As hinted at in the previous update, we are at the turning point of several cosmic cycles.

First, there is the completion of the great cosmic cycle which lasted over 13 billion years. This universe is right now at the turning point from expansion into contraction. That is a unique moment, when the Source (the Absolute) can intervene directly into the Creation and dissolve the primary anomaly and all evil related to it, and this is the real reason why all darkness will soon disappear.That moment of direct intervention is called the Apocalypse (the Revelation in English) and is quite accurately described in a famous, almost 2000 year old vision:

This moment can also be called the Cosmic Reversal, and scientists are beginning to understand that it will not happen billions of years from now, but much sooner:

Second, there is the completion of the galactic magnetic pulse cycle which lasts somewhere between 12,000 and 13,000 years. Every 12,000 years or so, the Galactic Central Sun reverses its magnetic polarity, and in two such cycles it reverses its magnetic polarity back to the original one. Earth axis is entrained with the galactic magnetic field reversals, and this is the true origin of the 25,772 year precessional cycle, and the 12,000 year Heinrich event cycle:

Recent scientific paper shows that galactic magnetic field reversals are sudden events that only take a few years:

Galactic magnetic field reversal triggers a Solar mininova event, which in turn triggers Earth magnetic field reversal. Earths’ magnetic field is already decreasing fast in preparation for the reversal, and one possible curve of its strength may look like this (violet part of the curve is a prediction):

When Earth’s magnetic field strength falls below a certain threshold, the elasticity and viscosity of Earths’ mantle abruptly changes to allow crustal displacements and a physical polar shift:

The polar shift triggers a global tsunami wave which washes over the planetary surface and purifies it. This tsnamii wave is a necessary part of the primary anomaly purification process, and only individuals strongly connected with inner Light within Islands of Light, except for an occasional prepper, will be able to survive it on the surface of the planet. The rest of the human population will be evacuated from the surface and will then be able to start a new cycle afresh, in full alignment with the Light.

Top members of the Cabal are aware of the coming polar shift, and are planning to survive it in their underground bunkers and Pits:

They will be cleared by the Resistance before the polar shift happens.

Third, there is the completion of the solar magnetic cycle which lasts around 11 years. The next solar magnetic reversal is expected around 2025. The Sun is becoming active much faster than expected, and the sunspot number now (May 2022) is already exceeding the NOAA prediction for the peak of the cycle in 2025:

In a few months, mainstream scientists will begin to realize that there is something unusual going on with the current solar cycle, and some of them will be able to connect the dots, triggering utter panic in some circles.

One small hint, a Carrington type event is quite possible in the next two years:

All three cycles, cosmic, galactic and solar, converge into the opening of the Ascension portal of 2025, which is an orientational milestone for us to estimate when the big changes are expected to occur.

Until then, there is soft disclosure happening with interesting photos of “natural” formations on Mars:

You can also align yourself with the Pleiadian energy with this music:

Or support the Light Forces with the following meditation:

You can dive deeper in the vast amounts of intel published on this blog:

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Victory of the Light!



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  1. Get the useful intel needed BUT Has no one noticed the “guru” to this site is called ‘cobra’. As in snake or serpent. And we know this is synonymous with…yes…satan. Also not once is God the Almighty mentioned nor is his sent savior Jesus Christ. Thus i gather this see-eye-te is true ly DS CIA WHATever jewish-supremacist abomination theyre renaming themselves these days.
    See GAB. See TRUTH. Watchout for the 33s and other Masons.

  2. Max Coveri meets Snap

    How are you guys holding up? I accepted my death.

    In chinada they're slowly weeding us out like rats over 10 years, and this still sounds like Deep Impact but 4x worse? I ran into enough scientific material other than that blog to suggest we really are at the end of 12,000-42,000yr cycles and I should stop caring if I live or die. What about Michael Salla's nazi dark fleet and his guests warning about a nazi vs communist global empire by 2025, Steven Greer's Above Top Secret film, Brendan O'Connell's clover bunt leaf empire via belt/silk road? Is it all to cover up for this?

    I honestly don't believe any of it except parts of the last two (Brendan warns about autonomous weapon killbot factories and Greer correctly identifies some of the problems in the government) and scientists make so many prediction errors there's no actionable information, so it's as good as psych warfare to leave you unable to save yourself. Compared to this they stick with more pragmatic and technical material (and I can't verify many of the portal's scientific statements).

    I loved the portal blog's articles on soul things and not accepting suffering but the lightworker movement is in the coils of a snake, so surprisingly the most down-to-earth and useful guy these days was Greer despite the paywall and reputation and blind faith in aliens. Plus stuff from the Leak Project I learned about from some guy named Haujean Contactee who believes he's from Orion. That's fine btw, I'm some guy, maybe a cylon since I can't remember any past lives. Overall the lightworker crowd was on average nicer than people I'm used to, with superficial resistance to my sexuality, so the sarcasm is not meant to offend. The problem is obviously the level of fraud so high some of them are going to crash when their idols hit the ground. Mine are dead.

    Giant mile high wave was already on the list of things trying to kill me and the rest of this is starting to look interchangeable because I die right at the beginning in all of them. Did you guys remember the girl in Deep Impact who gets hit by the wave was a news reporter? They don't want any of those useful idiots around either, so most of them are going down with us, they just don't know it yet. All the best

  3. Regarding the Monkeypox strategy and relationships between the designers who are working in a large number of organizations involved in medicine/health/security/population control and the banking industry, here's Amazing Polly's excellent report with booms:


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