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A truly awakened and powerful human develops in multiple ‘spiritual areas.’  For example, I have a side that wants to be a pagan or shaman in the wilderness, dancing around a fire with others – this is my tribal aspect.  I have another side that wants to connect with a higher power, involving the Violet Flame and Angelic Forces.  I have another side that wants to explore alchemy.  I have another side that wants to be in the present moment beyond all thought, accessing feelings that defy all categorization.  (There are probably other aspects I am unaware of.)

I may not be able to dance in the wild in a pagan festival.  Unfortunately, our world doesn’t really permit that sort of thing, and/or I wouldn’t know how to meet people for such an arrangement.  However, I have come across a very powerful form of Christianity, suggested from another.  I’ve never considered myself as being Christian, but this has had a profound effect on me:

Virtually all adults in the world have negative subconscious programs running in them that were installed in childhood.  Awareness and healing of childhood wounds is key to self-empowerment and awakening.  Whatever higher power people use to heal their childhood wounds is fine, but these wounds must heal.  

There can be no true spiritual growth when there are unhealed wounds operating in the background.


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