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new movement in Germany aims to decriminalize the act of a human having sex with an animal, also known as zoophilia.

The goal is to turn LGBTQ into LGBTQZ, apparently, as marchers showed up with pets in tow to demand that Germany alter its animal protection law to allow the abominable act.

Right now, it is illegal to do anything sexual with an animal in Germany, and members of the Zoophilia Pride March are demanding action by the government to support their perversions.

A group of Zoophilia Pride March attendees was seen holding up a large banner in multiple languages, including German, English and Hebrew. It contained the usual Pride rhetoric about “equality for all.”

“After all the LGBT+ infinity groups were done marching and bringing the property value down in Germany, the people who like to have sex with animals came out to show that they’re proud too,” tweeted someone in clear opposition to the agenda.

One Zoophilia Pride March attendee spoke to RUPTLY about why he believes that human-animal sexual relationships are another valid expression of Pride on the gender spectrum. (Related: Remember when Chick-fil-A was caught donating money to an LGBTQ Pride organization that hosts Drag Queen Story Hour events for children?)

“It is much easier to build a relationship with animals than humans,” the obese male in a trench coat stated while holding his dog on a leash.

This same male said he brought his dog to the march to “share the love,” explaining that the first dog he ever had a sexual relationship with was actually a male rather than the female he now has.

Divine judgment is coming, and it’ll be unlike anything that has ever happened before

It turns out that Germany is not the only place that has been infested with parasitical filth pushing LGBTQZ perversions on the masses. The aforementioned male who spoke to RUPTLY is actually American and comes from Pennsylvania.

He is deeply unsettled about the fact that zoophiles like himself are currently not recognized by the LGBTQ community, insisting that zoophiles “are quintessentially queer.”

“But if you think Pride is a social event that you can be uninvited from, you misunderstand it on a fundamental level,” he added. “Pride is a protest. Pride is about defiance against a society that doesn’t want you to exist.”

“Some people may have forgotten that, but I haven’t. So, people can say things on Twitter like, ‘Zoophiles aren’t welcome at Pride,’ but they can’t stop us from participating. Pride isn’t something other people can take away from you unless you let them.”

He got one thing right: society does not want people like him to exist. Many people made that clear all over Twitter, in fact, as such acts with animals are unthinkable and have no place anywhere.

Give it some time, though, and the LGBTQ crowd will welcome zoophiles with open arms. They are already welcoming pedophiles with open arms, as well as groomers who target children with open arms.

“As in the days of Noah … the sexually depraved normalizing their behavior,” wrote a commenter in response to the news. “Things are headed south at a rapid pace.”

“It’s all connected: from the grooming of our children, to the depravity of some sick porn on the internet, to eating bugs,” wrote another. “It’s a war on humanity.”

“The punishment on earth from God as written in Ezekiel 22 is coming and many will suffer,” added yet another. “History does repeat itself, and what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah thousands of years ago will be child’s play compared to what is coming.”

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  1. & ALL you CLOWNS believe this….
    The 100 year Gold Trust that just ended with Bank of England & Land Boundry's (stolen after WW1) will return to its Rightful Nation regardless what Propaganda Evil comes up with against our Volk!

  2. I would rather use the word "malsexuality" for anal sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, animal sexual abuse, foreskin removal and female genitalia removal under just about any pretext, and other kinds of sexual abuse as well as torture.

    The term "malsexual media" could be used as a substitute for the term "pornography" and could be used as a hypernym for videos that Kyle Hunt calls "child rape videos" at Renegade Tribune.

    Besides, has anyone of mostly or entirely Indo-European-descent here at least considered looking into the neo-Platonic theology of Plethon?

    — Elfriede Lentner,

  3. Zoophilia is so disgusting and plasphemic! I see it in my Visions! There is coming a new Flood! It's Apocalypse now!😲😲😱😱

  4. This occurs in Norway also
    Bestiality is popular
    Humans better get their act together and fast.
    The dog in France that contracted monkey Pox from its Gay owners
    The child in Oregon who contracted Monkey Pox
    The gays wanted to be accepted for their lifestyle choices BUT their lifestyle has become unacceptable.

  5. These agendas being pushed forward are all trying to normalize what the godless twisted sick elites have been doing for centuries. These are your WEF, Davos, Rothschild bunch. Wake up peeps. Time to eradicate these creeps. Only in Germany is all I can say.

  6. Surely the basis for any healthy sexual relationship is mutual consent. Anything else is simply abuse. It is not possible to obtain consent from an animal, (or a small child), therefore, acceptance of this is simply facilitating sexual abuse, which is and should remain a crime.

  7. Este artigo me deixa horrorizada, dando-me a convicção do atraso e ignorância, existente ainda entre os humanos.
    Eu diria: não é uma guerra contra a humanidade, mas sim uma guerra contra a evolução da Humanidade, promovendo a involução da mesma, ou seja um retrocesso inadmissível.

  8. Funny, I get regular updates on Germany's protesting from Germans & all the footage I have seen pertains to protesting about Russia vs Ukraine.
    What's interesting about this ugly "Hit Piece" is that it must be about Germany getting back their Land that was Stolen after WW1.
    The Link does Not work! Ha, Ha!


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