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This short film presents the history of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth, and how competing factions have warred over humanity’s destiny. Learn how Earth became a prison planet under the control of a negative group of extraterrestrials and their human proxies ( aka the Cabal/Deep State) that have historically manufactured poverty, disease and war. Discover what lies ahead as positive extraterrestrials work with an Earth Alliance of international leaders from major nations to free our planet, and usher in a new age of prosperity, freedom and becoming part of a Galactic Federation.

I wish to thank my incredibly talented and inspired wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for the many hours she devoted to creating this short film and raising public awareness of these critical issues.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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  1. If there's an attempt to divide humanity, by arguments about white or black, good or evil, right or wrong, this diet… or that diet… this car… or that car… this hairdo… or that hairdo… vaxxed or non-vaxxed, patriot in flames or patriot in silence, rebel or compliant, my goodness, it certainly does a great job! When lower instincts are in the lead, self-awareness slowly moves to the end of one's private parade, it seems. Do we ever receive teachings about knowledge of self in our schools?

    Hilariously, but in a dark manner, what it causes, is our distraction of attention where attention should be directed. It's getting stuck in the undertow of instinctual drives, fight or flight, in fear.
    The focus stops where being right or wrong is clanging sabers, and that's what becomes the focus.
    Hence the shift from a failed pandemic to Ukraine, a snakepit where many forked tongues speak.

    Keeping us in a mode of perpetual instinctual reactions, bickering, judging, and closing the door with an ordeal. The present psychological warfare needs to be seen for what it is, smoke and mirrors.
    Quite a number of PFC commenters seem to be stuck in this warfare, not noticing that they feed it with their own private wars still raging to this day. That obstacle is a huge boulder on one's path.

  2. If you are truly sincere about cleaning up this mess and freeing humanity, please stop making videos depicting earth's history as all White. The history of planet earth is dominated by Black people. It is utterly ridiculous that video after video depicts all meaningful historical events as having been created by Whites.

    How can you expect the non-White people of this world to move past what has happened and live in peace and brotherhood with Whites if Whites keep depicting all history and significant events as driven solely by Whites?

  3. Why only 4 world leaders? The Book of Enoch said there would be 7.

    Once again, the whole of humanity is depicted as White.

    Not on Black person in this video. Do you see your problems?

    You can’t even bring yourselves to show the Black people of Atlantis.

    Are there any people who have impacted the whole of humanity’s story who are not White? Because you would never know this from the videos created.

    Leonardo Da Vinci did not invent, he copied from the Chinese

    Nikola Tesla copied from the ancient Egyptian Pyramids that our free energy generators and we know DNA science proves Egyptians were not White

    The only people who aren’t calm are Whites who fear losing dominance without malevolent ET help.

    The only way to prepare them is to tell the WHOLE truth.
    1. White Supremacy is part of Negative ET programming to force Whites to carry out the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants, Blacks have the burden of slavery, Reds have the burden of land dispossession and genocide and Whites have the burden of destroying the planet and its inhabitants.
    2. Whites were forced through programming to adore their images so that they would love themselves while witnessing the destructive impact of their actions and this is according to Senator Beveridge’s own words when describing the Manifest Destiny of Whites who were taught to adore heir images for over 1000 years
    3. Dr. Moss has correctly identified the ideology of Whiteness as parasitic in nature, it takes and steals through force and deception to support its causes and actions.

    Nothing will change until these 3 things are acknowledged and spoken about openly to break the spell. This must be done with love and understanding, not guilt and shame.

    Whites must cease all attempts to lead others until they have been deprogrammed which takes years.

    Every thought and inspiration of Whites will spring forth from the negative ET programming. Until this programming is destroyed in the minds of those who hold it.

    Since you persist in depicting life as all White, let’s hope your solution will remove Whiteness as the center of existence. If not, the only solution is to move to another planet and take your technologies with you. Otherwise, you will continue to destroy this planet, by design of the negative ETs who have programmed you, as you admit in this video.


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