Adults who embrace the LGBT agenda are determined to force their perverse values onto children – and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

From telling schoolchildren they can “choose their own gender” to setting up sanctuary cities for “transgender children” – it seems as if adults everywhere have let children down.

But thankfully there are some adults still sounding the alarm about what’s happening to our children – and just wait until you hear what they had to say.

To start – whenever an adult speaks out against the LGBT agenda – there is massive backlash.

Teachers are fired for refusing to refer to children by there “preferred” pronoun – and some parents even risk losing custody of their own children.

The therapist who spoke out against the LGBT madness has requested to remain anonymous and is using under the pseudonym “Carla”.

Carla and other leaders recently spoke out on a podcast about the pure evil behind transitioning children and encouraging them to “change genders”.

According to Carla, society is embracing the notion that children should change genders if that’s what they “feel” like doing.

But as Christians we know that our decisions should never be based on “feelings”, and that we are commanded to take every thought captive.

Sadly, society seems to disagree.

Faithwire reported:

“It’s solely based upon our feelings, and I don’t know about you, but I know my own feelings change from time to time,” the therapist, Carla, recently told journalist Brandon Showalter, host of the “Generation Indoctrination” podcast.

“And this is particularly true of young girls in middle school. Young people’s feelings are all over the place.”

But even though teenage girls are going through hormonal changes and “feeling” different things…

… society still thinks they have the mental capacity to make life-altering changes to their bodies.

It’s outrageous!

Yet some adults still tell children that “changing genders” won’t hurt them long-term – even though studies prove otherwise.

Arkansas State Representative Robin Lundstrum didn’t mince words when she described adults telling children changing genders wouldn’t be harmful calling it “a lie from the pit of hell”.

And she’s exactly right.

The enemy is the father of lies, and he is always on the prowl trying to provide a counterfeit to God’s truth.

Young minor children do not have the mental reasoning to make decisions to “change genders” – and any adult who encourages them to do so should be prosecuted and locked up.

What our children need are adults who are going to protect them, and advocate for their best interests.

Yet sadly, out children are caught up in the middle of a culture war, and are used as sacrificial pawns for LGBT activists to advance their agenda.

We must continue to pray for our children – that God will protect their minds and bodies from the debauchery of our culture, and send adults into their lives who will stand up to those trying to harm them or lead them astray.

Do you agree that telling children “changing genders” is safe is a “lie from the pit of hell”?

How do you think adults can best protect children from the LGBT madness?




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