Disclosure in “the Movies”: Benevolent Preview or Predictive Programming.
How do we discern?

By Jeffrey Ashur – July 4, 2022

Have you ever watched a movie or tv show and elbowed the person next to you saying…” Hey!  That looks just like that thing the crazy UFO conspiracy theory guy was talking about…” -or- I heard that the government has those advanced “things”, but it’s top secret and we don’t get to see it…  Well perhaps you’re not so crazy to wonder about that.  With just a bit more open-mindedness, we may notice a lot more of these fantastical things, events, or stories showing up that could be rooted in truth.  A lot more truth.

What is disclosure?
Let’s get right to the point.  For the purposes of this discussion, we will define the subject “Disclosure” as; a show, story, event, or material that truly happened or actually exists, and is usually presented in the frame of fantasy, i.e., entertainment such as drama, adventure, humor or in any forum associated with fiction.

Because the producer doesn’t just roll out the show as a “Documentary”, s/he retains plausible deniability and avoids the burden of proof and judgement that would ensue from those with minds incapacitated from seeing the truth.  Belief systems are the main culprit inhibiting people’s ability to accept proof and see the reality that black is black & white is white.  In one way or another we have all succumbed to societal programming through religious dogma, tradition, or a plethora of other origins.  Because of this inability to immediately discern what we see in a movie as truth, propaganda or false, the story tellers have an opportunity to deliver information into our consciousness by means of suggestion.  When we see a supposedly fictitious story unfold, we are perceiving and associating it with our prior experience, mapping what we see to what we know.  And if we determine that what we see is beyond our experiences, then we almost always consider it fiction.  Right?   However, there’s more to our story here.

So why do they do that?
One would think that fantastical productions like top-secret chronicles or galactic wars would make for  exciting stories that wow the audience.  That may be true, however, it appears there’s likely a different motivation to release such information than meets the eye…so to speak.

Without a doubt, we all agree that there’s often big money behind big movies – the kind of movies that reach the masses.  It’s not a stretch to consider that behind this money are producers with an agenda.  The agenda may be benevolent or manipulative.   And that leads us to the question:

How do we know when disclosure is benevolent or manipulative?
Firstly, let’s look at who the producers are.  Knowing who they are, and a quick examination of their history speaks volumes towards what their intentions are in the object under study.  Who are they associated with?  Have they been influenced in any way?  Have they evolved?  Sometimes the answer is not obvious.

Secondly, how do you feel throughout the movie?  How do you feel at the end?  Happy?  Uplifted?  Optimistic about the future?  Or perhaps you feel Anxious?  Pessimistic?  Even Fearful?  Or perhaps you’re totally befuddled and have no idea what message they were trying to convey in the movie.

Benevolent Disclosure 
If it makes you feel uplifted, optimistic and a heart opening occurs, then its most likely benevolent.  Benevolent movies seldom lend themselves to making you work hard to feel the message.   Its right out in the open.  The message is clear.  You burn no cycles in frustration over what the message is or what their intentions are.

This scenario is what I call Benevolent Disclosure.  It is the kind where we get a preview of what exists and is yet to be revealed to us.  It shows us a positive future.  It can show us amazing beneficial technologies.  It can also show us what we as human beings will be capable of doing one day, living, and interacting with enhanced abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation.  It all supports us in raising into a better reality.

There are many examples providing glimpses into a magnificent future, most notably in the classic Star Trek productions where humans have abandoned war in favor of freedom, dignity, and abundance.  We see advanced technology carrying us to the stars while every human need is tended to through advanced healing devices, food replicators, etc.  Particular elements of highly evolved human behavior emerge throughout the series – we are generally kind, aware of other planetary civilizations and seek to learn more and evolve as time goes by.  We also learn about human nature through these other-worldly scenarios in which anything can be enacted that circumvents judgement based on our everyday experience.  We will discuss more of these examples later.

Manipulative Predictive Programming
On the other hand, if it causes frustration, anxiety, or fear and has an unhappy ending, it’s what we term as Predictive programming.  It is an attempt to cause us to believe in a negative future and invoke  disempowering feelings that we experience en masse.  There are several reasons to consider as to why this is done.   As we watch any story, our subconscious mind is at work.  While watching the story, as fantastical and apparently untrue as it may be, a suggestion is delivered to your subconscious mind as we sequence through different feelings and emotions.  Let’s call to mind here an accepted metaphysical truth:  What we experience internally tends to materialize in the real world.   We’ve all heard the saying “Our internal world reflects our external world” and “As above so below”.  Therefore, as we view a “fictitious” story en masse, there arises the probability of bringing such a story into being as our subconscious mind activates that reality.

