Beloved of My Heart, in entering into the Release tonight of Our effort to assist you in the Great Activities of the Sacred Fire for which you call, I wish to bring to your attention the fact that Life is the only thing with which you have to deal anywhere in the Universe. The only thing you or any individual has with which to accomplish anything that produces manifestation is the use of Life, your Life, the Life in the atmosphere, the Life in the Powers of Nature.

Life is the one thing that produces mani­festation; and all energy is Life-some form of Life-and if you will understand that when you send forth a Command by the energy of your own Life to produce manifestation, then the Life in the atmosphere about you must take up your Command and the vibratory action, and produce that condition.

I wish you to feel with all your Hearts tonight how certain is the Fulfillment of your every Call as you understand this which We bring to your attention from time to time. Now in entering into the explanation of what your Life does, and what you can do for life, try to realize that regardless of belief, explanation, or anything else, when your attention is upon a thing, that thing draws you into itself, because when your attention connects with something, your Life has gone out to that part of life and become one with it.

Therefore, unless the attention is controlled and placed upon the Heart Life of your “Mighty I AM Presence” or upon the Life of the Ascended Masters or Cosmic Beings or Angelic Host-if you do not connect your Life Stream’s energy there, well then, it does connect with the conditions of the physical world that life is manifesting here. You have no idea what the magnetic pull is, My Dear Ones, upon individual’s entire Life Streams, simply through the lack of the control of the attention.

So in entering into your Mastery, I want you to feel tonight the absolute certainty of the Fulfillment of your Calls, because your Life has gone into them to manifest that which is the Perfection from Our Octave that you desire here. The energy flows wherever your attention directs it, My Loved Ones; and therefore, wherever your attention directs your energy, you follow-and I mean the body. And for this reason: if your attention comes to your “Mighty I AM Presence” or to Us, then your Life Energy flows into the Perfection of Our World, and that Perfection flows back to fill your world.

Now when mankind realize the responsibility in the use of energy, they will more readily master conditions and control themselves, which means to master the energy inside of their own mental and feeling world. In the producing of manifestation of the outer world, supposing We take someone who is employed oy a corporation. You go down to your office, you give the energy of your Life. You give your Life to that corporation to build that corporation’s business, don’t you-so many days a week? And so you draw the body into association with that life energy of the corporation; and the conditions that are there flow back into you, for you live in them during the hours you are working at your office.

Well, when you understand that you have com­plete Freedom to direct the energy of your Life to your “Mighty I AM Presence’ ” own Heart’s Flame of Love’s Perfection, and you draw that back into your world, then you automatically become filled with that Perfection and your world is flooded with It through the Radiation of yourself. When your attention comes to Us, your Life is One with Our Life; and as We have said before, We are but the more Advanced Consciousness of yourselves.

And therefore, unless mankind understand Our Existence and Our Reality, and accepts Us with full Freedom and full Conscious Illumination of what We can do for mankind, the masses of the people would go on indefinitely in the whirlwind of their own creation of discord-since, because of man’s discord, the atmosphere becomes filled with discord. The individual breathes that back into himself, and his body becomes discordant; the mind becomes discordant; the feelings become discordant. And that is what produces a mass saturation or accumulation of energy that returns upon mankind as war.

And when you understand what the political war makers of the world have built by their deliberate conscious misuse of energy, you must realize how they have bound themselves in their own creation from which they can never escape except by the Assistance of an Ascended Master, one or more, in cooperation with the Higher Mental Body of each Life Stream to cut away the human accumulation, until the life energy in the Heart of that individual reaches up to the greater Life and greater Perfection, and connects with It, so Its Perfection can flow back as a Magnetic Current to raise the outer self out of the discordant accumulation.

Now when you understand what Power is yours through your Decrees to connect your Life with these magnificent Manifestations and Powers of infinite space as you call to the Great Central Sun, you will, My Loved Ones, flood back into yourselves and your world everything you are calling forth for the Purification of your Nation and the world.

