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Saturday, November 12, 2022
8 am Pacific, 9 am Ogden, 10 am Central, US/Canada, 11 am Eastern
4 pm London, 5 pm Paris, 6 pm Sofia Bulgaria
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The Magick in your Name
With Guest Presenter Renata Dunkle

Please join us in welcoming Renata Dunkle, our healing team member, and guest presenter for this Saturday’s healing offering.

Discover a journey of self mastery by learning to unlock the MAGICK in your name using the Pythagorean number system.  Renata will facilitate and provide explanation as we learn to interpret the numbers, meanings, and letter vibrations in our full birth name.  Each participant will be invited to interpret their own names using a provided, “Magick in your Name”, worksheet (attached to this invitation).

Through examining our unique birth name, we can discover more about our life path, personality, heart’s desire, and personal expression, as well as gain insight into our “hidden” passion and karmic accumulation energies.  By bringing our attention to the importance and synchronicities of the letters and numbers we were given at birth, we can discern useful ways to integrate and balance the energies that may exist for each of us.

As we complete our unique charts, we will have the opportunity to share our insights, and Renata will guide us through our experiences with visual aids, meanings, and context of the Pythagorean Number System.  She will facilitate any newly acquired information to integrate its meaning into our current life situations, and support how to anchor newly realized concepts into our daily multidimensional reality; immediately expanding our presence into light.

Renata’s unique spiritual coaching combines numerology, personalized styling, and universal principles of self-love, gratitude, respect, unity, and intuitive conversation. All intertwined with conscious intention and inspirational insights from spirit. Renata graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts (1989), Reiki Master (1995), S.H.E.S Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer & Earth Stewart (1997) The Universal Life Alliance, Board Member 2019, Masters from Belford University (2004).

Renata holds advance certifications in Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine, Massage, Reflexology, and Personal Development and Nutrition.  To reach out to Renata, or for more information, she can be reached via her email at: [email protected]

In addition to your zoom link, below you will see two PDF documents. We ask each participant who would like to complete their chart on the call, to save or print both of these attachments for quick reference while on the call; Renata’s “Magick in your name” worksheet and The Pythagorean System (both are linked below).  We will also leave the call with a plethora of trusted resources and publications so we may all better understand and get in sync with numerology.

On behalf of our “Healing” team, we look forward to sharing space with you on Saturday.


Rev. Danielle Dufour

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