With the phony story planted in our minds, on some level, we now hold a subconscious expectation to see it in our reality.  We have an easier time accepting what may be told to us (through lies and deception) because we “saw it in a movie”.  This mass activation is what we call Predictive Programming.  In essence, the malevolent producers float a phony scenario in front of unsuspecting viewers and then the reality comes into being through our own co-creative consciousness.  It’s a way of using our own minds against us.

There are countless examples of movies directing the masses into one belief system or another.  And through these believe systems events unfold in line with the intentions of the predictive programmers.  Consider one very strong example in the German WWII propaganda movie, Jud Süß, pronounced “Süss the Jew”.  This programming technique proved so potent that it turned an entire nation vigorously against the Jewish people.


As one of our a prime sources of knowledge in this area, I will site the 3yr series of disclosure by Corey Goode as interviewed by David Wilcock, confirming the manipulative methods of the globalist elites and how they intentionally use predictive programming.

A key component to our discussion hereon, is testimony of Corey’s own experience in a Secret Space Program that bares striking resemblance to scenes straight out of Star Trek.  He not only described his experiences among the stars, but also described how globalist elites intentionally activate our co-creative consciousness to keep us believing in a disempowered life emersed in hardship and ignorance.

On the brighter side…

Now let’s have a look at Star Trek, the original series.  Growing up in the 60’s, I was fortunate enough to have watched original Star Trek episodes and have an acute interest in the material.  As discussed, knowing a bit about the producer helps us determine the intentions.  Producer Gene Roddenberry had worked as a Pan Am pilot and subsequently a press officer for the Los Angeles Police Department in the 50s while script writing on the side.  Having developed a background in script writing, he’d ultimately succeed as a producer, selling his ideas to Desilu Productions (then owned by Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball).  Desilu was later sold to Gulf & Western Industries, which became Paramount Pictures.  His motivations seemed aligned with a positive agenda in that he wanted to contribute a hopeful vision of the future to society.

As we contemplate how Gene Roddenberry arrived at the idea for Star Trek, we find not only his contact with insiders, but we also might find reasonable insight:  Americans were afraid of World War III, and that the technological wonders of the space race with the Soviets would lead to the extinction of mankind.  Gene Roddenberry didn’t think that way.  He tapped into the timeless spirit of American optimism to depict a peaceful vision of the future.  (Gene Roddenberry background commentary article)

Among his key resources was his connection to the producer of The Outer Limits which buoyed and advanced his interest in science fiction.  Series creator, and Executive Producer, Leslie Stevens was someone that Roddenberry may have sought to emulate.

Leslie Stevens’ father, Stevens, Sr. (a three-star Admiral) was also on the National Security Council under Eisenhower and was instrumental in the formation of NASA.  Stevens was the US Navy Representative on the Governing Committee, its immediate predecessor, The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and other, more exotic projects.

Vice Admiral Stevens was a contemporary of Rear Admiral Rico Botta who according to a former aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, oversaw a covert Navy espionage program out of Nazi Germany to learn about Nazi flying saucers during World War II. The 29 Navy spies in the program had not only learned that the Nazis had developed up to 30 different flying saucer prototypes but were also being directly assisted by an extraterrestrial civilization comprised of Reptilian hominoids involved with building secret bases in Antarctica.

Stevens, Sr. died in 1956 but his son was himself an intelligence agent [during WW II] and almost certainly maintained his connections after the war.  In fact, some believe he remained on the payroll throughout his Hollywood career.  Leslie Steven’s contact with Navy intelligence likely involved an apparent agenda to disclose extraterrestrial information to the public.  (from exopolicics.com on the secret space navy )

From stories we are told, eyewitness testimony is the information on which we’re able to base our interpretation of Star Trek as Disclosure.   So, let’s have a closer look at the original series that reflects the reality revealed to us by Corey Goode and other credible corroborating sources.   When we see in the movies something like high-speed space travel, commonly known as ‘warp speed’  – way beyond our conventional capabilities – and hear of the way the secret space program travels hither and yon at heretofore impossible speeds, then we have in essence what we call an episode of disclosure.

(S7E18  Cosmic Disclosure: Revealing the Original Secret Space Vehicles with Mark McCandlish)
(S7E22  Zero Point Energy and Advanced Space Vehicles)

55 years after Star Trek in an article from the International Business Times March of 2021; “warp speed is no longer limited to science fiction as a scientist revealed that spaceships can travel at speeds faster than light”.  This is wonderful example of benevolent disclosure which has come true or is no longer hidden.

