he solstice will take place on December 21. It is believed to mark the Sun coming to a stop and the changing of the seasons.

On that day, the northern hemisphere will see the year’s shortest day, while in the south, it will be the longest. Regardless of our location, it is an extremely sensitive day that lets us be more attuned to our surrounding energies.

Furthermore, the Solstice is also thought to thin the veil between the higher dimensions and our world. This gives us one of the best chances to connect with angelic realms and galactic energies. The Solstice in December will also see the Sun enter grounded Capricorn.

This year, Jupiter will also be highly active during this Solstice after recently entering Aries. As the planet signifies expansion, his presence can amplify the experience of the Solstice’s magical energies.

The Northern Hemisphere – The Soul’s Dark Night

In the world’s northern half, the day’s increased darkness ushers into a period of retreat. There we must listen to the subtler movements within our existence. At times, only when there is no spotlight on us when we are in complete darkness can we truly explore the depths of our core and confront our identity’s new facets.

There is nothing wrong with our personality underneath the Sun. However, staying there for too long makes us forget about our connection to some of our deepest truths.

The Solstice is a chance to enter the darkness and sit with our individual truths without any other distractions. There is no need for an explanation of these truths, nor do we need to name, identify, or even note them. Simply be with them and let them exist.

We must forget about labels and the mind’s judgment. Rather, we must let ourselves feel the emotions surging from the heart’s power. During the soul’s dark night, we must locate this stillness to be able to discover new truths and power behind our identity.

Ritual For The Soul’s Dark Night

The most essential thing you need to do for this day is simply sit in darkness. Switch off and extinguish all forms of light. Then, simply let yourself be there. Try to keep your eyes open and notice your emotions while in that darkness. A couple of minutes might be your limit, but try to push past whatever restlessness or angst might surface.

After that moment, take a soothing and relaxing bath. Let your mind clean away all the thoughts and feelings that you do not want in your life. The soul’s dark night is a period for contemplation and rest.

The Light’s Celebration – The Southern Hemisphere

For the world’s southern half, it is the beginning of summer, the light season. This is when you should get out there and shed your fearful shell. Let yourself shine.

Do not hold back or play small. During this period, leap forward while celebrating your year’s achievements. Even if the sun does not always shine in life, this day is the Universe’s reminder that the tunnel’s end always has light.

Review the things that drive and motivate you, as the Capricorn Sun is guiding us to attune our motivations and our soul’s calling. We will be encouraged to contemplate our Spirit’s fuel and recharging energies.

On this day, make sure to spend a considerable amount of time among nature. Feel the Sun’s warmth and realize that sunshine can nourish, transform, and inspire your creations.

The Ritual Of Light’s Celebration

On the day, get out of your house and sit in a shady and comfortable area. Bring a pen and a journal. Then, while sitting, observe everything you see at the moment. Maybe identify five scenes that really make you take a second look. Take a moment to witness them. Then, after letting the presence enter, begin to write or draw. Let those creative juices wherever they take you.

After feeling like the juices have settled, put your hand on the heart, close your eyes, and establish a purpose for the Universe, the planet, others, and yourself. It is a period of celebrating your entire identity. Be creative, daring, and bold on the day.

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