When will the arrests of the criminals who terrorize mankind finally begin? Why is there no visible action yet from the white hats in the military? Why is everything taking so long?


It is important to understand the nature of the current war, lest we suffer from unnecessary frustration and disappointment. First of all: arresting a few public puppets is useless. It’s like locking up a low level drug-dealer, while leaving the ringleaders untouched. Guys like Gates and Fauci can easily be replaced by the cabal, if they were to be jailed. It is more effective to let them display their evil to the whole world, so a much greater deliverance can be accomplished in the long run.

I have reason to believe there is indeed a large scale white hat military intelligence operation going on, to uproot the entire worldwide system of institutionalized corruption. The goal is to eliminate this evil once and for all. This is however warfare on a level none of us can understand. There is no way this can be done quickly. We need to be brave, patient, and do our part.

A military officer recently told me something that can help us:

“Most people don’t understand military operations. They have no patience and want everything to happen right away. They don’t know what it is to fight, keep fighting, never give up, adapt your strategy to changing circumstances, and continually push ahead until the victory is achieved.”

That hit me, because it is so true. We really need to grow our character and shift from being lazy consumers who demand quick gratification, to becoming mature adults who understand that humanity is undergoing its greatest transformation of all time. We are living in truly historic days.

Let the Good People Arise

The major reason this evil can exist in the first place, is because the good people have allowed it to run rampant and unchecked for so long.

A critical aspect in defeating this international web of darkness, is making sure that the good people all over the world wake up to what is going on, and take positions in society (in education, health care, law enforcement, religion, politics, finance, etc.) where they will say “NO!” to evil. That’s a process of informing and activating innumerable people, which requires patience and persistence.

What good is it, if some low level crooks are executed, while all of humanity remains unchanged, and would right away follow along with the next criminal scheme?

We are facing both an exposing of evil, and a transformation of humanity. When we all learn our own lessons from this, and change deep within, can there be a better world.

A new world cannot emerge if we all remain unchanged. That’s what caused all this evil in the first place. The call is not just to get rid of the wicked. The greater and more important call is to awaken and activate the good people. If the good guys reign, there is nothing the wicked can do.

The main reason the wicked are doing what they are doing, is because the righteous are not doing what they should be doing.

Why The Light Will Overcome


Because in every crisis, we need a solid foundation for our hope that things will be better, I will give you a significant key to unlock vision for a better world.

There is a basic universal principle that light is greater than darkness, truth is more powerful than deception, love overcomes hate, and good prevails over evil.

Think about this: the incredibly powerful and beautiful Creator made this earth, with all its dazzling wonders. Magnificent flowers, splendid butterflies, lush grass, vast forests, majestic mountains and everything that lives in it. Wonders galore!

The evil entities did not create this splendor. All they can do is destroy it.

So who is stronger? He who can create the most majestic wonders? Or those that can’t even imitate a single living cell, and all they know is how to destroy creation? If you know the answer to that, you also know who will be victorious in this war.

Don’t give up! Keep your vision clear for a future without these wicked monsters. Believe with all your heart that we are not destined to be slaves of satanic rulers. They are destined for destruction.

The earth was not created so it could be ruled by evil. Evil is here because the good guys have been allowing it.

There is a worldwide clarion call for the good people to take a stand, occupy the seats of authority and influence in the land, and become righteous rulers who deliver humanity from these psychopaths.

Again: if the good guys do what they are called to do, there is nothing the bad guys can do. It’s as simple as that. But they tricked us in being lazy, self centered consumers of their perverted products and services, giving them all the power, while poisoning us with their toxins. The tide is turning, if we hear the call, and do what it takes.

You were born to be a dragon slayer, not a dragon worshipper.

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  1. I believe that there is a big part of the fight going on right now on wall street. I have been following it for almost 2 years, the corruption is blatently obvious but continues to go on unpunished. I am refering to the gamestop and AMC squeeze. This thing is way bigger than a stock. This is bringing to light the trillions of dollars stolen from the public for years.

  2. What can the solution be as we continue to live on this Prison Planet that is tens of thousand year of occupation. Yes, the hybrid central bankers can buy up everything devaluing any currency world wide (exponential inflation). Now the only real currency is information that I openly give with my only benefit is to enhance my soul as you can by voting your own unalterable DNA vote to free yourself thereby enhancing your soul. This one by one will set us all free hybrid and real humans. All world military are impotent against negative alien technologies, primary Reptilian and Maitre, after a new treaty singed by world leaders (Eisenhower 1954). Sound too simple to be true? I welcome all solutions to end this Prison Planet.

