Divine Love is Healing all of our remaining wounds and traumas now. Most importantly the wound of feeling separate from ONE another and God-Source, our original wound.

If we wish to unify, to come to Divine Union Within and One another, we have to unify ALL aspects of The One, of us, WITHIN US. EveryOne and everything can help us do this.

Whenever we feel triggered we are given an opportunity to integrate that aspect that has stirred judgement/ opinion/ anger/ frustration/ rejection/ resistance etc within us. It is pointing us towards a fractal of the collective consciousness that we are always atOne with, yet that we are feeling separate from and that still requires integration, which could be seen as a healing, yet it is as simple as a change in perception. After all, it isn’t time that heals but us viewing things differently, from a higher Consciousness perspective and insight. As we deepen into ever greater levels of compassion, understanding and Love, we also deepen into deeper levels of discernment, healthy boundaries and higher standards for our-selfs. It’s bothand.

Every trigger, every wound, is showing us where we can cultivate more empathy, compassion, a deeper understanding and acceptance. Divine Unconditional Love is the force that this Universe is based upon, it’s what holds the Universe together, it’s our very Essence. It’s just that we have forgotten that The One, made up of us ALL together as a whole, got fragmented into individualized forms and points of Consciousnesses, yet which we are always connected to and never separate from. So now we are finding our way back into fully re-membering that Oneness, back to Unity, yet it has always been available, always present, in no-time and no-space.

That’s why in the end the only thing left is surrendering back into the Love we feel for ourselves, for One another, for ALL, for The ONE, before the ‘split’ within the Consciousness happened. Before the illusion of separation made us believe it to be true and had us turn against each other out of fear. We start to see clearly again.

We now return to our Original Essence, our Original Divine Blueprints but with the lessons learned. Now that we know better, we will do better, because we know how important that is. How ALL IS INTERCONNECTED. As ALL IS ALL-WAYS ONE.

Now we go back to the start, to before The Fall. Back to Innocence. Back to Unity. Back to the future. Back to a brand new start!

Back to True Divine Love

As we re-member our True Self and Original Innocence, there is nothing left to heal or repair.

There is only the realisation of the already perfect nature of Reality that always exists NOW. Outside of time and space.

All we have to do now is fully align with this Consciousness Reality through our own Embodiment, in QUANTUM NO-TIME, as we fully re-member the REAL TRUTH again.

As we fully awaken from the spells of forgetfulness and re-member our One True Self and Organic Ascension Realities again, the magic ignites from deep within and all around us NOW!

As if the Fall in Consciousness never happened.

As if Awakening from the dream within the dream, to re-member what is really REAL…

Eternal Love, all-ways,

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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell you…you must See all sides of yourself to ascend…the dark and the light…no one is coming to save you…no flash is going to ascend you…you must Do the work…and when you do…the Love is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, because you haven’t…💜


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