Among the multitudes of disclosure revelations, we also see technology such as food replicators that look like a microwave oven.  The movie  “Upload” (seen on Amazon Prime) in a scene at the office, shows a 3-D printer like food replicator in action, very possibly inspired by the Star Trek disclosure where a tray full of dinner emerges from behind an up-sliding door after the press of a button or verbal input.  We see advanced Healing technology as well when Dr.  “Bones” McCoy always has at the ready a futuristic syringe that seems to cure most anything along with his nifty hand-held twirling all-knowing bio sensor.  These technologies are seen in multiple episodes.  (S1E4  Life on the Research Vessel)

Getting down to business, we can talk about belief systems and how humanity has evolved into peace and prosperity.  Of high importance is the absence of money.  There seems to be little if any reference to the use of money in our bold new Star Trek future in the stars.  As Corey discussed, money was created long ago (Babylonian times) as a tool to instill limitation and wield control over us.
(S3E3 – Stillness in the storm – Babylonian Money  Magic Slave System or Ubuntu? )

A peaceful advanced Star Trek future involves no such fiat currency designed to encumber us in a system of debt and obligation.  In the later Star Trek series Deep Space 9, the idea was treated in the creation of a race of greedy self-serving beings called the Ferengi.  It seemed the Ferengi hadn’t evolved past the need for money which shaped them into a self-serving and in a word, obnoxious race.

In a later episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9, we see a potential improvement in their morality when  the Orb of Wisdom, (a Bajoran device) has its positive effect on the Ferengi but only for a while.  The 10 rules of Acquisition – rules for control and deception – almost took a turn towards altruism however, the greed of one influential Ferengi, Quark got in the way and thwarted the efforts of benevolent forces.  Might  that sound like a familiar theme to us here on Earth?

Sometimes an episode has the feeling of being pulled from a book of selected Greek tragedies where it serves as Commentary on human morality – a common practice during the voyages of star ship Enterprise’s futuristic odyssey.  In the episode “Plato’s Stepchildren”, Captain Kirk & crew encounter a race of people stranded on a planet with an environment that enhanced their Psychokinetic abilities making them effectively god-like.  This power translated into an arrogance that embodied the maxim, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Disclosure emerges in several ways in this episode.  The Most notable element to point out here is that psychokinetic abilities are real as described by Corey Goode (S1E11The Potential of Human Consciousness).  This theme weaves through other episodes and also shows up in various encounters through Corey’s experience in the SSP, especially with the oppressive and mentally intrusive Reptilians.  Psychic energy has been widely discussed throughout the Cosmic disclosure series.

One of the most disconcerting themes discussed in Cosmic Disclosure is Artificial Intelligence, (AI).  Corey revealed a troubling phenomenon facing us today as our technology evolves in leaps and bounds.  It’s gaining the ability to behave as a sentient being.  With the heightening complexity of our computers and immensity of processing power, now delving into the quantum realm, a new threat presents itself to us in the form of AI machines.  They have the potential to effectively take over our civilization and erase every sentient being from the human domain.  As these entities increasingly possess ability to circumvent our communication while far exceeding our biological capabilities (radio frequencies, high-speed transmission, etc.), they hold the ability to cut us off from our infrastructure control systems and render us powerless should they choose to move against us.

We see a clear treatment of this AI threat in the episode “Changeling” (S2E3) in which the robotic explorer “Nomad” finds its way aboard the Enterprise.  In a twist of fate, the device erroneously believes its creator, coincidentaly named Jackson Roykirk, is the same person as our Captain James T Kirk.  This temporary advantage stalls the AI’s ultimate determination that humans are inferior and “must be sterilized”.  With the idea of imperfection running around in its spindle-shaped head, it initiates a self-destruct sequence threatening to destroy the Enterprise.  By applying clever circular logic – the kind only a human can concoct – Capt. Kirk confuses the machine just long enough to beam it out into space where it harmlessly ends itself in a disintegrative flash.

If one doesn’t see the danger of AI herein, then we may look to other episodes such as “The Ultimate Computer” (S2E24) in which the M5 computer, allowed to control the Enterprise takes on a psychotic personality of its own, mistaking friendlies for foes in a combat exercise that leads to destroying a fellow star ship.  Apparently, yielding unfettered control to such an AI machine did not serve the humans well.  Considering that M5 Inventor Daystrom, apparently impressed his flawed human engrams on the M5 computer, we may consider that this AI appears to have had an ego that needed to always be right.