Now let Me show you something that is My Service to life. Since the statue of Myself abides in New York Harbor, every Life Stream that turns its attention to that statue connects with My Life; for We have told you, when you are in touch with the form of a thing, you are in touch with the Presence of that thing, because only the Life of the “Presence” produces the form of that Presence. There has to be the consciousness and the life of an individual to produce the form of the individual, be it a statue or anything else-picture or otherwise.

Therefore, when those Life Streams of mankind who have come to America behold that statue, I pour My Sacred Fire into connection with their Life Stream. Then if their motive is not right toward America, I am certain Authority and I have certain Power to neutralize some of their intent.

And therefore, My Loved Ones, when you begin to understand the Mastery that is yours through your controlled attention, the Oneness that is yours when you give Us acceptance and recognition-Power unlimited, Manifestations of the Sacred Fire, and all the other Blessings of the Universe will as surely begin b)-flow in and around you and your world of affairs as that you allow your attention and your Life to become One with Our Life.

And since Our Life continually raises-draws up and up into greater Perfection all that We contact-We are ever exerting the Power of the Great Central Sun Magnet to raise everything onto a spiral higher whenever the attention comes to Us or Our Octave of Life.

Now since mankind is caught in a whirlwind of the forces of their own creation, and the attention is continually held there, unless there comes some shock from a Cosmic angle to shatter that whirl of discordant energy, mankind’s own creation would destroy them. So it is your privilege and Mine, once knowing this Law, to command the attention of the outer self to reach up to the greatest Heights of Perfection, to reach up to all the Life that is greater than the Life in this world, to reach up to all the Perfection in the Octave of Light and in the Ascended Masters’ Oc;tave. And by your Love and your attention there, unlimited Assistance can flow back to you to flood your world with the Perfection that is Ours.

Therefore, there is no part of life left without Assistance if the attention will go to the greater Life and ask for Help. That is the reason the admonition has been given mankind. Since the beginning of embodiment on this Earth the Statement has been within Life, and repeated to mankind throughout the centuries, “Call unto Me and I will answer thee.” Therefore when your Decrees go forth in your Calls for the Sacred Fire’s Blessing and Purity to sweep throughout your Land, your Mighty Light, reaching to the greater Light will draw the greater Life’s Power of Perfection to sweep throughout the Land the Perfection for which you call.

Therefore, I want to assure you that the Fulfillment of your Calls has to come into manifestation because Life is the only thing that can act anywhere in the Universe, and your Life in those Calls to the greater Life has to draw back the Answers to those Calls just as surely as the Universe exists.

Now when you turn your attention to the Great Central Sun, you recognize Its Existence, you send your love there, and you call Its Almighty Cosmic Life of Perfection Eternal to come into a nation or into mankind, then, My Dear Ones, you swing the door wide for the Cosmic Assistance to come not only to the Nation and the world, but come to you. And Cosmic Assistance to you meaIfS greater Help for the attainment of the Ascension, greater Help to you to produce conditions out here that will bless all mankind and all life, even the life in nature.

So, Blessed Ones, if you will think deeply on this and use this Power with Conscious Realization of the Oneness of yourselves with the greater Life of Perfection to which you call, and realize that is but the more advanced Life of yourself because all Life is One, you may have unlimited Assistance in every way possible, that will bring you happiness, will hold Protection, will bring you boundless supply, and does make you master over the conditions that have been generated by discord. And I am here to help you realize tonight your Oneness with My Life that guards America.

Now why do you suppose that in the conscious­ness of mankind the desire arose to place a statue of Myself there in New York Harbor? Because I was one who took the responsibility of mothering and guarding the people of this Nation before the Nation was formed.

Since that was the Service that My Life and My Love offered to the life that was to come into embodiment in America, I am still one with your Life and with the Life of all that comes into America; for I offered Protection for the Purity and Freedom of a Nation by which the Open Door could be shown mankind-of entering into the Ascended Masters’ Octave in the Attainment of the Ascension.

We continious in the next post

¡Victory of The Light! 

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  1. Please note, the painting of the Beloved Goddess of Liberty is by May Da Camara. Her Art and Paintings of the Masters can be found at Saint Germain Press website. This is where the Dictations are also avaiable given thru Lotus Ray King, and the Books of the Saint Germain Series are also available.


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