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Saturday, October 15, 2022
8 am Pacific, 9 am Ogden, 10 am Central, US/Canada, 11 am Eastern
4 pm London, 5 pm Paris, 6 pm Sofia Bulgaria
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An Introduction to Remote Viewing / Resonant Sensing

With Guest Presenter Rev. Kat Carroll

Please join us this Saturday as Rev. Kat provides a brief history of Remote Viewing (RV) and provides tried and true techniques that support and encourage our natural ability to reach out with our minds and connect to “hidden information”.

The process of obtaining information on any hidden person, place, thing, or event has several names, depending on who is teaching the course.  Whether it is Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV), Remote Sensing, or Resonant Viewing; all are simply different terms for the same techniques to quiet the mind and make a connection to “the signal”.  The process is something like dialing in a radio to the proper frequency.

Historically, efforts have been made to keep this information hidden from the public, particularly, through the 1970’s due to the military use of psychic spying during the cold war era, and it remained classified up until 1995.  Now you can find teachers and lectures on the internet and a plethora of books you can choose from to learn about the topic.  There are even online classes you may participate in free of charge.

Rev. Kat will show you how easily you can obtain information on non-local targets, anywhere in space and time.  The technique developed by Ingo Swann of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) back in the 70’s will be shared and does not require any previous experience on your part.  When this was practiced in a group call earlier this year, most were surprised with their results, which were better than they anticipated.  We’ll have the opportunity to do the same on Saturday.

Here is some resources to acquaint yourself with the history of remote viewing:

Ingo Swann – Remote Viewing ARE (Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment)

Third Eye Spies – Full Movie

TEDTalk about Psychic Abilities Russell Targ

Sign up for Dr. Hein’s free 7-part Resonant Viewing “mini-class”

Please bring note paper and a pen or pencil for the guided practice exercises. Rev. Kat will guide you through utilizing ALL your senses to glean as much information as possible through not just y our 5 senses, but also your 6th and 7th senses.

Rev Kat has been a practicing level 3 Reiki Practitioner since 2001, and she is an ordained Minister through the Congregation of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.  She has studied parapsychology, metaphysics, hypnosis, and all things considered “paranormal” since childhood.

Rev. Kat enjoys sharing the benefits of meditation and quantum healing with others.

What she also found through the merging of science and spirituality was the oneness of the universe in that all things are connected. The proper frame of heart & mind can cause miracles and paranormal phenomenon. She had also followed the psychic studies conducted around the world and while a teenager, learned about the remote viewing program at SRI not far from her then hometown.

Kat’s mission is to be of service to others whenever possible. Everything she has experienced has led to where she is today, as a facilitator for others, writer, researcher, teacher and experiencer of paranormal phenomenon. She believes the best approach to life is not with fear but a lot of enthusiasm and laughter. She feels divinely guided (sometimes pushed) and always protected in the work that she offers, and she is a firm believer that “life happens for you, not to you”.

To reach out to Rev. Kat directly, please email her at: [email protected]

On behalf of our “Healing” team, we look forward to sharing discussion and enjoying an insightful experience with you on Saturday.  SEE YOU THERE!!!

Sincerest blessings,

Rev. Danielle Dufour

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