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Allan Pittman and Bryan Lynch review the essential teachings of two historic figures, Helena Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society, who specialized in the teachings of the East (particularly esoteric Buddhism) and Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, who specialized in the teachings of the West (particularly esoteric Christianity). The two worked both together and apart to bring in the teachings of the New Age.

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  1. Robert Sepehr has more on 'Madame Blavatsky and the Gnostic Kabbalah' as well on Atlantean Gardens

  2. Worth the Entire 1 hour & 20 minutes. The parts when they are referring to the Sun is great, this is why I believe "They" are Chem-trailing, to keep us from Source.

    • Hello Laverne, I'm pleased to hear that you've found this valuable. I myself was surprised by the educational value of the presentation, and insightful knowledge, such as about the Sun. The first explanation I've read, many years ago, about the motive for chem-trailing, was the idea that the Sunlight impact would be destructive at some point in time, and that by positioning an atmospheric layer of aluminium particles, the Sunlight would be reflected back, instead of reaching Planet Earth.

      If I remember correctly, the Planet Mars was once protected by an atmospheric layer of gold, in order to stay alive with oxygen, water and Sunlight. The gold was mined on planet Earth until something happened (maybe a war?) that caused its atmospheric collapse, turning the planet into a dead rusty ball. Lately, a Mars image is published with towers that are very high, and of course, we've got the results of Richard Hoagland's research on The Face of Mars as well.

      • Dear Devon, I find it sad people believed the "Science" that "They" put out there, when the real motive is/was to keep us away from Source. We not only need the Sun to make crops, herbs, trees & flowers grow we also need the Sun which gives us Energy, Spiritual and Physical (hence vitamin D). The Sun also allows the human body to heal. There is Nothing destructive about Our Sun. This is why ancient people of all Races Worshiped the Sun. This is why Christianity depicts the Christ Jesus with the Sun behind his head. This is who Jesus called out to on the Cross, Helios, the Sun God.
        Chem-Trailing does Not reflect the Suns Light back into anywhere, Chem-Trailing prevents the Glory of God Source to reaching us.
        Mars is one of the Wandering Stars, as is Saturn. Saturn is the brightest, that is why it also was Worshiped in ancient times. Telescopes lenes are used for deceit. Convex lens is curved rounded outward, while Concave lens curves inward. Both lenes create a sphere circle image. NASA and any other government "Space" programs take raw unedited images and process them to look like "Planets."

        • Hello LaVerne, thank you for the link to more of what this post is about.
          And yes, the separation from Source is certainly one of the motives by those who wish to see humanity exist like the Borg, at least what's left of it, when their attacks continue.
          Also, since sunblocks are pushed, in the US, with regulations about avoiding direct sunlight, plus the propaganda of fear for skin cancer, to me, this is all about obstacles for connection with Source, the Spiritual aspect of the Sun in our Solar System.

          To my understanding the Sun provides also the possibility to connect with our Higher Self and the Christ consciousness.

          Isn't it intriguing, that the strategy of present virus- and vaccine attacks on humanity, has the same goal?
          A disconnect from the 8th chakra, closing the 3rd eye function.

          An experience was shared with me, that a shaman who received her 1st Pfizer shot, felt the closing of her 3rd eye, followed by a bloodcloth in one of her eyes, causing temporarily blindness. She managed to recover though.

          This may be too far out on a limb, but I wonder if the agression, and fanatism in discussions about the choice to accept vaccination, to obey the protocols, and to believe in the well meaning of the designers, is a symptom of that loss of connection, in vaccinated people. Dwelling in the dungeons of pure instinct, and a deliberate activation of a survival mode fuelled by the fear propaganda.
          To me, that's the practice of silent weapons for quiet wars on a psychological level. Naturally, we've heard lots of noise on that battlefield, in our lives of recent years.

          • Funny you say that about sun blocks, I was thinking about that a few years ago.
            I am surprised that a Shaman would have gone for a shot, I thought they were entirely Holistic.
            Here in the Chicago area I consider things rather quiet, considering there used to be much air traffic, not so since Covid, minus Chem-Trail planes. Loving it! My gut tells me Nothing to fear.

          • No sooner do I write that comment about how quiet Flight is in the Chicago area they are back!
            Doesn't matter, I close on my house sale next week.

          • Response to La Verne about being surprised that a shaman takes these shots, it's been a surprise to me as well, that people of all walks in life came under the influence of protocols, believing that taking the shots was a protective measure. It's a sign how a very sinister cleverness has orchestrated the game of persuasion and coercion in this latest pandemic, Coronavirus flu.
            Corona: a circle of light, illuminating a celestial body. What's in a name?

            I also meant to correct my last sentence in the June 6th comment here, about the noise on the battlefield. That's contradictory to my naming of silent weapons of quiet wars, of course. What I meant, was the noise in the media, especially in the virtual world, and the noise within family circles, where wars are raging due to differences of opinion. The puppet masters are silent, unseen.

            You're leaving your house now? Closing the sale, a new move?


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