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We’ll have to see if there’s proof in the pudding, whenever it’s served. Nowadays, the eloquence of words, the content of phrases, and a person’s credentials, shared online, on a website decorated by a bunch of videos made by others, with other persons’ views and dreams, isn’t always reliable to go by, isn’t it?
I believe that this is why we’re almost forced to build trust in our discernment, and commitment to our action plan, within ourselves, as the compass used for our journey on the ocean of our lives. Joining a fleet of warriors for the truth one day.
Blessed be, Devon.

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  1. All of these forms of government are nothing more than different versions of the Fallen Angel's experiment that advanced in form as human understanding advanced.

    This video conveniently leaves out the genocide the early pioneers committed. The Karma of that sin comes around.

    The Fallen Angel's experiment to interfere in humanity's development is over.

    Just look at the amount of garbage our society produces; so much that we used to ship it all over the world, until the world said "no more" and now we are choking on our own garbage, running out of space to put it in.

    Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state, said, "“I was a CIA director, we lied, we cheated we stole… like, we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment."

    It is our attachment to the "Glory" of the Gentile experiments in government that stops us from correcting ourselves and admitting to the lies, genocide and enslavement that the experiment was built on and the same is true from all of the other societies that came before us.

    Joel 3:12 tells us that the waring Gentiles will be destroyed
    Isaiah 14:1-2 tells us that the Gentiles that change and live in peace and harmony with the REAL Hebrews, not the Fake ones trampling upon Jerusalem, will be saved and added to them.
    Enoch tells us the same thing.
    The Hopi Indian Prophecy Rock tells us a split in the surface population of Whites will occur.

    Stop longing for the "Good old days" as they were never good for everyone, just a select few and that so called goodness was obtained at the harm and damage to others.

    America's constitution deems non-white voters less equal to White votes, but in almost 300 years, America cannot bring herself to change this. African Americans must use the Civil Rights Act because America refused to change her constitution to give everyone equal rights. Yet, Americans expect God to keep blessing her form of government and they keep praying for Jesus to come and save her as long as they are convinced that Jesus is White with blue eyes. But they refuse to create equality in their constitution and the minute they become convinced that Jesus is Black they will abandon the church.

    No, not all of us will pine away for America's government of old.
    We just want the collapse to be complete

    • Parker, The African Slave Trade in America became illegal in 1808, and the new Slave Race became Irish immigrants, which allowed former Black Africans to purchase. They too needed slaves to keep their land they inherited after their servitude was over. These Irish Slaves are who the White people were freeing in the Civil War.
      The Male Black community also had Voting rights before White Females.
      Martin Luther King Jr. went to an All Black college, Morehouse College, which still remains an all Black college today.
      It doesn't matter what color folks want to present their Jesus as being, it was an empty cross, based on Mythology.

    • Hello B. Parker, it's been a while since you left your comment. After watching this post again, presented to Derek by myself, some time ago, as Devon, my alias, I found your comment and view on "fallen angels".

      When it's the case that you take them as species alien to human beings, I'd like to suggest that human beings who are incarnated now, may have lived through many lifetimes on many more or less dense planes and in a variety of forms in existences.

      Imagine, how we evolved, and became corrupted, once upon many timelines, planets, and dimensions. In trial and error.

      Just like we're presented with a choice, in free will, now, to stick to materialistic devolution or spiritual evolution.

      In my opinion, we have risen and fallen, as angels and devils, depending on that choice, in free will, during many epochs.

      Therefore, to me, fallen angels aren't as seperated from us, the common people, as seems to be the case in your eyes.

      It's often suggested in many sort of new ageing circles, happy to hold on to "we are good and they are bad".

      In other words, projection of inner devlish tendencies, memories, due to experiences and choices in past lives.

      How freaky and grizzly, these projections show up in those "love and light" communities!

      As a witchy woman, I'm fond of using my broom to sweep through those delusions and spooks. Not my escape route at all!


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