By The White Rose UK,

Spanish Biologist and Filmmaker, Fernando López-Mirones, Pays Tribute To The Keepers of Freedom.

“They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.

Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.

People who have been capable of such personality, such courage and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries and opinions.

They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks.

They are the parents that every child wishes to have and the children that every parent dreams of having.

They are beings above the average of their societies, they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered horizons.

They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.

They did what others couldn’t, they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination and social exclusion.

And they did it because they thought they were alone, and believed they were alone.

Excluded from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, they let their careers sink, they had no more money… but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals and humiliation… but they continued.

Never before in humanity has there been such a casting, we now know who the resisters are on planet Earth.

Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen ones of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart, collapsed.

It’s you, you’ve passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts and geniuses couldn’t pass.

You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark.”

“Yes, it is you, the culmination of the spirit of the Homo sapiens indomitu.



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  1. This is the original posting:

    It's dated 27th July 2022.

    It's in Spanish, but the translation is much as you have already read it.

    Also see:

    Again, it's in Spanish. The essence of the article is the author, Biologist Fernando López-Mirones stating his article has been plagarised and falsely attributed to General Christian Blanchon.

    He seems to have a good case, as all other articles referencing General Blanchon as the original source are dated after López-Mirones' original article.

    Sloppy journalism or deliberate misdirection by certain three letter parties?

  2. This is so funny,I did not know that I'm super HERO as everyone I warned become cowards.Some of them think I'm mentally ill.Funny part is in my working life,we had a new Boss who did not know what he was doing.Nobody had courage tell him that,as everybody hated him,not me.I have told him if you are Commander in my army and you command fire,you would be the first one I will shoot.Because you do not know what you are doing.I got surprise of his ability to take criticism from underlings.He said yes you are right I do not know what I'm doing.From that time we become best work friends.I have worked in quite few Countries,and find most people are cowards.They don't have guts to stand up for them selves.I do not fear any virus but I fear of so many believing in this hoax.Like one German Doctor said on radio show IT SCARY HOW MANY IDIOTS THERE IS ON THIS PLANET.Don't blame me I did not say it this time.

    • It's not really scary. It's just bloody annoying how many idiots there are on the planet. Dumbed down to the point of nothing more than "'useless eaters". That's one thing I do agree with the WEF. Breeding them out of the Gene pool would have been far more humane, but NO, the Satanists love the idea of carnage. Once they are out of the way I'm sure education will be front and centre as a priority for the upcoming generations….as if their life depended on it. The preoccupation with fast food, sport and welfare have meant the idiots just became cunning at scamming the system, while double degree couples couldn't bring themselves to bring up children in a society with such corruption and idiots running the show, that actively mocks their intelligence and work .
      As I always say. "'At least there will be a lot more car parking spaces to choose from in the future! And it will be easier to get a seat on the bus!"'

  3. Message to the VACCINATED:

    "When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!" (Anonymous) … Which one of the two true answers applies to YOU in terms of the Covid-19 truth? Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” …

    "Separate what you know from what you THINK you know." — Unknown

  4. Erm……. This speech is very similar to what the article about what the "French General says Unvaccinated are super heroes". Some of it is exactly the same. I read the French one last night and then this one today and noticed the cross over. So I decided to put them side by side and read them. Although I agree with the statement, the fact they are both posted saying it cam from different people is questionable. Did anyone look in to this?


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