  3. This paragraph is the real reason for the delay to which even most of the "White Hats" remain blind.
    "A critical aspect in defeating this international web of darkness, is making sure that the good people all over the world wake up to what is going on, and take positions in society (in education, health care, law enforcement, religion, politics, finance, etc.) where they will say “NO!” to evil. That’s a process of informing and activating innumerable people, which requires patience and persistence."
    You cannot clean up an evil which has been growing and shaping our world for thousands of years and still retain all of the "structures of society" that grew out of that evil. Even the White Hats hold on to the "ideals" behind these structures because they are just like us and were born into it. Only those who hate every aspect of these structures can clean them up because that takes a willingness to destroy them. Now, with intuition and clarity of mind, we might be able to "transform" some aspects of the old, but until the White Hats are truly willing to destroy it all, they will be unable to close the deal. And the trouble with that is that the Son of Man will not show such patience. Enoch tells us that the Son of Man increased their awareness and intuition 7 times so that they could understand almost near that of a Shaman, close but not exact. Enough to understand that everything was corrupt and had to go. It is their love and attachment to what we have all been born into that is the cause for the delays. Some of us were born into such difficult circumstances that our very existence was like that of being in war. The master martial artists ends the battle as quickly as possible. This is a concept the White Hats also do not understand. The wicked are using frequencies against those who lack the energy conductor melanin to compromise their intuition and clarity of thought as we swim in frequencies for Wifi, 5G, microwaves, etc. But because of the deep programming of racial supremacy that demands leading, they are incapable of uniting with those blessed with melanin energy conductors and allowing them to lead. The White Buffalo rides in the center of the pack because his vision is limited, he does not lead whilst the pack protects him. It is hard to see that modern life is actually poisonious to the developmment of hummanns. We coonsider ourselves more "civilized" because we sit in chairs, yet sitting is detrimental to our health and shortens our life span. We consider ourselves more "civilized" because we use metal utensils to eat our food, yet using metal cuts off the transfer of energy from the food to the tips of our fingers which then sends a signal to our brain, "too hot", "your full, stop eating", etc. Yet this same civilized source captures the energy from the tips of our fingers to make their hunk of metal work and call it, a "smart phone" when it can't do crap without the energy from our finger. Our ancestors ridiculed indigenous and African peoples who squatted when they defecated and urinates, now 200 and some years later, we want an award for making a "Squatty Potty" out of plastic that will poison the earth when it is disposed of. The way we eat, drink, sit, shit, sleep and everything has been designed by an evil force and we can't see it. Everyone is angry at the White man but the White man does not represent the first or only group to be used to perform evil works, they are just the last ones to do so at the end of this Epoch. They were designed (bred by ETs like all of us were) and programmed for this particular purpose because they are easier for higher dimensional beings to handle due to their lower melanin energy conductivity, but facing the truth of this sentence is hurtful and causes pain and loss of self worth because that self worth was established on the wrong foundation to begin with. When the White Hats can figure out how to change that foundation then they will succeed and they can only do that by stepping outside of themselves and allowing others EXPERIENCED in that alternate foundation, to lead. It can be done, but Good White People have to embrace letting go of ever being called White People again and let go of Whiteness. They must feel comfortable saying I am not White, I am a human being. White Supremacy and all aspects of its programming will be destroyed and will not be allowed in the Golden Age of Peace of which we are now entering. The "civilized" detrimental structures and thought processes of the programmed reality will also be destroyed so that humans can be free and have life more abundantly. Let's hope and pray the White Hats get it together before the Son of Man removes them from the task of cleaning up and hands the job over to outsiders for they will have no attachment to the "glories" of the civilization we remain attached too and it will go much harder for us all then.

  4. There is no white hats or alliance going to save you – we have to stop waiting for someone to sit in a seat and protect us. There is only us to protect us and there is Lifeforce and countries signing up to restore the planet and that is about us learning to protect ourselves and each other and the planet, grow our own food and run our own councils in our own areas completely ignore the globalist corrupt governments which are no longer sovereign and are working against us . Do not comply with their tyrannical dictates lock downs and medical fascism when you do you are agreeing to their world domination – you will own nothing social credit score system and you ae betraying humanity and all life on earth by doing so . Get the truth on the ground rather than believing the lies their media tells us. Like the Russia Ukraine scam war. Feet on the ground of ordinary people going to Ukraine show people enjoying the sun and no war. We need to boycott their businesses if they try to use them to starve and control us. We need to produce what we need for ourselves so that they cannot use goods and services to bully and control the people – they have no right to do that. We the people are trained plumbers, electricians, builders, bakers farmers, we have people who can do it all we do not have to allow these tyrants to make us eat bugs and freeze to death. Eat them yourselves! That whole system is corrupt it must be completely changed to empower and enhance the lives of everyone and we must all work together to create a better world. There are only the remnants left; those at top of the pyramid that gave the orders of the darkness are dead and replaced by someone better; it is only the deep state and some mad generals keeping this whole evil shit show going unwittingly allied by those complying with their orders in the populous . Stop it now! They must be made to stop their war against humanity and everyone must do their part by facing up to the truth and refusing to comply with them – This will all end if you do not use your vaccine ID to travel; do not take these shots they are bioweapons and especially do not make your children take them out of your own ignorance of the true facts . Do research instead of trusting anything or anyone use your brain and work things out for yourself once you have to get the truth . Our survival depends on everyone standing up to these wretches and making our voices heard by telling the truth and not allowing it to be censored until you have no rights left at all.

  5. Distract, delay, and divide is also one of the best CIA dirty tricks. It is how they have overthrown countless regimes world wide.
    To be clear a coup was lead against the United States November 23 1963. We have been living under a international criminal dictatorship ever since that date. CIA coordinated the murder of Kennedy with the help of the dirty Secret Service. Covered up by the FBI and their main stream media allies in crime. Everyone who has ever served in DC or any higher state level position have all been vetted by the CIA under their complete control.
    The sell their loyalties to leave office as millionaires. Secrets easily kept because mo eye talks.


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