Despite resorting to extreme fascist repression, the Khazarian mafia slave regimes of the G7 are mathematically doomed. The reason is financial. They made the fundamental mistake of thinking that numbers on financial institution computers were real and not imaginary. This is why, for the first time in my memory, the G20 finance ministers did not issue a statement after meeting last week. If they had been honest, they would have declared bankruptcy.

IMF Director Kristalina Georgieva came close to making such an admission at the meeting when she said “We printed too much money and didn’t think of unintended consequences…We are acting like 8-year-olds playing soccer chasing the ball.”

As the Zero Hedge Article linked below notes:

Since the Lehman failure in 2008, the combined balance sheets of some of the major central banks have increased from just under $7 trillion to $31 trillion (Fed + ECB + BOJ + PBOC, according to Yardini Research). The steepest part of the rise was from March 2020, when assets for the Fed and ECB soared…if the global conflict is financial, the West has lost it already. The geopolitical consequences are another story for a later day.

The Fed has increased fiat “special drawing rights” by 209% since March of 2020. Because GDP has not increased by 209% since then, all of this money is fueling hyper-inflation. History shows hyper-inflation always leads to regime change.

The Fed – U.S. Reserve Assets, March 2022 (

Even more disturbing, for me as an Anglo-Saxon, is that when the US, Canada and England tried to stage a walkout of the G20 to protest against Russia, nobody followed.

The Anglo-Saxon nations used to have the respect of the world because they stood for democracy, human rights, competent economic management etc. I’ll never forget when I asked the former head of MI6 “We used to be the good guys, what happened?” His answer was “the Khazarian mafia.” This is because, like a caterpillar that has been infected by a parasitic wasp, the governments of these countries have been taken over by Satan worshiping Khazarian gangsters. So, the politicians and military of the West were redirected -against the interests of their own people- to a project to turn the entire planet into a giant animal farm. This was to be run by Khazarian gangsters out of their ancient homeland, the place we now know of as Ukraine.

The KM took over the governments of most Western countries through a process of murder, bribery, blackmail and lies. This was directed at the very tip-top of the elite. Understanding the problem lies at the tip-top is also the key to overthrowing the KM. Just like a pimple, if you squeeze it from the bottom up, the pus comes out at the top.

Members of the public need to call their MPs and confront them with evidence of the crimes of people like Justin Castro. People in the military need to go up their chain of command and do the same thing, confront their commanders with evidence. Those who fail to act on this evidence will be revealing themselves as traitors. The punishment for treason is death by firing squad.

Here is some of the vast amount of evidence people can use in the case of Canada:

Canada’s Elections have been sold and their vote doesn’t mean a damn thing in reality. It’s all about who has the most influence, or who pays the most $$. This picture of Justin Castro with the Dominion server and Alex Soros together is just a fragment of the evidence for election theft i.e. treason.

If that’s not enough, Castro passed a bill into law on April 14th 2022 -under the guise of child protection- that turns kids into government property. 

“He who sows hatred reaps… hatred…You can feel the shift that is taking place right now, remember the situation two years ago and see: The people are no longer afraid of the elites, that’s why the game is over” a member of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service comments.

This is shown in how Castro gets a “warm” welcome every time he is confronted by the people of Canada.

Rest assured it is just a matter of time before he faces a firing squad.

This sort of hate of the ruling class is seen all over the west. Remember “Let’s Go Brandon,” calls that make it impossible for Joe Biden to appear in public.

Here is an example from Germany of citizens confronting police.  

Ok so now let us take a look at the election that was stolen in France last Sunday. According to a CIA source, in exchange for agreeing to “lose,” opposition candidate Marine Le Pen “will collect at least $300 million for her part in the show. Pocket change for the KM satanic cabal.” That is why she is seen smiling after “losing” the rigged election. A sentence to be guillotined is inevitable for her now. That will wipe the smile off her face.

“This evening in Paris the victor of a clear DVD [German intelligence] election fraud victory looks nothing like the real [Macron],” notes a British MI6 source. Fake leaders like him are “hidden away in some kind of vault with a stack of incriminating evidence planted against each and every one of them. Mafia is as Mafia does – use fear to divide and conquer,” the source notes

Riots have already started against the criminal regime in France. “I think the fight no longer lies in the ballot box. Today, this election has been largely discredited … so it has become necessary to bring the fight to other fronts,” Gabriel Vergne, a 19-year-old student at the elite Sciences-Po school of government said, reflecting the views of the majority of French people.

We realize that on the surface things look pretty grim and many people are asking where the white hats are. The long list of top KM leaders “testing positive for Coronavirus,” is a sign they have been arrested, CIA sources insist. Please see the recent examples below. 

However, even if the West is unable to cure itself of its infection, the rest of the world is on the case.

The Russian military action against KM headquarters in Ukraine is the most obvious example of this. Again, since this has been extensively covered elsewhere, we will only touch on a few key points. One is that, according to a Russian FSB source, so-called Ukrainian leader “Volodymyr Zelensky is a walking dead like Joe Biden.” The source explained they were both drugged-up avatars with no real power and that the people behind them were not going to last long.

