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In collaboration with One Health UN agencies’ role in food safety where Member States are committed at the highest political level to implement, monitor and regularly evaluate global cooperation.

Aug 25

Manufactured world pandemics and food shortages have been the effects of a plan implementation commonly known by the people of the world as Agenda 2030 or the New World Order (NWO). The World Health Organization’s (WHO) plan to dominate the food supply worldwide with mechanisms that ensure global COOPERATION, is readily available, if you look for it.

In the publication called DRAFT WHO GLOBAL STRATEGY FOR FOOD SAFETY 2022-2030 [Towards stronger food safety systems and global cooperation] released on April 21, 2022, the strategy includes getting Member States to prioritize the oversight of the “whole food and feed chain” under the guise of reducing the burden of food-born diseases. This also ties in the One Health plan to integrate human and animal medicine under one umbrella and plan to have all this implemented by a single recommending agency, of course, the WHO.

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They point out that their goal is to reach the policy-makers. The usual practice of utilizing “governing” agencies to coerce the people-population into their systems of evil-agenda-driven protocols, includes targeting the “audience,” which in this case it is the politician-public-puppets that dedicate their careers and their sold-out-souls to pushing the bills/statues/Emergency Orders that clear the way for this New World Order takeover.



Under the guise of public health, the Member States will have to commit to push the mechanisms put in place by the WHO to oversee the food chain/supply, even if there is a disagreement. Based on their current pattern: In the case of Public Emergency protocols, member states are coerced into accepting the “recommendations” or face the involuntary interventions from other Member States within 48 hours.



Calling Member States to remain committed at the highest political level to enforce the complete management of our world’s food is dangerous for all humanity, especially after their “management” has proven a failure with the COVID pandemic and their fraudulence has become very evident amongst the people of the world and unbiased researchers.


The document DRAFT WHO GLOBAL STRATEGY FOR FOOD SAFETY 2022-2030 [Towards stronger food safety systems and global cooperation] can be found in its entirety here:

Curiously enough, where there is a problem, WHO is the solution [insert sarcasm here]!

Under food-born diseases the WHO is not only overseeing the microbiological hazards but also overseeing the chemical and environmental hazards too. Notice that those that have compromised immune systems have increased health vulnerability to these food aversions; for those that know what vaccines actually do to the immune system and being that vaccines are the WHO’s top money-maker, you can then see how this whole organization is in the business of creating the problem to then coerce the people-of-the-world into accepting their “solutions.”


Traditionally, the way the WHO “promotes global cooperation” is through coercion, manipulated data, censorship and straight-up lies.


Written by,

Sandra Efraimson (SandraRN), BSN, RN

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