Fox nation host Lara Logan has appeared on a controversia podcast ‘And We Know’ and implied that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was the outcome of a well-off Jewish family paying him.

“Darwin was hired by somebody to come up with a theory” said Logan on the podcast

“Does anyone know who employed Darwin, Where Darwinism comes from? Look it up; the Rothschilds. It goes back to 10 Downing street. The same people who employed Darwin and his theory of evolution and so on and so on.”

Logan continued on the subject for several minutes but eventually ended the talk on an ambiguous note making the point that the theory of evolution is a “Chicken or the egg” type of debate and that “you can’t answer it scientifically.”

The Rothschild family, who the Fox nation host claims is behind the hoax theory of evolution, have long been victims of antisemitic conspiracy theories across the world.

American politician Marjorie Taylor Greene, famously wrote on Facebook that the Rothschilds funded a space laser that was the cause of the 2018 California wildfires.

Both Logan and Greene have been known to support anti-semitic theories but also share similar views surrounding the Ukraine and Russia War. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Logan has seemingly questioned the widely accepted narrative of Russian aggression.

Logan said: “Whether you like Putin or don’t like him, Putin is not willing to be a part of whatever global governing structure is coming our way.” She further added “Vladimir Putin has been very calculating, he’s been very careful … he’s said for 15 years that he would not tolerate NATO expansion. He’s the man standing between us and this new world order.”



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  1. Unfortunately antisemitic is used as a shield to deflect any critical comments regarding people like the Rothschild family. Rather than using antisemitic, I suggest an arguement where the accusation is wrong or in error. We are surrounded by much too much generalizations and characterizations rather than debating what we believe as factual.

  2. Just as Einstein's formulas for time and space were wrong, Darwin's theory of Evolution was also wrong. Darwin allowed himself to be guided by his own innate bias and prejudice. An avalanche of researchers have thoroughly debunked Darwin using scientific methods. It's sad that at this point, its news that someone merely "implies" the truth of his errors. It is a testament to the degree of control White Supremacy has over our nation that Darwin's work is still considered valid and taught in schools. How much more advanced could our societies have been if we had not colorism guide our thoughts and emotion? So sad.


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