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Lightworkers have been told names of ‘planes’ such as “astral,” “etheric,” “plasma,” and “mental,” but actual true knowledge regarding them is lacking.  There may have been a diagram or two presented on 2012portal or welovemassmeditation, but this is grossly insufficient.

The astral is the first plane (it’s not really a plane, but a state of vibration) that needs to be known, since it’s the next stage above the physical.

Did you know that there are occultists who can see the astral at will while in the waking state?  Did you know that the five senses can be trained to perceive the astral?

Most people are psychic, but not in control of their abilities.  There’s a huge difference between being psychic and being able to use the full spectrum of astral senses at will.  Developing true astral senses can take several years to perfect.

Years ago, I asked Siris King which books are best for learning about the deeper mysteries.  One such book was this:





This book doesn’t give a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.  It gets straight to the point, and is one of the most mind-blowing books I’ve ever read!

Although there are advantages to physically reading books, the audiobook is free here:

Lightworkers can do the violet flame meditations of course, but the more that is known about the anatomy of the metaphysical realms, the more enriching and empowering life will be!

We truly live in a vast and amazing creation!

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