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So let’s elaborate……

BARRY OBAMA HITLER (Obamagate is exposing the NWO)


Hitler had 4 daughters.

Interesting reveal:
Came from Navy Intel…

We didn’t win WWII. We lost to the N@zi They withdrew to rephrase and infiltrate worldwide. Hitler did NOT die in a bunker in 1944. That was his butler who also doubled his body. He escaped to Argentina along with other SS, where he lived a long life when he died in a car accident in 1957 Eva Braun went with him and their daughter Ann born in 1942. While in Argentina Eva and Adolf had 3 daughters who were taken to Germany to be raised in the ” motherland “. Their names are: Angela, Theresa and Dalia. More about this later.

Other Nazi jews fled to South America and Antarctica where they had a base under the ice.

Many of N@zi’s scientists were brought to the US, given false names and hired by the government to bring their technology to the US. The US thought it was better that they had them than the Russians. This was called Operation Paperclip. (I will post this soon when I’m ready.)

After Hitler died in Argentina in 1957, Eva Braun changed her name to Madelyn Lee Payne took their daughter Ann and moved to the US. She married Stanley Dunham and her name became Madelyn Dunham. Ann became Stanley Ann Dunham. Ann was 19 when she got pregnant with a Kenyan national called Barack Obama. She moved to Kenya and gave birth to her son Barry. In time, she realized that the man she married ” had already married had children and returned to America with her son. Shortly after her return to America, she married Lolo Soetoro and had a second child, daughter, Maya.

Hitler was also a Rothschild. His mother was Klara Polzi who worked as a maid in the Austrian home of Solomon Meyer Rothschild where she got pregnant with him. She returned to Germany to give birth to Adolph and later married Alois Schicklgruber who later changed his name to Hitler. The bloodlines are very important to the Illuminati and they keep their children on the farm or have illegitimate children to spread their bloodlines far and wide.

Enter Barry Soetoro. If you’ve been following me so far, your jaw should be on the ground. Let me make it clear for you. Barry Soetoro, Barack Obama II, Hitler’s grandson, a Rothschild by blood. This might explain why his aunt Angel Merkel, Chancellor of Germany kissed him and looked at him so lovingly during a visit there. His other two aunts are Theresa May, former UK Prime Minister and Dalia Grybauskaite, the President of Lithuania.

Hitler’s plan for a 3th Reich has been spilled in today’s 4th Empire of the Jew World Order and his offspring have been placed in high level strategic countries for the Illuminati cause of an NWO, NWO N@zi Jew World Order and THIS is what is being taking down.

Obama was an illegitimate president on so many levels. I haven’t even touched his homosexuality or pedophilia yet. This is what happened. This is just a piece of Obamagate. ARE YOU WOKE UP?! Knowledge is power!

Angela Merkel 1.jpg
Angela Merkel
Hilters daughters 4.jpg
Hilters daughters
Merkel and nephew obama.jpg
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obama and Eva Braun 1944.jpg
obama and Eva Braun
Government is Organized Crime. 

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  1. The big black & white photo with young Angela is from the communist East Germany where she was a leader of the Youth Communist Party. Just in case some of you wonder.

    • It does Not matter who Angela is. Germany is and has been an occupied Nation since April 1945.
      Germany does Not have their own Government, Courts or Military.
      Does one think that a German would bother with imprisoning civilians for questioning events that (never) happened during Adolf's reign…This is what the occupiers do, what nonsense!

  2. This information has been exposed for so long.
    Bathhouse Barry, thats what they used to call him in Chicago
    Old News P4C
    But most Americans are sleep walking Zombies so there is that…..
    Frequencies were used to make the American Public Ga Ga over Obama
    Asleep ones anyway, some of us have know Michele is a man too for many many years
    They didnt try to hide it very well with his junk swinging in dresses.
    Look at his shoulders for pete sake, they are bigger than Barack's

  3. Very interesting article. What a show they put on for us. And how easily we all take it in and make these dudes our icons.

    • This news has been out there for a decade
      Im sorry you are just waking up to it
      If you read Fulfords latest report, did you see the comment he made about HRC torturing young girls?
      Yeah thats not new news either.
      She is a vile Demon and always has been

      • I Never liked Hilary, but I am doubtful she was pealing faces off of anybody.
        Once one wakes up to how deep the Propaganda is one becomes very skeptical. Fulford's video was one of those pieces that proved Nothing!
        P.S. I wasn't screaming, I was emphasizing. & There is Nothing here to Verify this article but more Propaganda that verifies their Propaganda, that's how it works.


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