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  1. I have a family of four ages 3.5, 5.5, 33 and 46 years. Can you recommend a protocol for us? If only the parents remove parasites, then the children still carry, we get nowhere? It is one thing for an adult to do these protocols but what about our children. I am at wits end and need to find solution.

  2. "I don't believe that these small living beings are the cause of mental disorders, but that it's the other way around."

    That's actually what is stated in the video. I suggest watching the entire video.

    "To be fearful of parasites, and other invaders is an alien concept to me."

    No fear of parasites was stated in the video. Suggestions regarding removing parasites, however, was stated.

    • Thank you, for paying attention, Starlight. I confess that I haven't watched the entire video.
      The second statement in my comment wasn't about this video, but a remark about how I live.
      I can't stand those two, to me they're artificial puppets, overdoing it, very weird energy 😲
      To be very honest 🙄 Oh my, now the bad bugs will bite me tonight, ha!

  3. Although it's completely the reverse of most of our present-day paradigm, where most of us are convinced, in fear, that viruses, bacteria, and parasites, showing up in our body are invaders, and not supposed to be present in it, what if conditions in body and spirit are so disturbed and out of balance, that it's this that becomes the fertilizer for these critters and crawlers, in blood, tissue, and intestines?

    I don't believe that these small living beings are the cause of mental disorders, but that it's the other way around. It's my belief that when I'm behaving, feeling, thinking, and reacting in a way that supports and create more liveliness, more life, in a conscious choice, and an aware state of being, remaining very practical also, using common sense, no illness will befall me.

    Besides, I've got a few remedies in my home that will prevent, and cure any form of infection. Although, it's likely that others may benefit from them. I've not been ill for over 40 years, and I know how to take care of my health in many ways while loving the food I eat, the work I do, for the most part creative, and supportive, helping nature to thrive, and prosper. Including mine 😉

    What I've experienced in these last two years of lockdowns, and isolation in many ways is that by being forced to rely on one's own state of mind, one's own activities in solitude, one's own pondering, and occasional loneliness, worry, and frustration, presents an exercise for resilience and courage to be with oneself and feel complete. Without a chance to talk to like-minded people, sharing one's inner world, while knowing that it's appreciated. Finding spiritual nourishment within has become a necessity more than ever, during this grey and wet winter in the Netherlands.
    Fortunately, volunteering jobs are offering me good company during 3 weekdays, springtime 2022.
    And also long bike trips in areas where nature is awakening. With lovely work in my garden as well.
    To be fearful of parasites, and other invaders is an alien concept to me. Bare hands in the earth 🤲


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