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Written by a doctor. Everyone should read this. We are headed for a perfect storm with escalating health needs and a shortage of doctors because of how we treat them.

Dear Steve,

You ask why doctors are silent. The electronic medical records (EMRs) are a ball and chain to physicians. We are tracked through them. When I wrote a prescription for Ivermectin for a patient, with informed consent (she was vaccinated), I received 5 letters threatening my medical license, my hospital privileges, and my insurance contracts. I would not have received 5 letters if I killed someone in negligence or malpractice. If I have my license pulled, I will no longer be able to help my patients.

I speak to patients on a one-on-one basis, but speaking out would destroy my family. I have children. Quite frankly, I have seen that patients want me to risk myself for them, but are wholly unwilling to support their physician. The population is lazy.

I can save your life, but I get paid less for my work than some hairdressers. My education is not valued by society, as supported by the rise of the “advanced practice provider.” I am almost done with my profession. I hope to retire in the next 1-3 years, decades before I had planned. I love what I do, but cannot take this toxic and broken system any longer. This is why so many have retired in the past couple years, and this trend will continue.

I am attaching the latest California bill to throttle physicians. I hear no outcry. I told patients over a year ago that the vax would not prevent them from getting COVID. It was never studied to do so. I actually read the studies. This of course was disinformation, but has now been proven to be true.

Who will be the truth czar for healthcare? How am I to keep up? I am left to assume that the population wants the government to guide their healthcare. That is, in fact, the plan. The healthcare system will be socialized within the next 5 years I predict. And the population will be shocked. No one is paying attention.

I thank you for all you are doing, and wish you the best of luck. I feel like you are David against Goliath.

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  1. The doctors who have administered fake tests and poisonous jabs have NO EXCUSE, whatsoever, for doing so and thus breaching the Nuremberg Code and the Hippocratic Oath! They must be convicted of crimes against humanity! They are not any better than Dr. Mengele, and they can't come up with the same lame excuse again "I just followed orders" after the Nuremberg Trials! And those who have remained silent all along although they have known the truth are complicit! The whole hoax would have been over very soon if they had spoken up early on! But they didn't, and one day they will have to face the consequences one way or another, like those brave ones did who lost their livelihood, family and friends because they didn't want to toe the mainstream li(n)e.
    According to David Icke, tyranny can't be brought about by tyrants alone, but by those complying with tyranny and don't even speak up when they should to stop it. So those being silent amidst a genocide of global scale are also responsible for the escalation of medical tyranny, which has just been the prelude to the Great Reset and the NWO.

  2. Yet, the pain clinics in Florida, the doctors wrote out or shall I say just stamped their name on
    the prescription as they wrote out so many prescriptions, who never took a history or physical
    assessment, nothing was done to them. Didn't lose their license to practice, didn't go to prison
    but a doctor who is a' do no harm' doctor gets threats. This gov is in the prime of their wickedness.


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