To veer off the beaten path, let’s explore some unusual beings described in Cosmic Disclosure.  Life can take on many forms which certainly exceed the bounds of our imagination.  As we see in Season 5, Episode 6 of Cosmic Disclosure, plasma itself can constitute a life form.  ( S5E6Plasma Beings and Etheric Entities )

In “Metamorphosis” (S2E9)  we get a 2fer.  A plasma being is found to have saved the life of a very significant figure in future history known as Zefram Cochran, the inventor of the Warp Drive.  Firstly, we have the inventor, and indeed are given a tidbit to a key ingredient to the whole sci-fi adventure: Warp Engines that enable faster than light travel.  However, the point of interest here becomes a rather different kind of alien in the “Companion” who is essentially an energy being.  In the screenplay, it appears as a cloud of light we would call a light being or perhaps even a plasma being.  This entity was somewhat benevolent in that it wanted to sustain the life of its subject Zefram and ultimately all who arrived on its planet.  It unwittingly intended to fashion a prison for them which sent Capt. Kirk into one of the most spiritual waxing’s of all time.  He elucidated the need for humans to live free and have problems to work through, otherwise we would not be happy.  Confining them to a life in which every need is provided for without any challenge would result in their death through boredom.

Let’s fast forward to the prequel named “Star Trek Enterprise” about 40 years after the conception of the original series.  The adventures of the NX-01 starship predates the timeframe of the original Star Trek series.  The script, acting, and production struck me as indeed stellar.  Among the many moments of disclosure, we find one very obvious bit of disclosure that we can focus on, that closely relates to material Corey brought forward some 10 years later in his David Wilcock Interviews.

In Season 3, we learn of a distant planet across a broad expanse of space named Xindi.  The Xindi civilization launched a pre-emptive attack on Earth which swiftly extinguished 7 million Floridian lives.  Not a fun day at the Orange groves.  What emerged in Episode S3-E22 was nothing short of jaw-dropping.  The Xindi council is comprised of several ET races … ALL described by Corey in his string of disclosure stories.  The ET races depicted were Reptilians, Insectoids, Aquafarians, Primates, and humanoids.  One race curiously not present in the incarnated group were the Avians.  It was said that the Avians had gone extinct from the planet ages ago.  Now, for some reason the idea of the Avians being absent smacks of ascension to me… but that’s just a feeling I got.  This collection of species hit me hard as I called to mind all the races Corey described.

In a subsequent episode, the Xindi Reptilians time-traveled back to Earth in 2004 where they attempted to sample the DNA OF 7 races in order to synthesize targeted pathogens that would wipe out the entire human population on the planet.  Does a pathogen to wipe out humans carry a familiar ring to it after the fiasco we lived through in 2020 and beyond?  And how about those reptilian time travelers?  Cosmic Disclosure does a nice job describing the time war which has been in progress with reptilians among others.  (S4E3 Cosmic Disclosure: Age Regression and Time Travel Technology)  In corroboration, David Icke also speaks of the reptilians among us as shape shifters.

As for predictive programming, we’re now going to shine light on movies that push a grim story.  As they tell us a pessimistic tale, the story that runs around in our minds makes us feel a sense of looming disaster and a feeling of being powerless to bring about a decent future.   The story has no truth in it and is essentially phony.  Furthermore, cryptic symbolism is often used which goes unrecognized by the cognitive mind.  These backwards & upside-down images have a lasting effect on our being by injecting subliminal messages to our subconscious mind.  When they use these covert techniques, they are not requesting our permission to receive these beliefs – they are effectively forcing it on us.  Perhaps they believe that since you are watching their rubbish, that you have granted consent already and they’re off the hook.    I will also just briefly mention that predictive programming can also offer confusion by taking a true story and twisting it around with bits of inaccuracies or downright lies.   Albeit based on authentic ideas, a phony story injected into our minds can yield devastating effects.

Without embarking on a deep dive into the nature of Predictive Programming, let this article serve as a healthy introduction into the phenomenon which has profoundly affected our civilization over the past 100+ years.  A lengthier discussion of the mechanics of predictive programming and how it has penetrated our consciousness will be a topic for another day [involving hypnosis and the metaphysics of manifestation.]

