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  1. She says Trump is dead. How could he die if he had access to 1. The med beds that the military has and 2. His team is working with ETs who have healing abilities as well as machines to heal? I feel like we are being lied to on so many levels is difficult to discern who to trust.

  2. The name Lucifer is first mentioned in the Hebrew Bible and is in fact mentioned only once. It means the "shining one, the morning star.” According to Judaism, Lucifer was a fallen angel who was cast out of heaven when he rebelled against God. The main reason for his rebellion was due to God asking him to bow down to humanity, in particular, Adam. However, Lucifer viewed Adam as inferior and was jealous of God’s love of him.

    After the War in Heaven, which Lucifer lost, he was cast out of heaven. After this, he was known as “Satan”, and became the devil. He came to personify evil and temptation. He is also known as the deceiver that leads humanity astray. Satan became the “angel who fell out of favour with God, seducing humanity into the ways of sin, and who now rules over the fallen world.” He became the king of Hell.

    Satan is often considered the opposite of God; however, he is a creature that was created by God. Hence, he is more akin to the archangel Michael, rather than God himself. Lucifer and Satan are actually two different aspects of the same creature. Lucifer was an angel beloved by God; some stories claim the most beloved. However, after his rebellion, he became Satan. While there is a significant difference between the two, the terms today have become synonymous with each other and with the devil. When you know that you understand that everyone involved in these resets are Masonic Lucifarians there are supposed to be 2 resets The New World Order financial reset and the so called good reset The Quantum reset under God which is a Fake NWO although it is real and both these resets are going to lead to the beast system. As for everyone's faith in Donald Trump as a saviour – as Kilroy commented :Everything and everyone who has ever crawled the halls of power in DC was placed there. Trump was as well, so don’t you be fool. The whole time he was in office all he did was spew fake jobs numbers and fake economic recovery an broke his arm patting his own back. He is just the Rothschilds latest song and dance man. Finally I leave you with this:

  3. WTF? ARPANET was invented in the '60's by DARPA. It's how the Internet came about. Anyone old enough that was at the beginning of IT knows that fact but it no longer exists. Hasn't existed since the '70's. They moved onto a different tech. So I call BS on much of what she says as fact as it contradicts much of what I've studied. She's using terms that are correct but associating them with unrelated facts.

  4. We have Kimberly Gougan claiming she is the Guru with the Keys of the world's Financial System. I find it disturbing at the end of this interview she is telling Benjamin how "the IRA runs the entire underground Mafia," she continues to give Benjamin advice how to "eliminate human trafficking that they run by creating another equally profitable business." Kimberly states "negotiate with the IRA.., then we will end human trafficking overnight" that's like telling your teenage kid "I will still supply you with cocaine money until you find a way to earn a legitimate income"… IF Kimberly Gougan was the all powerful Guru that holds the Keys to the world's financial system, then why can she Not turn off these money launderers overnight??

  5. Was this some kind of con-artist convention, why haven't FBI/interpol/etc questioned these people? Maybe they're on a yacht or in a bunker? Where do they say they're from?

  6. Kimberly answer to question "Who is Cobra?":

    "COBRA is not our friend. What she can tell us is that his meditations typically take place around the new and full moons. Is that a coincidence? He’ll state that the signal has been sent and in his updates tell you whether requirements were met, not met, or a failure incurred. If you type in his acronyms like SPX for example, you can decode the message and find out exactly what he is talking about. Usually it’s attached to some agency, DARPA, or Black Sun operation. "

    From https://justempowerme.com/life-force-meeting-qa-session-with-kim-goguen-december-23-2021/#COBRA

    We need an urgent clarification for Cobra!

  7. The Ten Billion Metric Tons of Gold that was deposited by Tsar Nicholas belong to the Romanov Dynasty, Russian Federation and the Still existent Prussian Government.
    There are receipts and memos adequately demonstrating this fact.
    Kaiser Wilhem II didn't abdicate the office of the King of Prussia, due to his heir, Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm was the King of Prussia already.

    • Note: In 1871 Germany unified into a single Country, minus Switzerland, with Prussia the dominate power. Prussia is considered the Unified Reich of 1871-1945, but technically still today, considering its occupation, and as such a direct ancestor of today Federal Republic of Germany.

  8. 🤔😔I'm not so sure about the legitimacy of what's presented by Kimberly, due to quite an amount of "otherworldliness" or so it seems. Some details sound familiar, others are too far out to my ears. I'm happy to notice that Benjamin does ask for clarification and is wise to focus on what's factually happening on our planet, on terra firma, it's nevertheless helpful to study my/one's skill of discernment. Benjamin and Kimberly seem to be each at opposite ends of a long communication line, in a way, which is interesting. For they might place pieces of a puzzle in that condition.

    The video is also visible here, without the need to register on Fulford's site. Just in case there's a difficulty in watching it on this page:

  9. Money need want. Stop money need want. Stops crime.
    … Every me has a right to have and do what we want on this planet. High self esteem knows. . Working for money intent only brings bad. Money gain attached to work is illegal in the Inherent constitution. Throw money at everyone, integrity honors. No integrity hurts at work. We are here to earn knowledge, works to help….Kim's idea for press is all of us sounds good.

  10. Two things stood out, The Soviet system never fell, (in full) and Ukraine is part of that Oligarch system. So who invaded Ukraine?
    Secondly, United Nations is Bankrupt. That is not hard to believe considering they were begging for large amounts of funds in 2019 to survive. And considering they are an Arm of Corporate America which has already been declared Bankrupt.

  11. The IRA is the head of every Mafia did I just hear her say? That's a bombshell or is it bullshit. Trump is already dead that is another Bombshell or is that bullshit. These people are all nuts that is not bullshit. The insanity just gets worse – where is Eliot Ness when you need him. I still say we have organised crime running the planet and they have gone too far. The more I here the more insane it all gets. Liars the world is full of them!

  12. Yes there is a phenomenon that is anti-life. It's part of the game of life and those who go along with it won't be able to access their archetypal humanity that we are coming into and what this anti-life energy is trying to avert. Kim is saying all these things but really, how do we know she isn't a pied piper herself? Because these people never talk openly with the public and receive questions, they can virtually say anything just like the people on CNN.

  13. The thing is – if we do what we do to animals (as Benjamin described in the pig farms) then we do it to ourselves. We are bringing it on ourselves, like if you cut your body, it will bleed. We've got to let animals be live the life they were intended. The cruelty humans express is unconscionable. It's just being mirrored back at us. We may disable the criminal mafia doing this to humanity. Oh and so now we are supposed to believe an older human race is going to cleanse the earth by killing off people? This is going from the fat to the fire. No intentional killing of any human for any purpose is how we must live. Then our real humanity will kick in, the earth will be cleansed that way, not more killing. Is killing the only solution that they can come up with? And why don't they call for people to join the brain tank to heal ourselves? It's always only these "well connected" ones who have influence leaving out so many who have the intelligence. Human intelligence is not sought maybe that's why they only keep regurgitating the only solution they can think of – killing.

    • if we stop letting these creatures play with our heads we would be much better off. We do not have to believe everything we hear. I think that she is con woman blethering rubbish to cause fear. Yes people eat plants animals to survive. All living creatures absorb or eat each other to survive that is the world we live in and we would die if we did not. But cruelty to animals and any living creature is a sin and something I cannot accept.


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