From The Stew Peters Show on Rumble:

Retired Veteran David Oates, who served for nearly 25 years, cured his asthma, acid reflux, ringing ears, and COVID – 19 using small dosages of chlorine dioxide. Oates’ mother contracted the bioweapon, and her body began shutting down rapidly, dropping her oxygen levels to 73. Oates gave her small amounts of the chlorine dioxide – within days, she sprung back to health. David Oates joins the Stew Peters Show to share amazing testimonials of Chlorine Dioxide

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  2. Great, to hear that MMS appears as player on the global stage. Today, I've treated one of my kittens with MMS mixed with yoghurt, to solve her left eye infection. She was so in pain that she shied away from anything moving near her left eye, and kept it shut most of the time. I've made sure to drip some of the solution in her left ear, and applied some to her left eye softly, apart from giving her MMS to ingest. Animals, when small, need far less than people, and I used an activated solution of 3 drops with water in a small brown bottle with a pipet and mixed three drops from it in yoghurt, and gave it about 4 times throughout the day, every few hours.

    From a suffering and fearful creature, this morning, she turned into a sleeping beauty all afternoon, on her own in a basket in the hall. Her brother needed to stay away, he wants to play-fight with her often. Now, both of her eyes are fully open. She ate with appetite and wakes up now, on the carpet, very relaxed. The pain seems to be gone or at least, it seems far less. She moves like her old self again. The magical side to MMS is that it often works in a very short time. I've treated my kitten before, when she had a sensitive left inner ear, and shook her head all of the time, unable to sleep.
    After a night's sleep, all was well again. There seems to be some issue in the left side of her head, and when there's an issue showing up again in that area, I'll bring her to a vet for a check-up.

    This is a link to an MMS = Chlorine Dioxide forum, with members who treat their body with this remedy after vaccination.

    They often ask the nurse for aspiration, that's when the needle in the syringe is drawn back a little, so that the vaccine doesn't enter the blood circulation, and ends up in the body tissue.

    In this link, there's also a page with testimonials of people with ailments who cured themselves with MMS. It's a small world in itself, of experienced MMS users, applying the remedy in different protocols, sharing also news from doctors, such as Andreas Kalcker in South America, who treats patients in hospital, also Corona-patients, with MMS.

    This is one of the comments in the Forum topics, it describes the working of Chlorine Dioxide.
    "Here's a quote from Jim Humble's 2016 book. I highly recommend it:
    How Does It Work?

    The tiny particles of the universe are held together by the electrons that surround them. Any action that results in the change of the electrons that hold matter together is considered oxidation. You may have thought that oxidation is somehow adding oxygen to what is being oxidized, but not so. Basically, oxidation either removes or changes the position of electrons that hold things together. This either completely destroys the substances or changes them into something else.

    MMS and Oxidation
    MMS1 (chlorine dioxide) destroys pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) not by using oxygen, but by oxidizing them. MMS1 draws away some of the electrons that hold the pathogens together, thus resulting in their destruction. MMS1 is also completely destroyed in the destructive process, leaving behind only a very minute amount of table salt (sodium chloride [NaCl]) and neutralized oxygen that simply washes out of the body. Various poisons created by the pathogens are also destroyed by the oxidation process. The fact is that MMS1 does not heal the body from sickness.
    As the oxidation process of killing the pathogen takes place, it is the body, free from toxins, that heals the body. Beneficial bacteria are highly resistant to oxidation and thus are not harmed by chlorine dioxide.

    Other Oxidizing Processes
    Oxygen is the oxidizer that nature has designated for use in the human body because of its many important characteristics. Current oxygen therapies involve more than just breathing. In one type of oxygen therapy, the subject enters a pressurized hyperbaric chamber filled with pure oxygen. Pure oxygen under pressure is many times more effective than non-pressurized oxygen. This has many benefits and in some cases has worked miracles. Unfortunately, the increased pressure also multiplies the negative characteristics of oxygen, namely increasing the oxygen’s ability to oxidize (destroy) good cells as well as bad ones.
    This treatment is also very expensive, and multiple treatments are usually required; therefore, the majority of mankind simply cannot afford the cost.

    Two other very powerful oxidizers that are sometimes used in the body are hydrogen peroxide and ozone. While both of these have been and are used to help eradicate
    disease, at the same time, they can damage the body when used improperly. Both are more powerful than oxygen or MMS1 (chlorine dioxide). Hydrogen peroxide and ozone can and do destroy many things including human body tissues.

    Pathogens hide deep in body tissues. Because hydrogen peroxide and ozone, just like chlorine dioxide, are destroyed when they oxidize something, they are usually destroyed by oxidizing body tissues before they reach the pathogens hiding in the tissues. They can also be destroyed by poisons and impurities in the blood and tissues. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide may be useful sometimes but they should never be used by someone who is not highly trained in their use.

    The oxidation potentials of these four oxidizers are given below. The strength of any particular oxidizer is measured in volts and as you can see, chlorine dioxide (MMS1) is the least strong of the four oxidizers. Because MMS1 is selective (oxidizing pathogens and not body tissues), it can be both more effective in oxidizing pathogens, as well as being safer than these other oxidizers.

    Chlorine Dioxide – 0.95 volts
    Oxygen – 1.30 volts
    Hydrogen – Peroxide 1.80 volts
    Ozone – 2.07 volts

    CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) – 0.95 volts"

  3. Unfortunately, the sheep keeps calling chlorine dioxide "bleach". Anyone with basic chemistry knowledge can see the difference in the chemical structure of the chlorine dioxide and "bleach". Jim Humble called it the "miracle mineral solution" because it is. For those interested, Jim Humble has a very informative video interview with Bill Ryan in Project Camelot. "Free" PDF instructions on how to make it yourself and how to use it is available online. If you'd rather trust Big Pharma and mainstream healthcare cartel's "cut and burn" system, that is your choice, but I've been there and had nothing, but regrets.


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