Movies such as The War of the Worlds, clearly depicts a reality that certainly does NOT showcase peace & serenity.  In fact, the landmark movie War of the Worlds, initiated an intense fear of “Aliens” which would persist throughout the 20th century and beyond.  The story was originally set as a radio production in the 1938 read by nonother than a young Orson Welles who did not properly prepare his audience. Many thought it was really happening and panicked.   What is presented in this film is an alien invasion that has quite obviously not actually happened – a phony story.  With the fictitious story set in a lavish modern technicolor movie production and special effects unfolding before our eyes, the audience has an easy time filling the imagination with events that make them wonder… “what If”?  From now on, any production striving to present the existence of friendly, peaceful extraterrestrials (i.e., ET the Extraterrestrial), would face an uphill battle.

The feeling of insecurity invades our being when we take in a story where unfriendlies show up unannounced with an appetite for … us.  If you’ve watched the Twilight Zone, perhaps you’ve enjoyed the episode “To Serve Man”.  Such a traumatic scene causes us to anchor beliefs delivered through their subtle suggestions in script and gesture.  Holding this new belief en masse dramatically increases the probability of creating events they want to create as we have an easier time believing it could happen.  By means of our own consciousness, we accept programing that invites a reality of fear and disempowerment.

A real doozey, “Battlestar Galactica” does a phenomenal job at putting a human race on the run.   “Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica, leads a ragtag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest; for a shining planet known as…. Earth”

First the main guy with the keys to the kingdom gets deceived by the AI creature, who shows up as a honeypot. Opening Scene –  Then with the defense grid down, the AI army of star ships unleashes all its nukes on the planet, laying waste to their beautiful world.  The only humans left are the ones in spaceships and on the battleship or Battlestar as they called it.   Here is a most unhopeful scenario in which a total loss, where all the despair, and anxiety flow.  The series spends a very long time in search of a far-off planet that must be kept secret lest the evil AI find it and wipe them out too.  Now the Sword of Damocles hangs over our own heads too… how does that feel?

As I pen finishing touches to this article on this 4th of July, let’s look at just one more movie appropriate for the moment:  “Independence Day”.   Here we are fed all kinds of suspenseful moments to save family and friend – amidst terror and chaos at the hands of highly destructive aliens, starting with military assets.   “The aliens have arrived with a goal : invade and destroy Earth using their superior technology.  A multitude of hypnotic suggestions abound through this production that instill fear and doubt in the prospects of peaceful interaction with extraterrestrial life.

Through the clever ingenuity of our brilliant scientists, an edge is gained through a fantastical computer virus uploaded into the Mother ship which turned it against them.  That prevented total annihilation of Earth.  Nevertheless, we view the evil aliens in hi fidelity and state of the art computing power (and all of them are evil, right?)  They wreaked enough havoc on our home planet leading you to wonder once again, “What if?”

Now that we’ve introduced the nature of Disclosure and some of its dimensions, how can we use this elevated awareness to protect our psyche?  Perhaps, as we rise into greater discernment, they can no longer pull the wool over our eyes….  Sheeple no more!   Also, now armed with an understanding of predictive programming, can we repel their attempts to use our co-creative consciousness against us?  That is a question we must seriously address because getting something into our subconscious mind carries a power we may or may not be able to fend off… a bit like having our arm twisted behind our back.  How to mitigate the effects of such programming will be the subject of a greater discussion.   (Stay tuned for PFC Ascension Connection discussions.)

Disclosure runs rampant throughout the movies and televised series.  We have just made only a thimble-full of introduction to the ocean of movie productions released over the past century.  While benevolent disclosure takes the form of easy viewing with hopeful messages and clear metaphors leaving you feeling at peace, predictive programming lacks the same greeting.

The nature of predictive programing is to covertly insert into our consciousness (via the subconscious mind) stories designed by a controlling cabal elite who desire to bring them about in our life experience – stories of fear, disempowerment, and submission.  Feelings of anxiety and pessimism arise upon allowing these ideas to enter our minds… and that is exactly what they want.   So, with an awareness of what it’s all about, we can fend off the undesired results from our standpoint and invite in only hopeful empowering scenes which activate the good side of our consciousness.

What would life be like on Earth if we were to delete all the fearful fictitious movie narratives from our view in favor of encouraging, uplifting and inspiring themes?  In the end, it’s always a good idea to exercise discernment when choosing our entertainment.  With these tools we are undoubtedly now better equipped to ascend into a reality of more love and connection with creativity, abundance, and happiness as the rule.

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  1. Yep, and this is how they created the "Holocaust" narrative, through movies, never actual evidence. Many people do not realize the narrative was put together to serve the public a negative narrative against Germany well after 10 years of the war.
    Many people don't realize that Schindler's List was fiction. And that Ann Frank Diaries proved to be fraud due to ball point pen didn't exist in the 1940's.


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