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Science Fiction…  Is it Entertainment, Predictive Programming
or a form of Soft Disclosure and how do we discern?

Written by Jeffrey Ashur

To read his full article, click HERE

Have you ever watched a movie or tv show and elbowed the person next to you saying…” Hey! That looks just like that thing the crazy UFO conspiracy theory guy was talking about…” -or- I heard that the government has those advanced things, but its top secret and we don’t get to see them… Well perhaps you’re not so crazy to wonder about that. With just a bit more open-mindedness, we may notice a lot more of these fantastical things, events, or stories show up that could really be rooted in truth. A lot more truth.

-What is Disclosure?

Let’s get right to the point. For the purposes of this discussion, we will define Disclosure as a show story, event, or material that truly happened or actually exists and is usually presented in the frame of fantasy – i.e., in entertainment such as drama, adventure, humor, or in any forum associated with fiction.

Because the producer doesn’t come right out and present the show as a “Documentary”, s/he retains plausible deniability and avoids burden of proof and judgement that would ensue from those with minds incapacitated from seeing the truth.  Belief systems are the main culprit that inhibit people’s ability to accept proof and see the realty of black is black & white is white.

In one way or another we’ve all succumbed to societal programming through religious dogma, tradition, or a plethora of other origins.  And because of this inability to immediately discern what we see in a movie; an opportunity arises for the storytellers to deliver information into our consciousness by means of suggestion.  When we see a supposedly fictitious story unfold, we are perceiving it, associating it with our prior experience, mapping what we see to what we know.  And if we determine that what we see isn’t what we’ve experienced, then it must be fiction.  Right?  However, there’s more to our story here.

Why do they do that?

One would think that fantastical productions of top-secret chronicles or galactic wars would make for really exciting stories that wow the audience. That may be true however, it appears there’s likely a different motivation in releasing such information than meets the eye… so to speak.

Without a doubt, we all agree that there’s often big money behind big movies – the kind of movies that reach the masses.  It’s not a stretch to consider that behind this money are producers with an intention and an agenda.  The agenda may be benevolent or manipulative.  And that leads us to the question:

How do we know when disclosure is benevolent or manipulative?

First, let’s look at who the producers are.  Knowing who they are, and a quick examination of their history speaks volumes towards what their intentions are in the present object under study.  Who are they associated with?  Have they evolved?  Have they been influenced in any way?  Sometimes the answer is not obvious.
Secondly, How do you feel throughout the movie?  How do you feel at the end?  Happy? Uplifted?  Optimistic about the future?  Or perhaps you feel Anxious?  Pessimistic?  Even Fearful?  Or perhaps you’re totally befuddled and have no idea what message they were trying to convey in the movie.

If it makes you feel uplifted, optimistic and a heart opening has occurred, then its most likely benevolent. ET the Extraterrestrial is one such example.

Benevolent movies seldom lend themselves to making you work hard to feel the message. It’s right out in the open.  You burn no cycles in frustration over the message or what their intentions are. This scenario is what I call Benevolent Disclosure.  It is the kind where we get a preview of what exists and hasn’t been shown to us.  It shows us a positive future and can show us amazing beneficial technologies.  It can also show us what we as human beings will one day be capable of doing, using enhanced abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation.

There are many examples providing glimpses into a magnificent future, most notably in the Star Trek productions in which humans have abandoned war in favor of freedom, dignity, and abundance.  We see advanced technology carrying us to the stars while every human need is tended to through advanced healing devices, food replicators, etc.  Particular elements of highly evolved human behavior emerge in the course of the series – we are generally kind, aware of other planetary civilizations and seek to learn more and evolve as time goes by. We also learn about human nature through these other-worldly scenarios in which anything can be enacted that circumvents judgement based on our everyday experience.  We will discuss more of these examples later.

On the other hand, if it causes frustration, anxiety, or fear and has an unhappy ending, it’s what we term as Predictive Programming. It is an attempt to cause us to believe in a negative future and invoke dis-empowering feelings that we experience en masse.  Let’s consider reasons why this tactic may be employed.

As we watch any story, our subconscious mind is at work.  While watching a show, as fantastical and apparently untrue as the story may be, a suggestion is delivered to your subconscious mind as we sequence through different feelings and emotions.  Let’s call to mind here an accepted metaphysical truth: What we experience internally may be materialized in the real world.

We’ve all heard the saying “Our internal world reflects our external world”…and “As above so below”… Therefore, as we view a “fictitious” story en-masse, there arises the probability of bringing such a story into being as our subconscious minds activate that reality.  With the story planted in our minds, on some level, we expect to see it in our own reality. We have an easier time accepting what may be told to us (through lies and deception) because we “saw it in a movie”.  This mass activation is what we call Predictive Programming.  In essence, the malevolent producers float a scenario which they wish to create in front of unsuspecting viewers and then the reality comes into being through our own co-creative consciousness.  It’s a way of using our minds against us.

There are countess examples of movies and TV shows directing the masses into one belief system or another.  And through these believe systems, events have unfolded in line with the intentions of the predictive programmers. There will be much to talk about.

Join us this Wednesday as we share the TV shows and movies that haved shaped our thinking and perception for decades and even influenced our language.

Read Jeffrey’s full article on Disclosure in the Movies HERE

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Jeffrey’s full report with examples will be available shortly and and also posted as a stand alone article.

We hope to see you there!


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