Here you can see an obviously stoned Zelensky with what appears to be cocaine on his desk.



Most of the Ukrainian and Nazi troops are also semi-permanently stoned with three tablets of “war chemicals” per day. This makes them cheerful and insensitive to pain. “The United States is supplying it in wild quantities and is watching how it affects the military in the long run because they don’t care what happens to these people later,” said Alexander Borodai, a former head of the DPR and a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Captagon (amphetamine + theophylline) was previously seen by journalists in Syria. It is claimed that this substance is highly addictive, turning off the feeling of physical pain. Badly wounded insurgents have shown an unusual ability to continue fighting under this chemical.

Zelensky is also going way off the reservation by asking publicly for $550 billion in damages and $7 billion a month to keep going. Furthermore, most of the weapons being sent into Ukraine by the West are being sold by gangsters to other countries and not used against Russia. “Zelensky will have an accident very soon, They are almost ‘finished with his services,’” a Mossad source promises.

Also, while the western world has been distracted by an almost constant barrage of coverage about Ukraine, big events elsewhere are being under-reported or ignored.

The biggest may be what is happening now in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Here a new opium war has begun. When the Taliban government, in coordination with China and Pakistan, announced they were going to stop poppy production the heroin-pushing division of the Khazarian mafia went on the warpath.

The UN says Afghanistan produces over 9,000 tons of opium per year. This, when translated onto a street price of $30 per gram, means a $270 billion deep state industry. So that’s 270 billion reasons to overthrow leaders like Pakistani President Imran Khan who are opposed to opium production.

That is the real reason why US assistant secretary of state Donald Lu was sent to tell the Pakistani establishment that “Imran khan needs to lose the vote of no confidence, otherwise Pakistan will have to face consequences”

That also seems to be the real reason why the latest avatar 

of Bill Gates visited Pakistan recently. He appears to have bribed a bunch of generals and politicians in Pakistan to overthrow the government of Imran Khan.

The problem is that very little of that opium and heroin money actually ends up in Afghan or Pakistani hands. That is why the largest demonstrations in Pakistani history have been raging. There is also now open warfare between the Taliban and the Pakistani military.

The Chinese have also cut off the flow of money to Pakistan following the KM drug mafia coup. China failed to re-issue loans totaling $4 billion that Pakistan repaid in late March. This caused Pakistan to lose one-fifth of its electricity generation because it could no longer pay its gas bill.

That’s why Miftahm, puppet Prime Minister Ismail Sharif’s finance minister said suspended talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would be resumed as a priority.

The problem is Pakistan will not be able to pay for gas with IMF funny money. None of the big producers, including Russia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are accepting fiat BS money anymore.

The drug dealing department of the US government is about to find out that whores, including political whores, don’t provide honey if you don’t provide money. Using fake Islamists to plant bombs in Afghanistan is not going to pay the bills.

We also note instability in China, especially in Shanghai where a massive lockdown has continued for over a month. There appear to be two dimensions to this lockdown. One is that President Xi Jinping has just thrown his hat in for an unprecedented third term as China’s leader in a leadership reshuffle due later this year.

This is being fiercely opposed by former President Jian Zemin whose support base is Shanghai. So, it looks like a crackdown by Xi supporters. The fact residents are being ordered to hand over passports ‘until after the pandemic,” also backs the idea that a purge is underway.

However, it also looks like economic warfare against the fake regime of Joe Biden because the effect of the lockdown is to cut off Chinese exports to the US. Already in the US Truckload contract load volumes from West coast ports dropped 4.5% this week, marking 7th consecutive week of plunging truckload volumes. This is what happens when you go bankrupt, people cut you off.

Finally this week, we are going to take another dive into the X-files. Our secret space program sources insist the upcoming regime collapse in the West will uncover a huge hidden world of alien influence and suppressed technology.

Here for example you can watch as the Pentagon Press Secretary clearly pauses and dodges reporters’ question regarding “Recovered Alien Bodies.”



Then there is all the evidence in the videos below of suppressed ancient technology and long-term human contact with aliens.






Finally, to top it off, here is a real-life video that looks like it came straight out of Men in Black.



As usual with all this space stuff, while we find it fascinating, we are definitely under some sort of quarantine or else this would be affecting our real, everyday lives, However, it’s clear the world is heading for a new age and not just a regime change.



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  3. Think girls. A bunch of money is in the economy. It's laying in the street. …..interest rates raised, low incomes, and insane gas prices raises costs.


  4. Having a Dome/Firmament/Vault over Earth, by design, by the Creators does Not constitute a Quarantine. Resorting to "Aliens made me do it" is just bad journalism.
    The only quarantine Earth is under is the one that of the "Ruling Class" has put us under by Not allowing us to discover what is Antarctica (wall) and the Land Mass beyond.
    "They" keep us dumb down with their false History, Fake Geography and their Falsified Maps.
    To those that Love Creation and the Simpleness of Life, you will know you are free when you can see the Ether Blue Sky (also known as the Heavens) on a daily basis. You will know you are free when you No longer see the Chem-Trailing Planes Poisoning our Ether, so as to keep us from our gift from the Creators, the Sun, Moon and Stars, which all carry Energy.


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