The World Economic Forum (WEF) is actively promoting digital IDs. The Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) is a WEF initiative that, according to its website, “brings together a global consortium of individuals, governments, authorities and the travel industry to enhance security in world travel.”

As you can probably tell by the name of the initiative, digital IDs are a core component of the WEF’s desire to “enhance security.” Canada is KTDI’s most prominent member. Now, Canada, supposedly a country interested in advancing human rights, wants to introduce a federal “Digital Identity Program.”

According to a recent report released by the Canadian government, those in charge want “to make it easier for Canadians to interact with the Government of Canada.” For this to occur, though, “modern, integrated systems and an unwavering focus on the needs and experience of citizens” are required. In plain human language: this will require the introduction of digital IDs. The elites in Davos, one imagines, are excited by the developments in Canada.

Last year, in a rather revealing white paper, the WEF outlined the many ways in which digital IDs will turbocharge our digital future. The authors cite China’s use of digital IDs and biometric technologies; these, they insist, have “transformed consumer habits and delivered tangible benefits” to Chinese citizens. The fact that the WEF is using China as a shining example of why digital IDs work should worry anyone who cherishes the idea of freedom.

Should American citizens be concerned if Canada—the United States’ neighbor—is prepared to roll out digital IDs? The answer is yes. If it can happen in one of the most developed countries in the world, it can happen in the United States. In fact, some Democrats are actively pushing for digital IDs.

In a recent piece for The American Conservative, I asked the question, why are Democrats pushing digital IDs? Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) first introduced the “Improving Digital Identity Act” back in 2020, but his idea never gathered momentum. Foster decided to reintroduce the measure.

Rep. Bill Foster
Rep. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) speaks on the COVID-19 crisis, on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Oct. 2, 2020. (J. Scott Applewhite/Pool/Getty Images)

As the author Natalie Aims noted, the bill “would also set up a task force on digital identity and establish a grant program at the Department of Homeland Security to support the creation of interoperable identity credentialing systems for digital identity verification on the state and local level.”

Yes, the DHS, the very same federal executive department that was trying to introduce the Disinformation Governance Board earlier this year.

Foster, as I discussed in The American Conservative piece, is not the only Democrat pushing digital IDs. He’s just one of many. Which begs the question, why are a number of politicians on the left so interested in these problematic IDs? In short, they want to address identity fraud, a growing problem in the United States. In 2021, nearly 42 million Americans were victims of identity fraud. Tens of billions of dollars were lost to opportunistic fraudsters.

Now, only a fool would argue that identity fraud isn’t a problem in the United States; it is. Something must be done. However, we must ensure that the so-called cure is not worse than the disease.

You see, digital IDs are closely associated with social credit systems. When one reads the words “social credit system,” their minds automatically jump to communist China, where 1.4 billion people are constantly monitored and graded. Those who fall short are banned from booking flights and enrolling their children in certain schools. They become prisoners, unable to relocate elsewhere and unable to give their children a better life. Nothing good comes from a social credit system. People are forced to live in a constant state of fear, constantly checking their score to see if they are considered “good” or “bad” by those in charge.

With Canadian authorities creating the infrastructure required to implement a digital identification network, some are concerned that a social credit system similar to the one in China is just around the corner. Their concerns are warranted. Digital IDs lay the path for social credit systems. If social credit systems are the main course, digital IDs are the starter. Without them, a credit system wouldn’t be impossible.

From a globalist takeover perspective, as the author Tim Hinchcliffe put it, digital identity schemes are a must. Although there will never be a good time to introduce digital IDs (at least for us, the citizens), they appear to be unavoidable and inescapable. They are coming. They will play a central role in this world—and the next one.

In the Metaverse—the next iteration of the internet that will see humans inhabit the digital unknown—digital identities will play a starring role. Do you know who else will play a starring role? The WEF. That’s who. The elites in Davos appear very eager to govern the immersive virtual world, this 3D representation of the internet. The Metaverse includes the use of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. And if the WEF has its way, it will also include the use of digital identities.

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  1. It would seem to me that the digital ID scheme would be a good thing if the government administering it was a good thing. If we had an honest, patriotic, uncorrupted, and benevolent national government, the system would be administered in an honest, patriotic, uncorrupted, and benevolent way. For such an honest, patriotic, uncorrupted, and benevolent government to exist and to reliably continue to exist, it would need a mostly truthfully informed, honest, patriotic, and uncorrupted populace. If we as a people were all of that, we really would not need any improvements to the identity tools that we have now. Unfortunately, the national govenment and we as a people are not much of any of that. We are what we are (shudder). The system of organisation that we are best suited to is what the founding fathers of the United States enshrined in the Constitution. Let us throw out the current tyrants and other corrupting influences such as the national and global "news" media cartels and get back to real Constitutional government and the principles upon which this nation was founded.

  2. Hello to all here; Just my input I will add here, if I May.

    This Page topic is towards Canada's & the FAKE Liberals Emplaced
    government. The Fake Castro Trudeau is to be launching China's
    version of the so called "digital ID's" – Really!?

    > Don't Obey & Comply!

    Last years in 2021 was the rushed Canadian FAKE election &
    YES it was FAKED!

    Trudeau did NOT fairly & legally get elected back into Canadian
    office. Trudeau got inplaced & selected & the WEF made sure
    that the FAKE Castro Trudeau would rule Canada for another

    So henceforth the Canadian Liberals' got falsely emplaced.
    So Canadians by law are not required to follow the rule
    of a FAKE & an imposter of Canadian Government rule!

    Only those Canadians & others that are Aware & Awake &
    did their thorough online research know this to be True!

    Only all the other Canadian sheep will obey & comply.

    Here in Canada is like a Fake movie set type wedding
    took place for theater & entertainment only & is not legal
    tender & only the sheep think it's real & legitimate.

    The FAKE & acting Castro Trudeau has no real powers
    & neither do Canada's Liberals!

    so do NOT Obey & Comply towards the FAKE Liberals
    clown show that is going on.

    If these digital ID's come out, it will be like a FAKE
    counterfeit currencies.

    Thanks & these are my thoughts.

    George F.


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