are able we find peace. Considering that the next passage of both Planets (Venus and Mars) will be Pluto, it might be wise to take this opportunity to look at the topic of balance – inside and outside – before the Pluto conjunction. Those two energies within us, the male and female part, will come to the “Delphi Oracle of Truth” where we have to confront naked truth and the remaining skeletons in the cellar.

It is a very good way to show human beings what is happening in movies and the cabal has used this extensively. But there is also the opposite, there are very powerful movies out there that show the way of the spiritual path! Unfortunately people think they are just “fantasy” and don’t pay attention. If you have watched such movies, you know that a true spiritual path is not “pink” but requires courage and determination. You can maybe find movies that you thought to be fairy tales such as “the dark Crystal” or “Never ending story” or classics like “The Lord of the Ring” and many others and watch them with a different approach. Maybe it’s time to watch the journey of the hero in these movies and understand it more literally. You will see how much faith they needed to succeed and go through those difficult trials. They have never been the same anymore once their journey was completed, they literally left the “old” world behind.

Now what is coming for many, especially the old souls here on the planet, is total reconnection with the Divine within and without. Since they have a lot of experience from many, many life times, they will be able to show the way into the new world. Many of those have been standing up already to fight the last fight of the 3D realm before they will move on into the 5D New Earth (not the NWO) and help to re-create a way of life in harmony with Earth and the elements, using the very advanced technology that will be available to make life what it is supposed to be.

One aspect of this includes the healing of our mind, removal of the programs has already started and Chiron is in the process of wiping the slate clear of the negative programming. You might experience that you suddenly don’t remember things from the past anymore clearly and have a hard time to focus on the things that we were programmed to do and how to behave. Some might feel courage and insights emerging from what seems like old memories, but not from this life time.

It also is time to heal relationships, but not in the old way. You don’t have to ask for forgiveness or apologize to people and “make it work” again. Those who need such notions games, don’t belong to the family of old souls. Since they are empaths, this is not needed and they don’t play this kind of game. They know and are empaths.

They see you and you see them! Kindred spirits will gather and work together. New people will come into your lives and those who are not of your energy will move away.

The moon is in the first house near the AC Leo, so there is a very clear message (no matter in which house it is worldwide) that what is required not is courage, the spirit of the true King or Queen to stand up for what is right. The spirit of the true Father and the true Mother, literally as in “Mother/Father God” within us…. I try to use some words for what I “hear” as the message of this horoscope.

Venus and Mars in conjunction in Sagittarius show that those women and men who now step beyond the controlled matrix will be the leaders of the new world. They have stepped beyond the limitations and beliefs of the old dogma / paradigm. The relationships in our new world will be very different than in this fear-based 3D. Real love, compassion and joy will prevail.
I am love – I am peace – I am joy – I am!

Many blessings to you,

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